The Effect of Stress on Non-Working Female and Its   Homoeopathic Management

The Effect of Stress on Non-Working Female and Its   Homoeopathic Management


A non-working woman means not employed for payment, freights, or stipend; not producing or generating income, not involved in or inferring from labour; not engaged in or directed toward work, especially as a hand, not performing or operating.

India’s 160 million homemakers, like many of their counterparts in the rest of the world, clean, tidy, cook, wash up and manage family finances. They fetch food, water and firewood and give care to children and their in – law. They spend 297 minutes in a day doing house holding work.

Stress experienced by homemakers reveals that among a hundred homemakers, 35(35%) of them had mild stress,61(61%) moderate stress, whereas 4(04%) had severe stress levels.

Several people are especially prone to the special effects of stress. in this case, we are talking about housewives. Housewives may be exposed to a lot of stressors. her obligations demand physical and mental stress. Housewives are physically exerted throughout the day. They do not have schedules. beginning the time, they awaken until they go to bed, they must be active to perform their family’s requirements.

Stress can be defined as the feeling of being overwhelmed or unfit to manage internal or emotional pressure. It can have internal and physical consequences.

The physical symptoms of habitual stress are varied and vast and can include acne, headaches, rapid-fire twinkle, sweating, changes in appetite, digestive issues, habitual pain, and more frequent infections or bouts of sickness.

Habitual stress can affect your entire body, and if left unaddressed, may drastically reduce your quality of life through habitual pain, increased threat of certain conditions, and changes in internal health.

Acute stress is the majority frequent and common form of stress. This form of stress generally characterizes itself as brief, and is frequently caused by reactive thinking, stemming from “the demands and pressures of the recent history and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future”. habitual stress is a long-term form of stress. This form of stress is characterized by passions of forlornness and despair.

We can also look at stress as a state of imbalance between demands (from outside or outdoor sources) and our perceived capacities to meet those demands

Some common stressors include

• Physical pitfalls

• pitfalls to our tone image

 • An important life event

• A fight or conflict with a friend/ relation/ colleague

• Tight deadlines

• Loss of commodity or someone we watch for

There are numerous symptoms of stress. every female reacts to stress in a single behaviour. Common symptoms of stress in females include:

Physical:- Headaches, difficulty sleeping, pain( most generally in the reverse and neck), skin problems, medicine and alcohol abuse, lack of energy, worried stomach, lower interest in coitus/ other effects you used to enjoy.

Emotional: – Anxiety, depression, unhappiness, perversity, passion for being out of control, mood swings, frustration.

Mental. obliviousness, solicitude, can’t make opinions, negative thinking, and lack of focus.

lower closeness, insulation, family problems, loneliness, Spiritual. Apathy, loss of meaning, emptiness, mistrustfulness, guilt, despair.

There are numerous causes of stress. women partake in numerous of the same sources of stress, similar to health, and relationship issues. maybe a little further unique to women are the numerous places they take on. In moment’s society, women’s places frequently include family scores, caregiving for children and/ or senior parents (statistically more likely to be a woman) and work liabilities as well as other places.

The homoeopathic system of remedies carries an excellent compass to help a person manage stress. Homoeopathic remedies are indigenous remedies that work in a deep cerebral position to give stylish results in stress operations. They help in erecting stamina to manage the day-to-day stresses of life. They also help overcome habitual grief that’s causing stress.

Some homoeopathic remedies that are used for stress

Arsenic album

 Arsenic album is a remedy for stress. There is great anguish and restlessness. the patients change places continually. with fears of death, of being left alone.

Aurum metallicum                 

Aurum met is an excellent homoeopathic medicine for stress due to anger when contradicted. the persons who will benefit most from this medicine are the ones who get angry over the slightest contradiction. Aurum met are sensitive to contradiction which leads to a sudden, explosive outburst from them. Aurum met  may be melancholic, suffering a lack of self-value and a very low self-esteem. hopelessness and self-reproaching behaviour are also observed. aurum met have anger linked with chronic depression. aurum met patients who had suicidal thoughts.

Calcarea carb

Calcarea carb is another remedy for stress due to overwork. people who need this remedy are good fixed workers but they get especially anxious about being observed or stressed by being hurried towards a deadline of some kind. Calcarea carb patients are fatty and flabby, sweating of head, and craving eggs.


Argenticum nitricum

 The anxiety of uncertainty, the anticipation before doing any work, before going to any place, travelling, anxiety, nervous diarrhoea, hurried in every work, fear of heights, fear of everyday things, stage fright, sweet craving.

Lycopodium clavatum

 lycopodium clavatum is an excellent remedy for stress when the patient must appear in a public place, fears that she will make mistakes, forgets, desires hot food and drinks, and craves sweets. lack of confidence, a faired alone.

Ignatia amara

 Ignatia amara is a remedy for stress due to grief. the patients have a changeable mood, introspective and silently brooding, they are not communicative, melancholic, sad, and tearful, and have frequent sighing and sobbing.

Natrium muriaticum

 Natrum mur is an effective remedy for stress due to grief. natrum mur patients are depressed in chronic diseases, consolation aggravation, want to be alone to cry, and tears with laughter.

 Sepia officinalis

Sepia is an effective remedy for stress accomplished by flushes of heat on the face and head, irritability, anxiety in the evening, and faintness during anxiety. indifference, aversion to family, very sad.


Staphysagria is an effective homoeopathic medicine for stress due to anger, especially where the person has long suppressed anger, throws or breaks things during anger, history of mental physical abuse, solitude, peevish, or sad.

Kali phos

Kali phos is an effective remedy for stress in those people who work hard, are indisposed to meet people, have extreme lassitude, depression, and slight labour seems a heavy task.


Dread of death when alone, the brain feels tired, fidgety, and indifferent, this medicine is good for social people with anxiety. thoughts get scattered and they have a difficult time focusing or getting things done. their anxiety tied to a need for approval.

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