IDIOSYNCRASIES is a condition in which an individual react very strongly when some influence attack the economy. Actually it is a strong morbid susceptibility for one thing or few things because of miasmatic condition of the individuals. If there is something lacking or imbalances due to morphological disturbance or hormonal disorder then an extreme strong susceptibility is created.  Over sensitiveness to one thing is a characteristic symptom. Some chronic idiosyncratic patients suffer from their illness till death because there is strong susceptibility to one or few things that is aggregated violently with influence of little amount of perfect homeopathic medicine or that medicine which also produced same over sensitiveness to that particular thing during proving. Very often they prove the well selected remedy better than others. I think even when slightest cause make idiosyncratic to show violent anger that he can never control. Great J. T. Kent has given an excellent example of idiosyncratic state of patient.  If someone has been affected by handling Rhus tox and are so over sensitive to it that, if they go within a quarter of a mile of the vine,  they can not detect it with nose , yet in a few days they will come down with a case of Rhus poisoning.  Now it is crystal clear that, it is a very difficult condition for treatment.
Idiosyncrasies and susceptibility of the diseases are same, but a little difference is there. Idiosyncratic react very strongly. Both chronic and acute condition show there characters. Where Idiosyncrasy is inherent in the patient, it is very difficult to cure even impossible due to very deep seated miasmatic condition of the individual. But when these are acquired, it is curable without any difficulty with very high poetized homeopathic remedy. If an acute idiosyncrasy to the remedy is not present, the patient is not enough susceptible to the cure. It is very important to measure the morbid susceptibility to match the remedy for cure.
·      Some people are over sensitive. They are people of very feeble constitution. They are oversensitive to every influence. This is a constitutional state, patient is born with it. This is a congenital state.
·     Sometimes after suffering from meningitis or typhoid fever, patient develops idiosyncrasies due to very complex miasmatic condition. This over sensitiveness can even make them insane after slightest exposure. On the other hand, if after influenza or acute disease, patient develop an idiosyncrasy, which is called acute exposure. It belongs to the functional level of the patient, so it will be cured easily with help of perfect homeopathic anti-psoric remedy.
·      Acquired conditions of idiosyncrasies are due to intake a crude substance repeatedly upon the plane of nutrition or physical plane.  Susceptibility does not play any role. When an individual is exposed to arsenic, with very little exposure of arsenic in the physical plane, it is very difficult to handle the patient. So, it is very important to find out the starting point of the idiosyncrasy condition to work out the possibilities of cure and mode of treatment.
According to my knowledge, idiosyncratic conditions are created by our spiritual vital force.
A female, 35 years school teacher, her husband worked abroad. She lived alone with her mother in-law. She had a tubercular background. Her father died after suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis for two years at the age 56. Mother was suffering from psoriasis. She came from a rural village to me for her Asthmatic condition. Her stomach was out of order. Breathing difficulties, loathing of life, very realistic person during the day. But in moon light she became so romantic, so sentimental that she danced almost all the night in her garden. Sometimes she even calls her boy friend and performed a full episode of romantic love and romantic oral sex. But early morning she became normal. This over sensitiveness was not in-born; it was after typhoid fever that she suffered just few years back. This over sensitiveness in moon light is a hysterical condition of the patient. This is called one type of idiosyncratic condition. ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 1M and 10M cured the case and one dose of Tuberculinum 1M was given in subsequent follow-up for her hereditary constitution.

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