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Lesser Known Medicines For Leucorrhoea


Dr. Laxman Verma,PG Scholar, Dept. of Organonof Medicine and Philosophy, Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.
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Leucorrhoea is common nowadays due to today’s faulty life style and increasing day to day. Leucorrhoea is the abnormal vaginal dischargesecrete from the vagina. Normally, the discharge is white but it may be yellow or greenish colour. In cases of leucorrhoea, some lesser known medicines are discussed in the article.

Leucorrhoea, homoeopathy

An increase in the amount of normal vaginal secretion is termed as Leucorrhoea. This is a symptom and not a disease. This is very common complaint and roughly one in every three women a complain of excessive vaginal discharge.
The term Leucorrhoea literally means a white discharge, the white as an opposed to a red sanguineous one though it Is not infrequently of a light cream color, or yellow or greenish and includes a great variety on non-hemorrhagic discharges. It is a catarrh of the vagina, cervix or uterus, the result is inflammation or irritation. In a healthy condition, the mucus lining and the various glands which study vaginal orifice, secrete a fluid just sufficient to lubricate the orifice surfaces and the other physiological purposes. In unhealthy conditions, this secretion become increased in quantity of an altered character and varies in color and consistence, this is termed Leucorrhoea.

Common causes of Leucorrhoea of a young woman in reproductive age.
These may be: –
1. Constitutional Cause.
2. Local Cause.

1. Constitutional Causes –
• Any habit or disorder which debilitates the constitution or lowers the tone of healthy is likely to be accompanied Sommer or later by a leukorrheal discharge, thus it a frequently associated with profuse menstruation, prolonged lactation and other excessive discharges and prolapses uteri.
• It is often met within delicate females of a leucophlegmatic temperament, in whom a tendency to tuberculosis exists, indeed, it is not infrequently the precursor, if not the cause of lungs diseases.
• Cold, Congestion, scrofulous constitution, defective health generally, a warm climate, the use of purgative drugs, an inactive and luxurious life, etc.

2. Local Causes –
a. Physiological Excess-
• During ovulation, Sexual Excitement, Premenstrual Period, Pregnancy.
b. Vaginal Causes-
• Tough hymen, Vaginitis, Presence of a foreign body.
c. Cervical Causes-
• Erosion (congenital or acquired), Mucus Polyp, Endocervicitis, Early Carcinoma.
d. Uterine Causes-
• Fibroid (submucous fibroid), Prolapse, IUCD e.g., Loop.
e. Adnexal Causes-
• Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases.
f. Others-
• Poor general health, Unhygienic habit, Thread worm infestation, Masturbation, Psychological.


1. VIOLA TRICOLOR –This medicine is indicated in complains of leucorrhoea associated with stitching painin region of right side of mons veneris. Painful pustules on labia. Chancroid ulcers about breasts.

2. MELILOTUS OFFICINALIS – Leucorrhoea excited by walking, with pain and soreness in back and pelvic organs.

3. DICTAMNUS ALBUS – Discharge of much tenacious mucus from uterus, at first brown, afterwards white; at last streaked with blood and painful erosion of genitals.Profuse metrorrhagia for nine days (recurring after ten days, upon the continued use of the drug, and lasting several days with physical weakness).

4. LAC CANINUM – Leucorrhoea all day, but none at night, even after taking a long walk. Slight leucorrhoea during day, agg. when standing or walking. Itching in left side of labia, with rough eruptive condition on left side of vagina, with acrid leucorrhoea; excoriating severly. Sharp, lancinating pains like knives cutting upward from os uteri, and as these were being relieved, sensation as of needles darting upwards in uterus.

5. URTICA URENS –Very acrid or excoriating leucorrhoea. Pruritus vulvae with great itching, stinging, and oedema of the parts.

6. PALLADIUM – Leucorrhoea transparentlike jelly, agg. before and after menstruation. Yellow leucorrhoea turned white and thicker and then disappeared.

7. MELITOUS ALBA – Pain and soreness in back and pelvic regions due to leucorrhoea excited by walking. Severe sharp sticking, shooting pains in external genitals (esp. labia), momentary but frequently recurring and very annoying, causing starts (at close of menses). Severe stitches or cutting pains through uterus.

8. KALIUM FERROCYNATUM – Passive painless flow, natural colour, thin, causing much debility.Leucorrhoea like pus, yellowish, creamy, profuse, unirritating; only after menses, usually by day; with pain in small of back.

9. ALETRIS FARINOSA – Leucorrhea white, stringy, due to weakness and anemia. Habitual tendency to miscarriage.Backache with dragging in sacral region with stringy colorless leucorrhea.Leucorrhea with debility.

10. ALLOXANUM – Inflammation of the vulva and vagina. Feeling of swelling in the vagina, especially after standing for a long time. White leucorrhea, non-irritating, but increasing with the approach of menses.

11. AMORPHOPHALLUS RIVIERE – Burning sensation in the vagina and the cervix.Fetid leucorrhea with a greenish, purulent appearance. Irritating leucorrhea with discharge of thick pus. Inflammation of the Bartholin glands.

12. HIRUDO MEDICINALIS – Left-sided ovarian pain like being stabbed. Brownish leucorrhea two days before menses. Menses: too early or late, heavy or light, painful or less painful than usual. Feeling in the pelvis as if menses would come on two weeks before due.

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