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Pain In Women And Homoeopathy

VAGINITIS : An infection usually caused by candida albicans ( thrush ), vaginitis results in inflammation of the vagina , other causes include infection by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis and transmission during sex , if a man is a symptomless carrier . It is more common after the menopause when the lining of the vagina thins as a result of reduced oestrogen production , which makes bruising and infection more likely , symptoms are soreness and itching and sometimes a discharge with blood . Antibiotics may be necessary to clear the infection .

The form known as non-specific vaginitis occurs when normal vaginal bacteria multiply for no apparent reason , causing a fishy smelling vaginal discharge .

Regular homoeopathic medicines with “ hypericum and calendula “ are an effective treatment ; mix 10 drops of each of the mother tinctures in about 500 ml of boiled warm water , an alternative is a bath with several drops of lavender essential oil in it ( avoid chemical soaps and detergents ) . aloe vera tincture ( diluted ) or gel is also effective . If the cause is being too dry for sex – a problem for many post menopausal women –ensure your partner uses a lubricating gel or oil such as jojoba If inflammation is present , try a drop or two of tea tree oil in a neutral carrier oil .


The vaginal infection known as “ thrush “ , candidiasis or candida , is caused by an over growth of the yeast –like fungus candida albicans .Thrush is characterized by severe itching in the vagina resembling curd , fatigue , headache and aching limbs . it can make having sex and urinating painful . Candida albicans is a normal part of human flora-the minute organisms that live in the body , particularly the mouth , vagina and intestines , normally its growth is checked by bacteria in these areas , if these are compromised –by a course of antibiotics for example –candida albicans will multiply . Thrush requires specialist help , usually treatment with anti fungal drugs .consult your doctor .

     NATUROPATHY-NUTRITIONALTHERAPY; to ease itching , place natural live yogurt into the vagina –cover at ampon and insert it and leave it , there fore at least an hour , eat 2-3 cups a day of natural live yogurt

to ease itching , place natural live yogurt into the vagina –cover at ampon and insert it and leave it , there fore at least an hour , eat 2-3 cups a day of natural live yogurt supplemented with two lactobacillus acidophilus capsules . Avoid sugar other refined carbohydrates and alcohol ( yeasts feed on them ) and eat plenty of salads with garlic , fresh fruit and whole grains , avoid intercourse during an attack .

CANDIDA : Candida is a yeast infection which occurs naturally in the human body and generally causes no problem . In certain circumstances , the infection can spread throughout the body and produce a number of non –specific and troublesome problems .Although orthodox medicine recognizes candida as a cause of infection ( thrush in the vagina , and oral thrush in the mouth ) ,it has not accepted the view that generalized candida , as described by alternative practitioners , actually exists , so that controversy surrounds what treatment is appropriate for this condition .

CAUSES : Vaginal thrush candida is normally found in the vagina and rarely gives rise to problems , women taking oral contraceptives or antibiotics , pregnant women and those with diabetes are more prone to developing widespread infection , oral thrush is often transmitted to an infant by the mother transferring the infection on to the bottle or directly by touch . This condition is rarely seen in adults . Generalized candida will certainly occur when people have low immunity e.g., as a result of AIDS or long term use of antibiotics will allow the fungus to grow in the alimentary tract , as antibiotics kill the bacteria in the body that naturally keep candida under control .

Skin Thrush : This will occur in moist folds ( under the breast , between the buttocks and in the groin ) . Candida likes to grow in warm moist areas of the body and can be transmitted by physical contact .

Sexual intercourse is a common way in which thrush is transmitted , these will depend on the site of infection , but it will usually produce red inflamed areas with a white cheesy discharge or nappy rash . The skin becomes inflamed and itchy , those people who frequently have their hands in water may develop chronic thrush of the nail beds , severe infection in immune –deficient people may result in serious chest infection e.g., pneumonia and occasional severe ciarrhoea . candida as understood by alternative practitioners has a number of symptoms which include ;

  1. tiredness , fatigue , mood swings , depression , loss of control .
  2. diarrohea and constipation , feelings of bloatedness .
  3. bulky stools which fail to flush down the toilet .
  4. irregular and heavy periods

these symptoms may be accompanied by the local symptoms described above .

Prevention And self Help :

There are a number of precautions that women can take to avoid the onset of vaginal thrush .

