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Homoeopathy, GNM and Bach Flower therapy: Good Friends to Defense System of Human Body

INTRODUCTION: The meaning of Health in current era is not only related with the treatment but also associate with the immunity and prevention of disease. Nowadays, people believe in Holistic healing and mental health. Everybody understands the meaning of health and importance of mental and spiritual health in immune system of our body. Apart from conventional Medicine and its emergency handling skills, Alternative/Complementary medicine methods are ready to occupy their own unique place in Medical Science. So, let’s explore some treatment methods of Medical science dealing with mental health as well as holistic health.

KEYWORDS: Immunity, Mental Health, Homoeopathy, GNM (German New Medicine), Bach flower therapy.

Immune system of our body: Defense mechanism

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, immunity is “A condition of being able to resist a particular disease specially through preventing development of pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products.”

Prevention of the development of Pathogenetic Microorganism is major work done by our immunity to preserve health. This action of prevention by our immunity is supported by our dynamic energy of body. Nowadays many researches are there to confirm the role of emotions and dynamic power of our body in the management of our immune system.


Article name and Citation Objective and Materials & Methods Observation and Result Conclusion
The effect of Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on Depression, cognition and immunity in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Feasibility Study (clinical interventions in aging 2020: 1365-1381) Pub med ID- 32848377  Objective:  To determine the feasibility and the effect of MBSR Practice on depression, Cognition and immunity in Mild Cognitive Training.   20 subjects were randomly assigned to two groups. Control group was also assigned and both underwent 8 weeks cognitive training. There were detectable changes in immunological profiles in both groups but more pronounced in the MBSR group. MBSR is well-accepted potentially promising intervention with positive effect on cognition, depressive symptoms and immunological Profile.
Anxiety and perceived psychological stress play an important role in the immune response after exercise. (exercise immunology rev. 2018.:26-34) PubMed ID- 29461966 64 healthy, non-smoking, recreationally active males gave written informed consent to participate in the study. Participants had no previous history of exposure to DPCP (Diphenylcyclopropenone) and were excluded if they were taking any medication or dietary supplements, or had a history of atopy or any other immune-related or inflammatory dermatological condition. Participants were required to abstain from alcohol and exercise for 24h before and 48h after the experimental trials. The Study received local ethics committee approval, and all protocols were conducted in accordance with declaration of Helsinki (2013) After accounting for exercise, multiple-regression showed that pre-exercise state-anxiety and perceived psychological stress were moderately associated with the DPCP response after exercise. Results indicate a beneficial effect of moderate state anxiety and perceived psychological stress on in vivo immunity after exercise.   State- anxiety and perceived psychological stress levels before exercise plays an important role in determining the strength of the in vivo immune response after exercise. 

Above articles give us information regarding the effect of psychological factors on immunity.


                        In this Gentle healing science, the concept of causation is considered as the dynamic one (in most of cases except accidental and surgical one). Concept of vital force and its disturbance is one the important aspect in learning homoeopathy.

As per Dr. Kent in his philosophy, “All disturbances/diseases conditions start from mind (A dynamic entity) and then followed by Physical Manifestation.” Will/emotion, memory and intellect are the major component of human mind. Internal morbid derangement first reflects on any one of them followed by Physical body. Medicines having similar kind of actions in series as seen in morbidity are helpful for case and having power to cure the sick person. Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory are full of these kinds of medicines.

So, in this way one can conclude that our emotion and mind can affect the immune system and followed by our power to resist disease. Homoeopathic medicines help us at this level to strengthen our immune system for prevention as well as cure.


German new Medicine is like sibling of Homoeopathy which is also concern with the healing. Here the founder of GNM method Dr. Hamer with his sharp observations and understanding related to Brain scan help him to conclude about the Mind and body connection of Disease condition.

If we take some glimpses from the History of GNM method in medical science then Dr. Hamer first observed this mind and body connection in Cancer.

Further observations confirm this mind body connection in other diseases. Their concept of different conflicts and its corresponding bodily manifestations are interesting to study and apply in practice.

Here again this mind body connection and their interdependent actions contribute a lot in our immune system. Traumatic thoughts or shock produces conflicts that have a major impact on our immune system and its work in protection of our body.


                                           Dr. Edward Bach’s Bach Flower Remedies give a wonderful definition of gentle therapy with their natural way of healing. Essence of flower and water can create immense healing power to heal the suffering humanity. This healing method also believes in Psyche and Body connection and more stressed upon the various Psyche.       

Various remedies in this healing system act on different mental thought processes and help us to adjust in our environment. Bach flower Remedies having positive effect on human Psychology and immunity to fight against adverse events of life.


                  In this era of modern science with a good touch of spirituality concept among people help us to establish gentle healing methods to boost our immunity and prepare our defense mechanism to fight against the various morbidities. In developing countries like India, application of these systems on health centre is beneficial to all people in rural as well as urban area. Promotions of Complementary medicines are also good for economic sector of our country.


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