Exploring the Mental Picture of Calcarea Silicata

Exploring the Mental Picture of Calcarea Silicata


Calcarea silicata is a deep and long acting medicine which is indicated for various physical and mental ailments. In homoeopathy, mental symptoms are very important for individualization of patients and aids in prescribing a constitutional remedy. This article discusses the mental picture of calcarea silicata with the help of mental symptoms  along with rubrics from various repertories.

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Calcarea silicata, the silicate of lime is a deep and long acting medicine which is indicated for complaints which come on slowly and after long periods reach their final development. [1] It is clinically indicated in cases such as anal fistula, atrophy, cataracts, chilliness, cold, cornea, ulcers, diabetes, dropsy, emaciation, epithelioma, flatulence, goitre, hydrocele, leucorrhea, lupus, polyps, scrofula, ulcers and  prolapsed uterus. It aids in absorbing corneal exudations and in cases of ulcers with punched out edges. Usher used it in 1x and 6x potencies in cases of atrophy of children. Constitution of the patient is hydrogenoid . Patient is weak, emaciated and very sensitive to cold. He is extremely sensitive to drafts and catches cold constantly.[2] 


Calcarea silicata is  a combination of calcarea and silicea. Thus, like other calcareas , the person feels insecure with the need of protection and like Silicea, he feels the need to maintain a particular standard. Hence the feeling of Calcarea silicata is: “I need to keep up to a particular standard to get the security and protection I need”.It quiet resembles the condition of  teenage boy of a middle class family who feels a lot of expectations on him and need to come up to a particular standard to get approval of his parents

Calcarea silicata is sensitive to reprimands. Because of his sensitivity to criticism, he maintains the standards set by his superior and avoids conflict and termination. Additionally, he turns timid, shy, acquiescent, unsure, and reluctant because this will aid him. In addition, he experiences severe anxiety before examination, interviews, social gatherings, or starting a new job. He seeks assistance from others, places his confidence in them, and undergoes psychotherapy.[3]

Person is absent minded. He finds it difficult to focus on what he is reading or listening to and makes mistakes in speaking and misplaces words. He is so forgetful that she cannot recall the sentence just spoken. Sits long at one place and looks into space and does not answer when spoken to. He is confused in the morning on waking, evening, eating, after mental exertion and while sitting. Ideas are abundant in evening but deficient in day time. He desires many obtainable things but he soon gets tired of them. He is very critical and nothing suits him.  [4]

Calcarea silicata is not able to achieve what he is expected to achieve so he constantly finds excuses for it. He is typically expected to provide money. He believes that these are too lofty of ambitions for him to accomplish, so in order to maintain his financial dependence, he must become mild and submissive. The fact that the majority of Calcarea silicata individuals come from strict yet encouraging homes accounts for their lack of success.

The Calcarea silicata patient needs to exercise caution while spending money because he fears being poor. It is against him because he is poor. As a result, he starts to yield. He would much prefer to flee than get up and express himself. Unlike Silicea, he is not as stubborn.

Calcarea silicata is quite concerned about well-being. Teenage males worry about having a cold, cough, or heart problems while they wait for hours at the clinic. Its benefit is that it provides them with a rationale for their dependence and lack of success.  The patient fears a serious illness when he visits the doctor, but he uses this dread subliminally to stay passive. He may become agitated when someone tries to console him and tells him he has no problems He doesn’t want to be assured he has no problems; instead, he wants assistance.[3]

There is great dependency financially and socially in Calcarea silicata that when someone close to him passes away, Calcarea silicata experiences shock and may exhibit automatic behavior. As a survival tactic, he can decide to imagine that this person is still alive and converse with him, or he might just sit motionless and do nothing. As an illustration, when a spouse passes away, his emotionally and financially reliant wife imagines him to be in the adjacent room.[3] She grieves as she feels no one will let her go to him and she wants to get dinner for dead husband as she feels that he will starve if she does not find him. She calls her living son by the name of someone who is long dead. She wanders all night in her room without sleep and it seems that she sees and converse with dead friends, dead son and dead husband. She is in a state of passive delirium , she talks and acts like insane, mutters foolish things. She sees disagreeable persons when half awake and has illusions of fancy.[4]

There is great depression with loathing of life without any cause. There is no desire for physical and mental work and aversion to exercise. He is impatient and does everything in haste. He is highly irritable. [4]