  • avoid wearing tight nylon pants or tight trousers .
  • use sanitary pads not tampons .
  • avoid perfumed soaps and deodorants
  • avoid disinfectants in the bath
  • avoid strong detergents , particularly biological ones
  • avoid using soap on the vulva , if there is irritation
  • avoid bad toilet habits and wash your hands after use
  • pay attention to your diet
  • reduce your intake of sugar and starchy foods
  • apply live yoghurt on a pad to the vagina
  • eating live yoghurt will help restore intestinal flora .
  • avoid intercourse when you have infection
  • reduce stress levels and develop a relaxation program
  • if you have to take antibiotics , make sure you take acidophilus capsules at the same time .
  • this is probably one of the commonest diagnoses made by naturopaths and they have a systematic and clear approach to its treatment , it will involve dietary changes , as follow—
  • cut out sugar and starchy products
  • stop all alcohol
  • avoid mould –containing foods ( cheese, mushrooms )
  • eat no fruits for the first two weeks
  • introduce lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacillus , these are the useful bacteria killed off by antibiotics which control the spread of candida .
  • vitamin B tablets ( biotin ) will also help to control the spread of candida
  • stress reduction exercise , relaxation , meditation . and breathing exercises

Vaginismus :

Vaginismus is a painful spasm of the vagina , in which the vagina involuntarily tightens , if it occurs during sex , it makes intercourse difficult , if not impossible without pain , vaginismus may be psychological , but chronic vaginitis can cause painful intercourse , which may lead to the condition . vaginusmus is often associated with low sexual response but it is not the same . a woman may want penetrative sex but be unable to relax her vagina for reasons she is often unaware of and can not control .

Partner Therapy :  

The help of a sympathetic sexual partner and setting the scene for relaxing , trusting and unhurried sex are often successful .

Premenstrual Syndrome :

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) describes a collection of symptoms that result from changes in hormone levels just before menstruation . PMS causes a range of symptoms including depression , tension , headache , irritability , mood swings , food cravings , feelings of being bloated and tenderness in the breasts .

Reactions to PMT vary from mild to extremely severe and they differ between individuals as well as from month to month for any one person . Regular outdoor exercise and a warm bath with lemon grass essential oil is relaxing and calming .

This condition also known as premenstrual tension ( PMP ) ,can manifest itself in various ways . for several days before a period starts many women find that they suffer from emotional upsets , such as depression , irritability , loss of libido extreme anxiety , uncontrollable crying and loss of affection for their family . one or more of these symptoms may be accompanied by weight gain , sore and swollen breasts , swollen ankles and hands and headache . additionally there may be some pelvic discomfort and low back pain as some of these symptoms are related to salt and water retention by the body at this time , simply cutting down ( but not cutting out ) salt intake will often help.

Sympotoms /homoeo medicines :

Head ache which is at its worst on walking

Face appears and  feels , bloated ,tight clothes can not be tolerated , especially around the neck and waist , palpitations occur accompanied by a feeling of faintness may feel jealous , vindictive , unreasonable and talks excessively , but this improves as soon as the period starts .————lachesis

As well as feeling irritable , weary selfish , with drawn and moody may have a blinding headache , pallor , nausea and vomiting .a craving for salt develops before the period , abdomen becomes distended , heart feels ‘fluttery ‘ and palpitation occur , the symptoms get worse from noise , mental exertion and consolation , particularly around 10-11 am ———-natrum muriaticum

A lack of thirst is accompanied by a partial loss of sense of taste , shooting pain occurs in the neck and upper part of the back , very moody and changeable , may cry a lot and want a lot of sympathy , symptoms are much improved out of doors .————-pulsatilla

A severe headache food taste too salty , a sensation as if the contents of the pelvis are about to drop out , may feel cold , totally weary and tired , dislike the family , irritable and feel very sad but can liven up with exercise and movement —–sepia

Dietary and Nutritional Therapies :

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of salads and leafy green vegetables and cut down on dairy products , sugar , salt , caffeine and alcohol , supplementing with vitamin C, B-complex and E as well as the minerals , zinc , magnesium and iron and a balance of essential fatty acids .

