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Medicines for Eruptive Skin Lesion Accompanied with Gastric Symptoms


  • Antimonium Crudum: Eczema with gastric derangements. Pimples, vesicles and pustules. Urticaria, measles like eruptions. Scaly, pustular eruptions with burning and itching worse at night.1


  • Astacus fluviatilis: Urticaria.-Nettle-rash over whole body. Itching. Crusta lactea, Erysipelas, and liver affections with nettle-rash. 1


  • Bovista: Uricaria on excitement. Eczema moist: Formation of thick crusts. Pimples over the entire body;scurvy; herpetic eruptions. Pellagra. 1


  • Cornus Circinata: Vesicular eruption associated with chronic liver disease or aphthous stomatitis. Vesicular eczema of face in infants.1


  • Copaiva: Hives with fever and constipation. Roseola. Erysipelatous inflammation especially around abdomen. Bullous eruptions. 1


  • Croton tiglium: Pustular eruption, especially on face and genital with fearful itching.Vesicular erysipelas. Herpes zoster, smarting pain of the eruptions.Diarrhoea and skin affections alternate with each other.1


  • Dolichos: Intense itching .Herpes zoster Often associated with liver problems.1


  • Dulcamara: Herpes zoster, Pemhigus. Vesicular eruptions, Little boils, urticaria, brought on by exposure or sour stomach. Humid eruption on face, genitalia, hand etc. 1


  • Iris versicolor: Herpes Zoster, associated with gastric derangements. Pustular eruptions, Psoriasis; patches with shining scales. Eczema with nightly itching. 1


  • Juglans cineria: Red eruptions like flush of scarlatina. Jaundice with pain about liver and right scapula.Pustules.Eczema, especially on lower exteremities, sacrum & hands. Erythema and erysipelatous redness.1


  • Lycopodium: Hives, Fissured eruption. Acne. Chronic eczema associated with urinary,Gastric and hepatic disorders. Psoriasis. 1


  • Nux vomica: Urticaria with gastric derangements. Acne, skin red and blotchy. 1


  • Pulsatilla: Urticaria after rich food with diarrhea. Measles. Acne at puberty. 1


  • Skatol: Acne with auto-intoxication dependent upon intestinal decomposition. 1


  • Triosteum perfoliatum: Itching welts. Urticaria from gastric derangements. 1


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SKIN – ERUPTIONS – gastric symptoms; with ant-c.

SKIN – ERUPTIONS – eczema – gastric complaints; with ant-c.,iris.

SKIN – ERUPTIONS – herpetic – gastric complaints; with iris.

SKIN – ERUPTIONS – urticaria – constipation; with cop.

SKIN – ERUPTIONS – urticaria – diarrhea, with bov., puls.

SKIN – ERUPTIONS – urticaria – liver symptoms, with astac.,myric., ptel.

FACE – ERUPTIONS – acne – constipation; with calc-sil., nux-v.

FACE – ERUPTIONS – acne – puberty; at – girls with vertex headache and flatulent indigestion, eating amel.; in anemic calc-p.

FACE – ERUPTIONS – acne – intestinal decomposition; from skat.

RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – eruptions of skin, with parth.

RECTUM – DIARRHEA – alternating with – eruptions calc-p.,crot-t.

ABDOMEN – INFLAMMATION – Liver – chronic – vesicular eruption, with corn.


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