Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment in homeopathy

Ipecacuanha In Uterine Haemorrhages

Mrs.T(22) light complexion . brown hair blue eyes rather small in stature , married , the mother of a child about two and half years old . had had a miscarriage about year before and had made a poor recovery from it . had been treated by a regular and thoroughly dosed

She had been feeling well was sitting with some light sewing in her hand , when she was taken suddenly with a severe uterine haemorrhage , She was placed on on the bed , and was sent for to come as soon as possible

When I arrived she had painted two or three times . I found her pulse less , face pale , and so much exsanguined that she could not speak . All the information I could get was from some member of the family and that was very little

The haemorrhage had run through her clothing through the bed and a large pool had collected on the floor

She was flowing very rapidly ; a large stream was gushing from the uterus , so that there was no time to wait . Whatever was done at once or death would take place in a few minutes . The flow was of bright red (purely arterial ) , the lower limbs were bathed in a cold perspiration ; hands cold and damp ; abdomen felt hot yet damp with perspiration ; the flow of gushes and life was ebbing out very rapidly

The color of the discharge was a bright red and it did not coagulate easily , but lay upon the floor in a liquid pool

I considered that all the symptoms . I could get pointed to ipecac . A small dose of ipecac 10m

I considered that all the symptoms . I could get pointed to ipecac . A small dose of ipecac ,10m was placed in a half glass of water , and one teaspoonful was given as soon as possible

It acted like magic , for in less than one minute , there was a change for the better . it was repeated in fifteen minutes , when the active haemorrhage ceased I waited for an hour to see ifthere would be any return (which there was not )so I left placebo and they promised that if any alarming symptoms should appear . I should be norified at once . I would not even allow her wet bloody clothing to be changed , but to slip some dry clothing under her , next to her skin to make her as comfortable as possible . There was a slight oozing for two days then it entirely ceased

She was very weak and prostrated after the tremendous flow ; and was given at intervals threedoses of china 10m and she made a good getting up

Case2; mrs K(28) active tall slim , blue eyes ….married one child 7 years old no pregnancy since . was suddenly taken with active uterine haemorrhage , bright red ; it would coagulate when cold ; smelt of fresh blood . had a heavy ache in lower abdomen , abdominal skin felt hot ; slight perspiration . frequent urination in small quantities . the flow came in gushes , she felt faint and nauseated . had throbbing head ache ; face pale and bloodless a sallow look . Tongue coated white …mouth clammy , cough with sticky mucus in larynx …..the flow was ¸on motion yet she was restless and could not bear to keep quiet ; though she would never be well again , and what would become of her little girl

Ipecac 200 in water , one teaspoon full every hour , and as soon as flow began to cease , to throw it away and take placebo . After the third dose the haemorrhage was so much less that she did not continue the ipecac , . by morning there was merely a sight discharge which continued for a couple of days then ceased entirely . no further trouble for many months – I seeher often

3] mrs, B (24) dark black hair and eyes rather gloomy; goes half way to meet trouble.taken suddenly ill with uterine haemorrhage , bright red , which came away in gushes ; began with a faintynausea and some retching . face blood less ; pulse small and quick ,120 , feet cold and clammy , abdomen hot; clammy sweat on face , sickening head ache – whole head ; heavy .pressure lower abdomen and before the gush , considerable gripping in uterine region . gloomy and despondent “ knew that she would bleed to death “ best when perfectly quiet , but could not keep so flow < when she moved , which would cease a gush

Ipecac 200 in water a teaspoon full every hour for four doses or as soon as the haemorrhage “ seemed to get flow “ to throw it away and take placebo

At the fourth dose active haemorrhage ceased ; next day a slight discharge , which grew gradually less but did not entirely cease till the third day . no further trouble

The doctor adds “ a large number of remedies have a bright red discharge from the uterus ; but so far as I know , none of them have the peculiar characteristics of ipecac . it seems to stand out very prominently in all its charecterstics , and can not be easily mistaten for any other remedy . one very peculiar characteristic is that the flow in active haemorrhage is the peculiar gushing . handle is vigoursly worked ; the stream does not cease , but at every pulsation of the heart there is a peculiar gush which is not credited to any other remedy , so far as I am aware and then the blood does not easily coagulate , but remains fluid for some time , especially when active uterine haemorrhage takes place


