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Handling Of Epidemic Diseases In Homoeopathy

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Jsps government homoeopathic medical college Hyderabad

Department of Organon of medicine and Philosophy.

Actually , Samuel Hahnemann had treated scarlet fever epidemic with Belladonna , in 1801, in Konningslutter, Germany.  In these cases also he had treated based on symptoms similarly.

So, as a Homoeopathic physician , while we are treating these epidemic diseases, we should aptly collect the symptoms of the patient and to  prescribe  remedy based in symptom similarity.

While prescribing we have to  understand the nature of patient, his  susceptibility. In Epidemic diseases also, each person will differ in susceptibility, although if every one were attacked with disease, due to this difference in susceptibility, Expression of symptoms differs and also suffering differs. According to this we should choose  the potency, while prescribing a remedy in these cases. Although we found a specific remedy, but potency varies according to this susceptibility.

We should also take into account that if a person was suffering with severe chronic disease, he won’t be able to attack with epidemic disease, because stronger disease will not allow this epidemic disease to enter.  So, history taking was important while prescribing a genus epidemicus.

If a person came to us by taking en number of  allopathic medications, should prescribe the genus epidemicus in a low to medium potency, because his vital force had been fully disturbed , strained with these medications, so we should prescribe in low potency , so that vital force may revert back and start reacting.

If a person had been effected with epidemic disease , but not able to produce symptoms, then his susceptibility was low, his vital force was not in a state to express the symptoms,  should prescribe in low potency and should observe.

After prescribing if he expressed the symptoms in a subtle manner, then vital force was able to revert back, his susceptibility was altering, automatically his symptoms will subside

So, while handling the epidemic diseases we should  observe the nature of patients in depth, every person is individual, their susceptibility differs, so observation is very important,  while  prescribing .

In each and every person potency differs, as the susceptibility differs, in each every person.

After, giving the Homoeopathic medicine in epidemics, these medicines will alter the vital force, makes the vital force stronger to fight against the infectious disease. The immune system will start fighting, there will not be immunocompromisation and immunosuppression with Homoeopathic remedies.

So, while giving the genus epidemicus as a preventive, should  take note the susceptibility of the person’s , and should give, here also the potency varies. After giving the medicine as preventive, if he was able to express subtle symptoms, then the medicine was strengthening the vital force to fight against the disease, he will become immune. So, some persons will not express the symptoms , should increase the potency. For some persons were suffering with severe chronic disease ,so acute disease may not attack him, as stronger disease will not allow the weaker to enter into.

 So, in this way we should observe and prescribe for epidemics. So, that we can strength the immune system of many.

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