Introduction, Advantages and Limitations of Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Advantages And Limitations Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica

  • Homoeopathic Materia medica is the record book of the effects of drugs on human beings.
  • This is a storehouse of every action and reaction of drug that it incites in human beings especially healthy ones.
  • Homoeopathic Materia medica is the limit of the actions of drugs in any quantity.
  • There is no property of drugs which is unknown to homoeopathic Materia medica.

The advantages of homoeopathic Materia medica are too many:

  • It is the most extensive and exhaustive study of the drugs and nothing more can be added to the symptoms already recorded of well-proved drug. When such a medicine is supplied in the patient any action or actions which the medicine can produce is known and the risk of undesirable or unwanted action is non-existent.
  • The individualistic study of drugs awards the capability of individualistic applications of drugs. Drugs administrated on such basis have desperate action and are capable action and curing the basic susceptibilities both physical and psychical.
  • Since the susceptibility can be treated, many diseases which ordinary medical school considers incurable or surgical finds that instrument of its cure in homoeopathic Materia medica
  • Homoeopathic Materia medica is better adopted to cure of mental and psychical disorders.
  • Diseases without any anatomical or physiological change to give it pre-fixe nosological can be easily treated.
  • Diseases, before they cause structural and cellular alterations, can be cured in their very initial state or prodromal stage.
  • Many basic defects of childhood such as delayed dentition, delayed walking, delayed talking and its effect on the later life can be remedied if treated in early life.
  • Many gross abnormalities of character such as dullness, irritability, pride, suspicion, fear, instability of mind etc. can be corrected and cured
  • It is capable of curing diseases caused by a over use of drugs or drug addictions.
  • Today, every physician talks of psychosomatic is only homoeopathy, where psychical as well as bodily symptoms are considered together for treatment of sickness.
  • Homoeopathy is better suited to the diseases of to-day’s world.


  • Its use in palliative treatment is difficult. Its medicine can cure all sleeplessness, pain etc. but can not bring immediate sleep or can not be used as pain killers.
  • The usefulness of homoeopathic Materia medica in a true nutritional or deficiency disease is very much restricted.
  • Homoeopathy has not much to do in immediate preoperative and immediate postoperative treatment of true surgical diseases.
  • It will not help much if germicidal or parasiticidal line of drugging is contemplated.
  • Gross damage to a system or structure is beyond the scope of our Materia medica.
  • Acute poisoning caused by chemicals or animals cannot be neutralized by homoeopathic indicated remedies.
  • Disease or condition where exciting or maintaining causes exist and are not removed are the difficult situations for homoeopaths.

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