Menstrual Pain :

Known technically as dysmenorrhoea , menstrual pain usually means cramps experienced in the lower abdomen during menstruation , the pain is the result of excessive contractions to expel the lining of the womb at menstruation , this is usually due to an overproduction of the hormone –like substances called prosta glandins that promote the contractions , too many result in such strong contractions that they cause pain ,often this is no more than a dull ache in the lower part of the back or abdomen , but in severe cases , it can be a cramp-like pain accompanied by nausea and even diarrhoea

Dysmenorrhoea ( heavy bleeding ). The latter is usually caused by normally non-painful and harmless fibroids ( growths ) in the uterus , pain full periods and can some times also be caused by inflammation of the uterus .

Exercise and having a hot bath with caraway seed oil in it are beneficial .

Dietary and Nutritional Therapies : 

Healthy eating and drinking will help , particularly reducing intake of animal fats , saturated oils and salt intake , and eating plenty of fresh fruit , vegetables , whole grains seeds nuts and pulses . A good multivitamin and mineral tablet containing vitamin B6 and magnesium will also help as will evening primrose oil with vitamin E 

Prolapse :  

Prolapse of the womb or uterus usually results from a combination of age and being overweight , often as a result of earlier pregnancy . slack muscles allow the pelvic organs to sag , causing aching sensations and feelings of heaviness in the lower back and abdomen as well as incontinence and constipation .

Warning :

Severe prolapse may lead to urinary obstruction and infection , seek medical advise

Naturopathy : 

Taking exercise and losing weight are essential , exercises to tone up the muscles of the pelvis are the knee hug and the pelvic lift which must be carried out regularly over a period of time for real improvement .

Dietary therapy :

A high fiber diet relieves constipation a common symptom of womb prolapse .

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease :

When one or more organs of the female reproductive system become infected or informed , pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID ) results , the organs affected can include the ovaries , fallopian tubes , uterus and cervix , symptoms of PID include severe abdominal pain , back ache , fever , vaginal discharge heavy or painful periods , pain or bleeding during sex fatigue and long term debility . pelvic inflammatory disease can be caused by injury through sex , the intrauterine contraceptive device ( IUD ) , endometriosis , sexually transmitted disease or abortion .

Uterine Pain :

Uterine pain is normally the result of two conditions with similar sounding names , although they are different , endometritis is a rare but painful condition caused by inflammation of the walls of the uterus ( endometrium ) , usually from bacterial infection after child birth , symptoms are pain in the lower part of the back and abdomen and erratic menstruation , conventional treatment involves antibiotics and if the problem recurs , dilatation and curettage ( D&C ) surgery . In endometriosis uterine tissue grows outside the uterus and swell in normal response to the monthly hormone cycle  , some times causing sudden pain both require medical treatment , but symptoms can be eased by the treatments for menstrual pain . Rest eating a healthy diet and taking hot bath , especially with the essential oil of Cyprus and lavender added are recommended to alleviate symptoms .

Symptoms of a prolapsed womb often include constipation . Eat foods that are high in fiber , including whole meal bread,  cereals with bran , and fresh fruit and be sure to drink plenty of water .

Symptoms and Homoeopathic Medicines  :

Prolapse occurs with a severe bearing down sensation —-agaricus muscarius

Prolapse pain in the left ovary and back , heavy periods —argentum metalicum

It is the best medicine the patient presses her parts with hand so that the organ may not fall out , there is a constant bearing down feeling —sepia

In many cases , this medicine is indicated , specially in chronic cases and prolapses when the uterus comes out of the vagina ,also when the uterus has gone hard , there are ulcers in the vagina or the neck of uterus —-aurum muriaticum natronatum

When the trouble is due to injury or accident —arnica

When this happens after lifting heavy weight —-aurum metalicum

For atonic conditions of uterus —fraxinus Americana

Vaginismus :

Moods are changeable , feels the cold but all the symptoms are relieved by warmth —-cimicifuga

Vagina feels hot and burning , feeling of restlessness . intolerant of being touched ,or of any moment ——belladonna

If the vaginusmus follows a broken love affair or grief —–ignatia

Vaginusmus resulting from great sensitivity of the vagina , constipation is usually a problem —–plumbum metallicum

Spasms of the vaginal muscles may be caused by anxiety , painful intercourse followed bleeding —-argentum nitricum

Vagina feels as if it grasped and held tightly , intercourse is impossible —cactus 

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