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Is it worth it to get CompTIA Security+?

What do Amazon AWS Certified Security, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CEH, ISA, Infosec CISSP, and CCNP Security all have in common? All of these certifications are part of a large group of cybersecurity certifications that are available right now.

Each of these certifications is valuable and has a good reason for being there. What about the CompTIA Security+ certification, though? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

CompTIA Security+ is a well-known certification in cybersecurity. It’s been earned by more than 600,000 IT professionals. But is it worth it to get CompTIA Security+? That depends on what you want to do as an IT pro.

One of your IT career goals might be to work in information security without having to get certified first. Getting a vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification or a DoD-approved certification may also be on the list of goals. CompTIA Security+ is worth it if you want to do any of these things in your IT career:

What does CompTIA Security+ Certification stand for?

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification that is well known in the IT industry. It gives people the skills they need to get a job in one of the many fields related to cybersecurity. Technicians should get CompTIA Security+ before getting any other security certifications.

CompTIA Security+ teaches IT professionals important basic cybersecurity skills that they need to know before going for higher-level certifications. This includes certifications that aren’t tied to a specific vendor as well as those that are. CompTIA Security+ gives you the following IT skills:

  • Before attacks and weaknesses can get into IS, they need to be found and fixed.
  • Getting a handle on the ideas of secure virtualization, secure application deployment, and automation.
  • Figuring out and putting in place the best encryption and protocols.
  • Monitoring and securing hybrid environments, such as the cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things.
  • Installing up and configuring identity and access services and management controls.
  • Installing, configuring, and deploying network components while assessing and troubleshooting problems to support organisational security.
  • Putting into place and summarising the best practises for risk management and the business effects they have.
  • Setting up and configuring wireless security settings and installing in place public key infrastructure
  • Learning about penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and spotting a breach
  • Understanding how important it is to follow the rules

The CompTIA Security+ certification, which costs $370 USD, verifies these basic IT skills and core security functions. This title shows employers and recruiters that certified people are ready to work in a wide range of IT jobs that focus on security.

Also, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has said that CompTIA Security+ meets the needs of directive 8140/8570.01-M. It meets the requirements of ISO 17024. Get the detailed information about CompTIA Certifications Cost here.

How Hard Is CompTIA Security+?

CompTIA Security+ is different from other cybersecurity certifications in that there are no prerequisites. This is great news for IT professionals who want to get right into information security without having to get multiple certifications.

With the CompTIA Security+ certification, you can get a job in IT security at the entry level. Even though this certification is for beginners in cybersecurity, most people wouldn’t say it’s easy. It goes into detail about cybersecurity concepts and requires enough preparation.

Some people get the basics of cybersecurity pretty quickly. Some people find it harder to understand these ideas. No matter what kind of learner you are, CompTIA Security+ will be hard for you in some way. This is something good. After all, a simple certification probably wouldn’t teach you enough to move up in your IT career.

Even though CompTIA Security+ is hard, training tools make it much easier to pass the certification exam. Even a beginner can earn CompTIA Security+ if they have the right mindset and training tools. Don’t forget to get your free practise test for CompTIA Security+.

Job Opportunities after Getting CompTIA Security+ Certification

Before getting a Cybersecurity certification, one of the most important things people think about is what kind of salary they will get. The truth is that CompTIA Security+ can’t promise a certain salary. Be wary of sources that say getting a certain certification will lead to a certain salary. The salary of an IT professional depends on the job role that their certification (or certifications) helped them get, not on the certification itself.

Here are some Cybersecurity jobs you can get with CompTIA Security+ Certification:

  • Junior penetration tester
  • Systems administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Cybersecurity specialist

With just CompTIA Security+, you might be able to get one of these jobs. As you get more IT certifications and more experience, you’ll be able to do higher-level jobs in information security, like:

  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity consultant

After you get CompTIA Security+, you can get intermediate cybersecurity certifications like CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) and CompTIA PenTest+. CompTIA Linux+ is also a great choice, since Linux skills are important for the success of a cybersecurity professional. Consider a vendor-specific certification, like Microsoft Certified Security Administrator Associate, if you want to work with specific equipment.

CompTIA Security+ can often be the key to getting a job in IT security at the entry level. It can even help you get a job at a help desk. But getting this certification is only the first step toward a job in cybersecurity.

Once you get your foot in the door of the information security industry, keep learning and getting cybersecurity certifications. You can go as far as you want in cybersecurity if you are willing to learn new things and work hard.

Become an IT Cybersecurity Professional with CompTIA Security+

Every second, 75 records are lost, and every day, 30,000 websites are hacked. It’s clear that cyber attacks are getting worse. The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the rate of digital transformation, which has made organisations more vulnerable than ever to these attacks. This shows why cybersecurity is important in 2021 and why its importance will keep growing in the years to come.

Companies need people who work in security who are well-trained to deal with all kinds of problems. Getting CompTIA Security+ is the first step to becoming a specialist in information security who can help organisations fight cybercrime and reduce its effects.

Now that you know what CompTIA Security+ can do for you, you can’t help but agree that this certification is worth it. CompTIA Security+ is a good place to start if you want to work in cybersecurity. All you need to pass the certification exam is CompTIA training materials and a strong desire to do so. Download the free CompTIA Security+ Study guide by How To Network to get started.

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