Single-Dose Treatment Of Corona Covid-19, Dr. V. Krishnamurthy

Single-Dose Treatment Of Corona Covid-19

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You may buy the following homoeopathy medicine from any nearby homoeo drug stores (available all over the world).


[10ml tincture dilution]

The above medicine is also available from (a) Dr. Willmar Schwabe

GmbH , Deutsche Homoeopathy Union, Schwabe International, Karlsruhe, Germany;  (b) Dr. Madaus & Co., Germany; (c)   Boericke & Tafel, 1011 Arch Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; (d)  Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Private Ltd., A-36, Sector – 60, Phase – III, NOIDA – 110 016

Ferrum Metallicum-1M will be in liquid form.  Just put one drop each on the skin of five confirmed corona-covid patient (the convenient place being the middle of the right or left forearm, or anywhere on the neck.)  NO NEED TO REPEAT AT ALL!  Even if four patients recover completely in forty-eight hours, you may continue this single-dose TREATMENT for all other patients

The salient features in the above trial are:

  • You buy the medicine from a genuine homeopathy drug store;
  • You do not even give orally; I hope that no one would have any objection for trying the medicine by simply putting on the skin, that too, once only.  Homoeopathy medicine acts by coming in contact with the skin once only and it is as effective as given orally.

I am sending this circular to medical research institutions and organizations who are genuinely interested in stopping further spread of the present-day pandemic.

Please note:  I am giving below my justification for suggesting the above remedy Ferrum-metallicum for corona-covid-19.

In the majority cases of corona deaths, the following salient features are found:

  • Elders mostly affected;
  • Affected persons  die either of pneumonia or myocarditis;
  • In both cases the muscles become lax;
  • Corona victim develops rapid emaciation; and
  • Increasing dyspnoea (difficult breathing)

Among the 600 and odd homoeopathy medicines, only one remedy (above above said) FERRUM-METALLICUM covers all the above symptoms.  If a patient is having three or four of the above symptoms at a time (irrespective of the fact whether it is called covid or by some other name) Ferrum-metallicum would give total relief to that patient in one single dose.  Proof for the above that Ferrum-met. alone has the above corona symptoms would be evidenced by the following extracts)

From the indispensable homoeopathy reference work Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal: (page 874), in the remedy Ferrum-metallicum)

PNEUMONIA senilis (Elderly people); laxity of FIBRE; pulse soft and quick, or slow and easily compressible; dyspnoea slowly increasing; bloody expectoration; EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA, dyspnoea gradually increasing.

The following are found under the remedy Ferrum-met. in the 10-volume Hering’s Guiding Symptoms.]

CHEST – Lungs, PNEUMONIA:  EPIDEMIC:  Ferrum-metallicum.

GENERALITIES – MUSCLES: LAX, with EMACIATION:  Ferrum-met. (Hering’s 10 volumes).

Following is the reason for my quoting from Dr. Lilienthal’s book:   Dr. Lilienthal, M.D. who lived in the U.S.A., once practising allopathy and later converted himself to homoeopathy had been working in the following hospitals; so also Dr. Hering.

“Before the First World War, there were in the United States 56 purely homoeopathic general hospitals with 35 to 1,400 beds each, nine hospitals for women (inclusive of midwifery) with 30 to 100s bed each, besides nine children’s hospitals with purely homoeopathic treatment.  The Hahnemann College in Philadelphia with hospitals attached and its extensive polyclinic was, in the year 1922, the most important homoeopathic educational institution in the world. Even in those days, its buildings were valued at several million dollars. For practical training, the Hahnemann College offered advantages, which were scarcely to be equalled at that time in any European University. The large number of cases in the hospitals and polyclinics (more than 50,000 patients and 6,000 accident cases were treated every year) afforded the professors abundant material for their clinical instruction. The college possessed a special institution for midwifery, directly attached to it, and allowing the students many opportunities for observing obstetrical cases. In addition, numerous confinements were attended to amongst the poor people in the town and these also served for instruction.” [See Richard Haehl, SAMUEL HAHNEMANN; HIS LIFE AND WORKS.]

Let us salute the above American homoeopaths!

Thank you.


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Other useful books by foreign authors available:

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 In the case of epidemics or pandemic, one homoeopathy remedy alone would be indicated for both prevention and cure.  For example, in the case of swine flu, about 3 years ago, I selected Mercurius-solubilis-10M (one single pill, or one drop on the skin of the victim) and it had cured many persons in the hospital.  In addition, the mind symptoms of those asking for prevention for swine flu too agreed with the mind symptoms of the same remedy (See Hering’s GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF OUR MATERIA MEDICA—10 VOLUMES) and this prevented whosoever had taken it.


