Homoeopathy: An Answer for Post after Vaccination Ailments

Homoeopathy: An Answer for Post after Vaccination Ailments


‘Hahnemann was so far ahead of his time that his teaching, in its higher phases, could not be fully understood until science in its slower advance had elucidated and corroborated the facts upon which he based it’ Stuart Close in his work ‘The Genius of Homeopathy’ 1

As we all know the pandemic going on all over the world and also know how necessary it is to get vaccination as well, as we speak about the individuality and how each person is different from one another, it also holds same when it come for Vaccination also, not every person who get vaccinated will not come up with ill effects but few individuals do come with ill effects.

Homoeopathy is the key for those individuals who get affected as there are many medicines in our system which can help the individuals with ill effects of vaccination Homoeopathically.

We know how Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the human life & still continuing its run worldwide. As a solution to this there have been discovery of Vaccines to get rid the Corona Virus but none of the vaccines are hundred precent affective, but will reduce the adverse effects of corona virus when affected.2

All the Scientists around the world started researching and also developing vaccines In India, two vaccines were approved for emergency use namely Covishield and Covaxin. Then, in April 2021, a third vaccine was approved for use, Sputnik V.

Above all, we also should accept the fact that, taking the Covid-19 vaccine can lead to a few mild side effects such as pain at the site of injection, mild fever, etc. Let us now take a closer look at these side effects and how to deal with them Homoeopathically.2

Hahnemann & concept of immunization:

When we look back at the history, it is a fact that Jenner’s first experiments with Cowpox in Dorset in the summer of 1796, actually was coincided with Hahnemann’s publication of his ‘Essay on a New Principle for ascertaining the curative powers of medicine’. As an unprejudiced observer as well as physician, Hahnemann was completely aware of developments in the field of medicine during his times. He was not only well versed with the Jenner’s concept of immunization but also very keen about concept of immunization.

In fact, Hahnemann perceived that it was on account of similarity of manifestation and differing in kind nature of cowpox vaccination (cowpox and small pox are two different disease entities with differing infecting agent), and it was very evident thus this paved way for success of cowpox inoculation.

He thus appreciated Jenner’s Cow-pox vaccination as mentioned in the Footnote to §46 of sixth edition Organon of Medicine as: ‘This seems to be the reason & fact namely that since the general distribution of Jenner’s Cow-pox vaccination, human small-pox never again appeared as epidemically or virulently as 40-45 years before when one city visited lost at least one-half and often three-quarters of its children to death.

This basically shows how open-minded Hahnemann was & also his rationalistic approach in medicine that allowed him to appreciate the works of his contemporaries.3

Mild Side Effects of Approved COVID-19 Vaccines in India 1


  • Injection site pain
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Chills
  • Nausea


  • Injection site pain and swelling
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Body ache
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Sputnik V

  • Sore arm
  • Low fever
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches

Symptoms in detail with respect to Homoeopathic remedies:2

Site of injection: Pain at the site of Injection you might experience some pain or swelling on the arm where you got the shot, unable to lift the hand properly, mild restricted movements

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Arnica Montana, Bellis Perennis, Belladonna is a botanical that relieves muscle pain.5

Fatigue – after getting the vaccine, you might feel unusually tired with laziness & decreased interest in doing work & a kind of drowsiness.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Coffea cruda, Nux vomica, Silicea, Sulphur, Staphysagria, Aconitum apellus, Arnica Montana & Arsenicum album.

Joint pain – you might also feel physical discomfort or pain in one or more of your joints with a kind of stiffness & sensation as if some weight is kept on the legs,

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Aconitum napellus, Arnica, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calcarea phosphorica, Ledum palustre, Pulsatilla & Rhus toxicodendron.

Headache – following vaccination, a common side effect is getting a mild to moderate headache accompanied by slight dizziness & feeling as if head is heavy or would burst.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Glonoine, Ignatia, Iris versicolor, Natrum muriaticum & Nux vomica.

Muscle pain – another common side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine is to feel soreness and achiness in the muscles & a pulling type of pain or sensation as if heaviness in arms.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Rhus Toxicodendron, Arnica Montana, Bryonia Alba, Cimicifuga, Gelsemium & Sanguinaria Canadensis

Chills – some people might also feel chills or feeling cold and shivering, even though they aren’t in a cold environment as if the whole body is vibrating.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Aconite Napellus, Anas Barbariae, Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Bryonia Alba, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Gels & Nux vomica

Nausea – you could also feel stomach discomfort, a queasy sensation, or an urge to vomit after taking the vaccine as if you are full & occasionally accompanied with slight diarrhea.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Asarum, Kreosotum, Lacticum acidum, Sepia, Tabacum, Colchicum, Ipecacuanha & Nux vomica

Fever – one of the most common symptoms of the Covid-19 vaccine is contracting a mild fever with occasionally a feeling of tightness in the chest.

Indicated Homoeopathic Remedies are: Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Bryonia alba, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Ferrum phosphoricum, Gelsemium & Nux vomica.

Homoeopathic remedies in general for ill effects of vaccination:

These are the remedies which are generally indicated: Thuja, Silicea, Malandrium, Rhus Tox, Drosera, Antimonium Tart, Arsenic Album, Apis Mellifica & Ledum Pal5


Here we are not saying whether there is adverse or mild effect but it’s clearly mentioned According to the Indian government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the vaccine’s main side effects include:3fever, headaches, irritability, pain, swelling, or both at the site of injection. These side effects overlap with those of other currently available COVID-19 vaccines. They are expected to last for a few days.6

So, as we all have accepted this new normal, we also be prepared for this new normal as well, and above all our system of medicine has a tremendous scope to tackle this problem dynamically.


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Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine (Gold Medalist), Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

Dr Shreya N Padiyar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Consultant Homoeopathic Physician.

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