Sac lac: The Use & Their Significance in Homoeopathic Practice

Sac lac: The Use & Their Significance in Homoeopathic Practice

Abstract :

Sac lac or saccharum lactis or lactose is a solid vehicle which is widely used in the field of homoeopathy. It is one of a disaccharide variety of sucrose. The preparation of sac lac is from goat’s milk. It has certain physical and chemical properties.

In homeopathy sac lac plays a vital role in satisfying patients’ needs if there is absence of disease. This is also known as solid placebo.

In organon of medicine 5th and 6th edition Hahnemann has told about placebo. This can be administered to a patient as a nutrition also.

          The preparation of sugar of milk or sac lac must be pure and in unadulterated form. Before the issue to particular pharmaceuticals it should undergo a certain purity test.

Introduction :

             In this article it has dealt about the subjective information of sac lac and their uses in the field of homeopathy. In homeopathic pharmacopeia of India which has 9 volumes in that this sac lac is seen in volume 1 which is published in the year of 1971 and that contains information about 180 drugs and their preparation , uses and their purification process also. This is a general description about the particular topic. The following discuss is about the preparation and purification of sac lac 

Preparation of Sac lac

Step 1 Goats milk is heated and cooled 

Step 2:  The cream that is floating is skimmed off thus fats are removed 

 Step 3:  It contains proteins, carbohydrate. To remove these things dilute hydrochloric acid is added to it. 

 Step 4:  The precipitated protein is in the form of carcinogens and this is filtered off 

 Step 5: The filtered material contain only carbohydrate and this is called whey 

Step 6: To this acidic lime is added to keep the solution in neutral 

Step 7: Charcoal is added to decolourise the crystals 

Step 8 : Thus the sac lac is obtained in the form of crystal and then it is triturated to obtain powdered sugar of milk 

Stuart Close & Sac lac:

According to stuart close the second best remedy in materia medica is sac lac 


Not every case which presents itself to the physicians requires medicine. So the physician will be searching for the best remedy. The patient from other physician to a homoeopathic physician he /she can take sac lac which stops the action of first taken medicine and the indisposition of case can be reflected (aphorism 7 causa occasionalis )

There exist some cause for particular derangement and so it should be removed to turn the person into health ( aphorism 4 preserver of health )

The patient does not die in a minute. “There is always plenty of time to do the right thing, always, at the right time. if you know what the right thing is without reflection and study, do it once.” 

Give your remedy if you are sure of it but not otherwise. If you are not sure sac lac should be given 


The very greatest of our prescribers men like boenninghausen, herring, lippe,wells,biegler of those who are under gone and almost all our prescribers of today who gave sac lac before their first prescription so the disease action and medicine action can be separated 

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