Cases;-1-belladonna. Of course there are plenty and plenty of cases helped by belladonna ; we feel well acquinted with its action so you may say there is no need to call this remedy unusual . But I was much surprised with in this case

Mrs,V.K.W 35 years old was taken feb.7th of this rear with severe attack of influenza which was epidemic at the time . After three days of rather high fever and the cardinal symptoms of theepidemic , which was much helped by kali bich , her husband and two children came down with the same thing . She left her bed to care for them , pushing herself far beyond her strength . the hard , dry , racking cough caused involuntary urination and near exhaustion . nothing given helped this cough , though other symptoms helped

Pulsatilla; was tried and then phos . then her chronic remedy zinc. Was given , apparently with out effect . finally the evening of febrauary 2nd . I was summoned to come , quickly because temperature was just below 105 degree , eyes looked glassy and she as delirious . this was all true . in addition her face was much flushed ; she complained of burning all over ; skin dry ; head ache violent , throbbing ; very restless . she hsd sudden sharp pains in throat and chest . wild delirium came and went ; she would not know who she was or where she was , talking incoherently , then suddenly rational again for a short time

I gave her belladonna 2c for these obvious symptoms of that drug . when to my surprise itremoved all other

Case 4;- Agaricus

A child of five years , plump with firm flesh , light complexion , has many common symptoms and some unusual ones e.g., Tendency to mouth breathing . nose stopped tight with mucus welling forth . tonsils not large uvula long , swollen . grinding teeth in sleep , perspiration free , head neck , head neck , hands feet , desire sweets , rich foods , can not , stand soap around nose , causing sneezing , tendency to  chest cold and asthma . cough croupy , alternating with sneezing all night long . wheezing all over chest . dysponea accompanied by yawning . extreme restlessness . pulling hair , clapping hands , throwing herself , finally weeping . itching all over so can not sleep , very restless . attacks of pain , mid abdomen , cramp like accompanied by nausea and vomiting . Aching legs prevent sleep , wants them robbed ; sore

Agaricus has made this child over in six months ; potencies from 2c, to 1m so far. She has milder attacks farther apart , is less nervous , can sleep all night

Anacrdium orientale ; nervous depression , depression of regions of special senses , weak memory , sensation of impending misfortune (consider also calc.carb. and gelsemium ) irritable contradictory . seems as if one could not control the will , knows it is wrong , but can not resist doing it , suspects every body , disregard of religious things tendency to swear , can not resist doing it , suspects every body , disregard of religious things , tendency to swear can not resist profanity . do not punish a child forswearing give it anacardium , prostration . epileptiptiform seizures . voracious appetite , must eat . this remedy most surely would have changed most surely would have changed the mental condition of Esau and he might not have traded his birth right for a mess of pottage to relieve his awe full hunger

Girl of 12 subject to severe boils.one appeared in the groin , angry looking and the swelling so large that she could hardly move about . irritable ; snappy with her sister .A nux vomica 30 was given and on going to dress it next morning , the child exclaimed “ but there is nothing to dress it has quite gone “ . on examination this was found to be true ; reddened skin alone marking the place ; and this cleared up by evening


Thinking that homeopathy , the medical court of last resort , would be happier , title than the announced one of miracles , with homeopathic medicines , I have made the change . I have however made no change in contents of the paper, so I need make an apology for repeating a second paper with the latter title . however , the cases reported to you last year were so trite that any novitiate student of homeopathic remedy . both papers refute the common impression among many of the laity that our medicines are slow in action . in addition , I will present evidence that homeopathy is the medical court of last resort

There is, seemingly, a false basis for this idea among the laity that homeopathic medicines , are slow in action , especially slow when we some times tell a patient it may take two to five years to cure him of a chronic disease , which if only realized , was years and years in developing , in fact , began before his parents were born. How could he expect to be cured in a month or two? Of course , he may marked tree , that may be pointed over in five minutes, but to heal wound of he tree requires year of growth . in man it takes years of growth  under the stimulus of the homeopathic remedy , to cure chronic diseases , he must grow will just as he grew sick a . the speed of a cure cure is in direct ratio to the speed of rapidity of the progress of the disease . I also call my patients attention to the fact that the had already been taking treatments for years by old school physicians , who failed check the tendency to pathological ultimates. Therefore they should not be important with homeopathy which can cure , a cure in two or three years rapid compared withnever.

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