Patient is lascivious, sexual desire is increased in females. Mental symptoms are worse from sexual excess. There is marked changeability, morose and generally better when occupied. She has a weeping tendency, weeps at night, in sleep. It is almost impossible for her to control her tears and she starts sobbing. She sobs from imaginary fears and worries for hours. Suicidal tendency is marked, there is no inclination to talk or to be talked to with desire to stay silent[4]

It covers following rubrics in these repertories:

Repertory of the homoeopathic materia medica by dr.J.T. Kent [5]

Mind, delusion, faces, sees

Mind, delusion, faces, sees,hideous

Mind, delusion, talking, as with dead people

Mind, delusion, women, illusions of old and wrinkled

Mind, talks, dead people, with

Mind, unconscious, conduct, automatic

Pocket Manual of homoeopathic materia medica and repertory by Dr. W. Boericke [1]

Mind, bashful, timid

Mind, despairing, hopeless, discouraged easily, lack of confidence

Mind, indecisive, irresolute

Synthesis Repertorium Homoeopathicum Syntheticum:[6]

Mind, absent minded

Mind, ailments from, anger

Mind, ailments from, fear

Mind, ailments from, fright

Mind, ailments from, reproaches

Mind, ailments from, sexual excess

Mind, ailments from, work, mental

Mind, ambition, loss of

Mind, anger

Mind, anger, easily

Mind, answers, aversion to answer

Mind, anxiety, bed, in

Mind, anxiety, night

Mind, capriciousness

Mind, cares, full of

Mind, censorious

Mind, company, desire for, alone agg.

Mind, concentration, difficult

Mind, confidence, want , of self

Mind, confusion of mind

Mind, confusion of mind, evening

Mind, confusion of mind, eating after

Mind, confusion of mind, mental exertion, from

Mind, confusion of mind, sitting, while

Mind, consolation, agg

Mind, contrary

Mind, cowardice

Mind, muttering

Mind, delusion, brother and child, corpse of

Mind, delusion, husband, corpse of

Mind, delusion, persons, sees

Mind, delusion, disease, incurable disease, he has an

Mind, delusion, dogs, sees

Mind, delusion, faces, sees

Mind, delusion, fancy

Mind, delusion, images, phantoms, sees

Mind, delusion, images, phantoms, sees, night

Mind, delusion, talking, dead people, with

Mind, delusion, visions, horrible

Mind, despair

Mind, discontended

Mind, discontended, everything, with

Mind, discouraged

Mind, dullness

Mind, excitement

Mind, exertion, mental , agg.

Mind, fancies, exaltation, of

Mind, fear

Mind, fear, night

Mind, fear, disease, of impending

Mind, fear, touch of

Mind, forgetful

Mind, frightened easily

Mind, hurry

Mind, hysteria

Mind, ideas, deficiency of, daytime

Mind, imbecility

Mind, impatience

Mind, indolence

Mind, insanity, madness

Mind, irresolution

Mind, irritability, morning

Mind, irritability, evening

Mind, irritability, coition, after

Mind, irritability, headache, during

Mind, irritability, trifles, from, agg

Mind, lamenting

Mind, lascivious

Mind, laughing

Mind, loathing, life, at

Mind, memory, weakness of memory

Mind, mildness

Mind, mistakes, speaking, in

Mind, mistakes, words

Mind, moaning

Mind, mood, changeable, variable

Mind, morose

Mind, muttering

Mind, occupation, amel.

Mind, prostration of mind

Mind, restlessness, anxious

Mind, sadness, daytime

Mind, sadness, heat, during

Mind, sensitive, noise, to

Mind, shrieking, sleep, during

Mind, sits, still

Mind, spoken, aversion

Mind, starting, startled 

Mind, starting, easily

Mind, starting, sleep, during

Mind, stupefaction

Mind, suicidal disposition

Mind, timidity

Mind, timidity, bashful

Mind, unconsciousness

Mind, weary of life

Mind, weeping, night

Mind, weeping, sleep, in

Mind, will, loss of

Mind, work, mental, aversion to

Mind, yielding disposition

Discussion & Conclusion:

Calcarea silicata  has a wide range of characteristic mental symptoms. His personality is that of a timid person who lacks confidence, has a lot of burden of expectations from parents and is under constant pressure to perform. Mental generals are among the important symptoms that help in framing the constitutional picture of the patient. Characteristic mental symptoms of a patient helps us in individualizing the patient and thus should be enquired in detail.


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