Normal Delivery Kit, Normal Delivery Kit Price in India

Normal Delivery Kit

Homeopathic remedy which is used in case of obstetrics.

  • Initiation of pain-: gelsemium 30
  • Regularise or maintain the pain-pulsatila 30
  • For Cervical dialatation-caulophyllum1m(repeted 2-3 Time)
  • If uterine inertia-: viburnum 1m
  • Retained placeta-sec.cor 6c,30c
  • Post partum haemorrhage-:millefolium1m
  • Exhausted due to long delivery-:China mother tincture or 6c
  • Episiotomy wound healing-:arnica30
  • For milk initiation-ricinus communist
  • Urine retention after delivery-aconite 1m
  • Lochia red in colour -: millefolium

Authored by: Nidhi Jivrani
4thyear BHMS                      
Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College

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