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Miasms And Homeopathic Remedies

Miasms in Homeopathy – Dr. Twenty man in his paper makes a rather starting statement “ the brain is the polar organ of the colon “.I know that he has chapter and verse fir this and that certain . authorities claim that the brain and nervous system of the vertebrates is represted in the insect by two ganglia multiply , one on either side of its primitive intestinal canal . In the course of development these two ganglia multiply and close the end of the canal which then becomes the brain and spinal canal of the vertabrate . your brain and spinal canal of the vertebrate , your brain is then the polar organ of the colon originating from the primitive intestinal canal of the insect .


Working along these lines , Dr.Twentyman has been able to present to us a newer conception as to the nature of miasms from his study of the interaction of the nerve and blood ti9ssue . In health there is a balance of action between these tissues


the nose is a highly sensitive organ nerve tissue , but should it become invaded and congested by the blood , the clinical symptoms resulting would be that of congestion with the sycotic miasm


the skin is the primitive sense organ and should it become over ridden by the blood , congestion with resulting eruption and itch it falls into the Hahnemannian conception of psora


In syphilis the nerve tissue invades the blood tissues , as for example in endarteritis and hardens the blood vessels and converts them into nerve tissue

Here one would recall the congestive catarrhal condition of the nose seen in sycosis and compare that with the dry atrophic rhinitis of syphilis


Here we have an example of “INTERIORIZATION “of proliferation of cells and tumour formation originating in the overflow of nerve stimulus . the nerve tissue cannot regenerate itself but it can cause other tissues to do so a regeneration in the wrong place .

Dr.Twentyman  there fore suggests that cancer is an organic fear , so far I have been offering you my interpretation and geherally accepting the arguments put forward , but now I find myself in disagreement with Dr. Twentyman’s statement that miasms are not things , If he means that miasms are only ideas that miasms are only ideas in the mind of the physician , I would remind him that there is evidence now available to show that miasms may be expressed interms of bacteriology and biochemistry . In practice they can be recognized from the subjective and objective symptoms which exist as realities in the patient and it is for this reason that I regards the miasms as of prime in the diagnosis and treatment of disease , especially chronic disease .


Any homoeopathic physician who has treated chronic disease more or less extensively knows how important a knowledge is of the miasms of Hahnemann and the remedies that are closely related to them in nature and action

There are 4 anti-psoric remedies of great power that are next in rank to sulphur and psorinum . they are calcarea , lycopodium , calcarea sulphur and hepar sulphur .

Miasms in Homeopathy – It is not not known how many antipsoric remedies ,there are in the material medica . remedies that have in their pathogenesis and annual return of symptoms as in cases of hay fever , rheumatic states and skin manifestations are antipsoric as are these remedies that stimulate chronic intractable types of disease .

Kent lists 52 remedies as antisycotic , argentums met . argentums nit., kalisulph , medorrhinum , natrum sulph.nitric acid , sepia , staphysagria and thuja , 9 in number are in black type and of highest rank . medorrhinum and thuja are accorded first place for psychotic conditions of illness .

Miasms in Homeopathy – There is another nosode of great power not used by most prescribers , it is syco-syphylinum and should not be over looked in any case with a sycotic history and symptoms , there are many more anti-sycotic remedies in the material medica not yet listed , conditions of sickness that affect the mucous membranes markedly and remedies that act on these membranes producing persistent catarrhal states difficult to cure and chronic severe types of asthma and other lung affections are in the sycotic grouping

There are 48 remedies listed in the repertory as antisyphilitic , we all know there are many more in the vast store house of our wonderful material medica . in the syphylitic grouping are cases with syphylitic history and remedies that act on the deeper internal structures and organs of the body especially the brain , spinal cord and the nerves distributed through out the organism , the heart and blood vessels , glands and lymphatic system .

Miasms in Homeopathy – The high rank remedies running through the three miasms are exceptionally valuable to study for prescribing purposes . there are 26 remedies running through the 3 miasms in the first and second rank . they are as follows , argentums met., aurum, mur , conium , calcarea sulph. , fluoric ac., hepar sulph , kali sulph , lachesis , lycopodium , mercurius cor , mercurius i.f. sarasa parilla , silicea , staphissagria , stillingia , sulphur , syphilinum and thuja , thirteen of these remedies should be studied closely in every chronic case of sickness when seeking the best homoeopathic remedy for any given case . too many homoeopathic physicians have neglected the study and application of the miasms when prescribing for their patients , no doubt the marked increase of malignancies is largely due to the blending of drastic drugging with the toxins of the miasms common to the human race .

Hahnemann warned the profession of the danger ofover drugging even with homoeopathic remedies and  Kent condemned the practice and harm of all over drugging especially the pain killing and suppressive drugs like aspirin and the coatler derivatives

Miasms in Homeopathy – At present we are deluged with antibiotics and chemicals that are suppressive and not curative in nature and they impart their own specific type of drug disease in the human anatomy that adds to the suffering of the victims of such treatment . the world of medicine needs another Hahnemann and another August Bier to bring back the homoeopathic concept of rational medicine .

Miasms in Homeopathy – Homeopathic prescribing for cases of malignancy , diabetes and epilepsy , all considered curable by general medicine can be more successfully dealt with homoeopathically , if the closer study to the miasms is given in the search for the similinum , in cases where cure is not possible life is often prolonged free of suffering to the end , rarely is there need for narcotics or other pain killing drugs , such is the experience of many good prescribers from all parts of the world through many generations of living since the beginning of homeopathic medicine from Hahnemann to the present time , when the selfish commercial aspects of medicine shall no longer be tolerated by an inherently good profession , the triths of the homeopathic law and philosophy will be tested and accepted by the impartial thinking members of an enlightened profession .

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