However, now coming to corona-covid-19 the picture is different.  I have already justified for my selecting Ferrum-met for the treatment of covid and many persons from abroad had confirmed that they had cured their relatives/friends by putting one drop on of the homoeopathy medicine FERRUM-METAL-1M on the skin.

How did I select the remedy Ferr-met for corona?


Corona victims, at the last stage, have the following symptoms:

Elderly persons most affected

Laxity of muscles

Rapid emaciation

Gradually increasing dyspnoea



  Among the 600 and odd homoeopathy medicines, in one remedy alone we find the words “epidemic pneumonia” together with all the above four symptoms in corona.  That remedy is Ferrum-metallicum.  The relevant extracts from authentic homoeo reference books are given below:

 Ferrum metallicum: PNEUMONIA [From the indispensable reference work Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, page 874]    PNEUMONIA senilis; LAXITY of FIBRE; pulse soft and quick, or slow and easily compressible; DYSPNOEA slowly increasing; bloody expectoration; EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA, DYSPNOEA gradually increasing, no pressure under sternum; pale, stupid face; roof of mouth white; skin neither burning nor cold and damp; pulse never hard and full.

Ferrum metallicum [From the HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS by Dr. Constantine Hering, M.D. (10 VOLUMES):   RELAXATION and weakness of entire musculature with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from slight exertion.   Sudden EMACIATION; muscles LAX, limbs cold; weak digestion.

Ferrum metallicum: Debility, Asthenia [Lilienthal, page 282]   Anaemic debility from faulty nutrition and assimilation; RELAXATION and weakness of entire muscular system with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from light exertion;  . .  fainting spells with subsequent weakness; falls asleep when sewing or studying, from weariness and debility; when falling asleep sweat breaks out, which awakens him and keeps him awake till morning; depression of spirits.

Ferrum metallicum: Paralysis [Lilienthal, page 840] After great loss of VITAL fluids, over sensitiveness to pain; LAXNESS and weakness of all muscles, with EMACIATION, dyspepsia and cold extremities; easily tired out by walking, amel. from moving and walking slowly about, but weariness forces him to lie down.

 Therefore, the remedy for corona is Ferrum-met and Ferrum-met only.  A few of my students and patients had treated with success corona victims by putting one drop of Ferr-met-1M on their skin.  Within 48 hours, they were discharged from the hospital!

 [However, in India, they are asking for evidence/proof etc. When I approached govt. officials, they put us in red-rapism, a never-ending story.  Be that as it may.]

In the present situation, one more homoeopathy remedy is needed.  It is KALI-BROMATUM-10M.  It is not for the treatment of corona-COVID victims, but it is for persons mentally affected by the spread of disease.  I have culled down from the wonderful and the most useful homoeopathy reference book HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal—See Chapter MELANCHOLIA, which is for mind affections.

Kali-bromatum.  – imagines he is especially singled out as an object of divine vengeance, thinks all her friends have deserted her, is full of religious delusions and a feeling of moral deficiency; nervous restlessness, cannot sit still, must move about or otherwise occupy himself; insomnia; frequent shedding of tears; low-spirited, childish, giving way to her feelings;

Two ministers (one in Germany and the other in) committed suicide because they are not able to save the corona victims dying in a bunch.

Two symptoms are in this news.

A feeling of unable to save his citizens (feel of moral deficiency)

Commits suicide – giving way to her feelings;


Both the above symptoms are found in one homoeopathy remedy only, viz., Kali-bromatum, as given above in Lilienthal’s  It is a shame and disgrace to point out here that 99% of homoeopathy doctors all over the world (including homoeopathy teaching personnel and institutions, and homoeo college libraries) do not have a copy of Lilienthal.  Even the handful of those who are having a copy, do not seem to have used it all!)

Now, coming to the other side, in India, in Tamil Nadu two persons committed suicide.  One teenage boy on the third day of bundh, because he is not able to move out of the house freely committed suicide.  Then in a hospital in Tamilnadu one patient undergoing treatment for corona committed suicide by cutting his neck with a blade.  In addition, the majority of those who are confined inside their house feel restless.

This exacts fits in with the home-confined persons with the words quoted above, viz., nervous restlessness, cannot sit still, must move about or otherwise occupy him; as given above.

Thus, and therefore, one dose of the homoeo remedy KALI-BROMATUM-1M may be given to those who are mentally affected by the news about the spread of the disease.  Only one dose and not to be repeated at all.  Ignorance of Lilienthal is no excuse for keeping mum when the rape victim Nirbhaya of Delhi was with septicaemia with traumatic haemorrhage.  If there is no Lilienthal, there can be no homoeopathy at all.  Homoeopathy doctors, Beware!  Ignorance of Lilienthal and Hering’s 10 volumes, is no excuse keeping mum when the whole world is fighting with the present-day pandemic corona-COVID-19.

Yours truly

Dr. V. Krishnamurthy

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone: 9884612450, 9789069362


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