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Why Different Systems of Medicine?

(This is part-6 of my earlier article- WAKE UP NOW OR PERISH – humanity in the hands of an unscientific medicine and fraudulent health industry)

Conventional modern medicine claims it is more scientific than other systems of medicine. This claim is based on a few scientific dicta arising from statistical averages and the structural framework of clinical trials.

These statistical averages are relevant and valid in the research of conventional drugs because they ignore the subjectivity in drug research. Similarly the structural framework of double blind and triple blind clinical trials are also leading to statistical averages to come to conclusions. These approaches are efficient only up to the point wherever averages in the measured physiological and biochemical parameters in the human body are relevant. They are defective and insufficient as research tools for homeopathy as homeopathic drug discovery research goes beyond the basics of biomolecular medicine to the level of genetics and immuno-genetic modulations. The physiological processes at the level of genetics and immunogenetics are individualistic, not common for all. Moreover at this level the influence of subjectivity is remarkable. This is the reason for success of homeopathic medication in millions of patients around the world who were declared incurable by conventional medicine.

We have discussed many examples starting from thalidomide induced genetic defects and list of drugs banned year after year to demonstrate the fallacies of the conventional approach of drug discovery. All drugs from thalidomide to the most recently banned drugs have gone through these so called rigorous animal experiments and many levels of clinical trials like double blind and triple blind studies. Then, why do all these drugs produce such disastrous consequences like genetic anomalies and serious other side effects when clinically used in patients? We need only simple common sense to understand that the drug discovery system in conventional modern medicine is unscientific or that the science on which it is based is incomplete and not the final word and thus the product created is defective and harmful to human beings. Fundamental rule in any medication is that the drugs prescribed should not produce more pain and suffering than the original disease. But here it is indeed so.

If we analyse these so-called scientific methodologies with the current level of knowledge in genetics, they are archaic. Yet the pharma industry and their apostles projects them as the most advanced and scientific methodologies out of ignorance or for simple profit motives. How long will they be allowed to continue this fraud on human health? Policy makers around the world should understand this point and there should be a concerted effort to re-write the Flexener’s commandments by a real humanistic scientist. 

The first clinical trials in modern times started with the trial of ‘patulin’ for the common cold in 1943 in the UK. It was the first double blind controlled trial. Then came the first randomised controlled trial of streptomycin in pulmonary tuberculosis, again in the UK in 1946. Everyone should note that these ultimate research tools (various stages of clinical trials) as the basis of conventional drug discovery are pre-DNA discovery period protocols. Even today research methodology of drug discovery does not consider the genetic uniqueness of each human being to whom it is prescribed. This is a very serious defect that is not given cognizance in the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping an outdated protocol which does not take into account the basic genetic system of human beings, is the biggest fraud and greatest crime against humanity. The attempt to universally inject COVID -19 vaccines based on mRNA needs to be understood in this context. It is not only an attempt to deny the basic freedom and personal choice of individuals but can damage the genetic code of human beings irreparably. It is high time for the political leaders to use their human instincts as well as intellect and broad knowledge rather than depending on the so called experts who are prejudiced and closely linked to the industry. Political leaders should understand that their decisions are linked to the larger questions of existence.

Homeopathy is a medical system discovering drugs exclusively by studying their effect directly on healthy human subjects (drug proving experiments) by using 30C potency of a given drug or substance. This makes the methodology of homeopathic drug discovery fool proof and pristine. We also note that the drugs discovered by Dr Hahnemann (99 drugs) to the drugs recently included in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia,  are all in daily use in homeopathy. Not even a single drug is banned or withdrawn anywhere due to adverse side effects. Faithful believers of conventional medicine claim that homeopathic drugs do not produce side effects as they are just water or placebo. But as a researcher who did one decade of studies with homeopathic ultra-high dilutions with advanced electron microscopy (HRTEM & EDS, FESEM & EDS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), I am confident that these high dilution medicines are the rich source of nanoparticles of the original drug substance (See ref. book Nanodynamics and other published research papers in peer reviewed journals). I am also sure that millions of patients cured of their illnesses with this personalised nanomedicine (Homeopathy) are the living examples of a worthy science to heal human diseases.

The proponents of one medical system for the world should realise that the so called modern medicine they are trying to implement in human society is an outdated science utilised to the maximum as a business enterprise, has little or no scope for the future. It is an empire ready to crumble.

Human society needs different thoughts and approaches for any problems which are complex. Keeping every system of medicine active and growing, one can replace or complement another when need arises. If someone has dominance and refutes other thoughts and approaches, they will try to eliminate otherness. At this juncture, it is good to be aware of something that happened in China around 1955. As conventional modern medicine was gaining dominance in China, the leaders of the Chinese Medical Association met the the Chairman Mao and told him that the traditional Chinese healing practices are unscientific and outdated, needs to be abandoned as it takes some resources meant for health care (same argument we have heard recently from UK regarding the NHS budget on homeopathic hospitals, sadly the political leadership caved into this illogical argument, yet the British Royals have have the conviction beyond the ‘experts’ common sense). It seems that Mao listened to them carefully for an hour and replied to them that the people of China had lived well and healed well with traditional medicine for 10,000 years and if you don’t understand the science behind it, you just leave it and practice whatever you have learned. He just decided that conventional modern medicine was not a replacement for Traditional Chinese medicine, but an additional one. With this Mao proved his grit and created a balance, which preserved the traditional Chinese medicine in equal footing with conventional modern medicine. China and the world at large immensely benefited from this one decision of Mao. Every head of state and health ministers around the world need similar conviction and decisiveness to save humanity from the current COVID – 19 pandemic or the more dangerous pandemic which ‘Philanthropist’ Bill Gates recently predicted, hence the world is waiting for.

In the current state of affairs, Germany can lead the world in this positive direction as homeopathy was born and flourished in Germany and still remains strong in the thoughts of people. It is a critical responsibility of the German political leadership to reinstate homeopathy as the primary health care solution for the population. As the questions about the scientific basis of homeopathy is being established in multiple ways, integrating homeopathy into the health care system in Germany, or any other nation is not a difficult task. It seems Germany has good human resources in homeopathy. Such a step can bring universal change in health care in a very short time. If the political leadership decides, it is only a matter of time to solve the complete scientific puzzles remaining with homeopathic drug action.

The political leaderships around the world have a critical responsibility to safeguard the human race rather than facilitate the profit making of the pharma and medical industry. If they fail in doing so, they are failing the human race, which they are committed to protect. In this time of crisis a sane political leadership is more worthy of trust than the agenda based bureaucratic officials and leaders of the health industry. Let us hope for Mao’s wisdom in every leader in the world, as far as medicine is concerned. 

To be continued……..

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Prof. Dr Rajendran

Dr Rajendran is senior consultant (Homeopathy), Mar Sleeva Medicity, Palai, Kerala, India. He is Author of; 1. The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Literature, Evolutionary genetics and Medicine, 2. Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine, 3. The Nucleus – Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms, 4. New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy