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How Homeopathy Can Manage Pregnancy And Its Complications

If you think homeopathy can help at any stage of pregnancy, all the following details for you. During pregnancy, women deal with stress, many emotional, hormonal and changes in physical structure.
During pregnancy, a few women will live with these complaints or a few go with the treatment because they know the complication as side effect.
Homeopathy is the safe and ideal for the mother and child because is effective and so gentle its deal with stress and maintains normal process of pregnancy.
Maintaining healthy life style and taking ideal homeopathic medication can be rewarding for healthy child.
Most Popular Sign and Hints of Pregnancy
You missed your periods? Or something’s different in your mental level and health level. You may be pregnant. Only few sign or symptoms are not enough to confirm your pregnancy.
Anyways before identify, you should know few things about pregnancy as follows:
Pregnancy is divided into three major trimesters (In months):
1. 1st trimester (3months)
2. 2nd trimester (3monts)
3. 3rd trimester (3months)
Symptoms are different in all trimesters!
Here, we will discuss most popular signs and hints of pregnancy, mostly from 1st trimester and few from others.
1. Morning sickness
2. Irritation
3. Mood swings
4. Polyuria (increased urination)
5. Constipation
6. Loose motion
7. Cramping in abdomen
8. Enlarged breast size
9. Emotional distress
Homeopathy and Pregnancy Common Complications

Morning sickness is most common hints of pregnancy, while the cause of morning sickness is health alterations. Hormones can be a cause of sickness in the morning. Few hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are regulating pregnancy process.
During pregnancy you will go through many hormonal changes. Because of hormonal changes your irritation can be increase.
Irritation is also most common cause with morning sickness. It comes mostly in first trimester usually in the morning when women woke up or the stomach is empty.
Seek professional help from any health adviser if you’re vomiting continuously, for example if you are losing weight.
Following listed medicines can help in this medical conditions:
• Carbo vegetabilis
• Cimicifuga racemosa
• Ferrum metallicum
• Ipecacuanha
• Pulsatilla
• Nux vomica
Frequent urination also called polyuria. Because of hormonal changes, the absorption of water in body is increased. Due to the increase of water absorption in the body, polyuria will be found pregnancy. Anxious women will take it as the complication but its normal in pregnancy.
Constipation may be present in pregnancy due to extra progesterone. If any lady feeling constipation from few days. It may be hint of pregnancy and there can be more complication if constipation not correct with in time, during the pregnancy its normal to constipated because the slow down moments of the muscles of pelvis.
It can be correct by increasing fluid in diets and taking easily digestible food in meals.
Following listed medicines can help in this medical conditions:
• Bryonia alba
• Sepia officinalis
• Sulphur
• Nux vomica
Cramping is common hint of pregnancy but in few woman. Cramping accruing because uterine changes. During pregnancy its normally occurs, if cramping continuously with increasing its intensity, you should visit or contact health professionals.
Following listed medicines can help in this medical conditions:
• Cimicifuga racemosa
• Nux vomica
• Calc carbonicum
• Ferrum phosphoricum
Homeopathy and child birth
During the child birth, there can be complications like excessive bleeding, slow dilatation of cervix, stress, fear and pain. Homeopathy can help in a healthy way to health seeker. There is lots of medicine in homeopathy medical system which can help you or a pregnant woman during the child birth.
A homeopath perfectly decide after the case taking which medicine going to help.
Following medicines can be used according to complications:
• Aconitum napellus
• Kali phosphoricum
• Pulsatilla
• Arsenic album
The listed medicines above in this article is only suggestions for knowledge and referring only. If you going through the any kind of complication you should consult your health consultant before taking any medicines.

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