Diary of Homeopath: A Case


swelling under eyesMany time Reading Repertory can solve your case and cut short case taking here is old lady suffering with pain and swelling of eye since 3 month when nothing is working she wanted to try Homeopathy ,on looking at case I was come across rubric in Phatak’s Repertory under eye – swelling between and brows after this i cud observe that case as you can see this in pic only one medicine mention was Kali carb ,was given in 30 potency and after week all become normal.


Dr Ajay


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Dr Ajay Yadav is Clinical Homeopathy Physician, radiant Skin Aesthetician & Trichologist practicing in Mumbai. He is homeopathic graduate acquired his Diploma in Cosmetology, Diploma in skin Aesthetician Certifica in Trichology, Gold coast University of Australia. He has finished C.V.D (Certificate in venereal disease), C.S.D (Certificate in skin disease), C.C.H (certificate in child heath) from Mumbai University. N.D (Diploma in naturopathy). Member of ANTI-AGEING MEDICINE ACADEMY OF INDIA (A3MI ). Member of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) Indian chapter from 2011. Member of Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association ( IHMA ) Mumbai 2012 Ex-HONORARY HOMOEOPATHYIC PHYSICIAN at Prakash Charities Hearing Homoeopathic Hospital kandivali (west). Founder of Clinical Homeopathy AWARD LIONS CLUB OF PUNE METRO APPRECIATIN AWARD 2004 J.D. ACYADEMYS PUNE APPRICITAION AWARD 2004 T.V SHOW: APPEARED ON CARE WORLD T.V, SHOW CALLED " HELLO DOCTOR". A LIVE TALK SHOW, AND TALKS ABOUT HOMEOPPATHY IN SKIN, HAIR & BEAUTY .iN SEP 2008 TO FEB2009 'SKIN RENEW SKlN CLINIC' has been conceived by Dr Ajay to generate awareness among Invited Guests on the "Health Inn," Talks show on HWC with Debby Bruck (USA) & Dr Deepak Sharma (INDIA) On Migraine headache: June 11th 2012.

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