Role of Homoeopathy in Acne Vulgaris & Its Psychological Effect

Role of Homoeopathy in Acne Vulgaris & Its Psychological Effect


Role of Homoeopathy in Acne Vulgaris

Abstract : this article is about acne vulgaris and its psychological impact on adolance homoeopathy gives best result for such condition
Keywords – Acne vulgaris, homoeopathy , comodones androgens etc
Acne vulgaris is a disorder of hair-bearing skin in which hair follicles develop obstructing horny plugs (comedones) as a result of which inflammation later develops around the obstructed follicles, causing tissue destruction and scar formation.
Acne vulgaris is an extremely common disease with some 70% of the population developing some clinically evident acne at some point during adolescence and early adult life.
Underlying factors include:
1) Androgens: Spurt in androgen production during puberty and adolescence is responsible for increased activity of sebaceous glands.
2) Follicular keratinization: Abnormality of keratinization of hair follicles plays an important role in the pathogenesis of acne. Mechanism of this abnormality is ill understood.
3) Propionibacterium acnes: These commensal bacteria are markedly increased in number, in subjects with acne.
4) Heredity: Excessive sebaceous gland activity is probably due to variation in end organ response to androgens and this may be genetically controlled.

Peak severity of Acne vulgaris is in the late teenage years but it may persist into the third decade and beyond, particularly in female Acne vulgaris may have a psychological impact on any patient, regardless of the severity, intensity or the grade of the disease. Patients often have problems with self-confidence, social withdrawal, anxiety, anger and depression. If left untreated it leaves physical and emotional scar that can be devastating. Mostly the patients are young who want to look their best at this age. So most of them quickly resort to ointments, lotions they find attractively advertised through various media. In most of the cases they get temporary palliative results till the person uses the particular local application and once they stop using them, acne may return back in much aggravated condition. In this type of scenario, homoeopathy can play an effective role in the management of Acne vulgaris. It acts in a holistic manner catering to all the spheres of an individual. Holism implies that the parts in a system relate interactively; that body, mind and spirit are all aspect of whole well being As Acne vulgaris is mostly caused due to an internal imbalance such as hormonal imbalances or due to heredity, therefore, it needs to be addressed with a polychrest remedy which can act as a chronic constitutional remedy when indicated. This will help in curing the patient permanently as against suppression by use of topical application
Few important indications of remedies to be used :
1) Natrum muriaticum : Psychic causes of disease; ill effects of grief, fright, anger. Depressed. Consolation aggravates. Cries when alone. Desire for salt.
Skin- Greasy skin. Affects hair follicles.

2) Nux vomica : Sedentary lifestyle. Very irritable; sensitive to all impressions. Cannot bear noises, odors, light etc. Fault finding. Chilly. Desires spicy, fatty food and stimulants. Constipation with frequent ineffectual urging.
Skin- Acne; skin red and blotchy.

3) Pulsatilla : Pre-eminently female remedy. Mild, gentle, yielding. Sad, cries easily, changeable. The patient seeks open air. Thirstless, peevish and chilly. Averse to fat, warm food and drinks.
Skin- Acne specially at puberty.

4) Silicea : Yielding, faint-hearted, anxious. Nervous. Sensitive to all impressions. Obstinate. Very chilly. Disgust for meat and warm food. Want of appetite; thirst excessive.
Skin- Delicate, pale, waxy. Pus offensive. Eruptions itch only in daytime and evening. References
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