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Urinary Tract Infection in Infants & Homoeopathic Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection
  • UTI is one of the many different infections, which kids usually get caught in during their 1st year of life. Though UTI is not that common to be found in children of that age group so it becomes necessary for us to pay more attention towards it, as it causes much trouble to the babies and if not diagnosed and treated timely, it may lead to serious renal infections.
  • A urinary tract infections(UTI) occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract. It may occur at any site of urinary tract i.e. urethra bladder, ureters and kidneys but the most common place for UTI is the urinary bladder. The urinary tract is the excretory system of the body which filters waste products from the blood and throws them out of body through urine.
  • Urinary tract includes two kidneys which filters the blood and form urine, two ureters(tubes) through which the urine reaches the bladder(which is single in number) where urine is stored and one urethra, which is attached to the bladder, passes urine through a meatus out of the body.

Causes of UTI –

Most cases of UTI in children occur because the bacteria, which are normally present in the bowel, may cause urinary tract infection.

Other common  causes are:

  • If the baby remains for long time in wet underwear(soiled in urine and bowel), poor hygiene of genitals and anal region.
  • Frequent constipation or diarrhoea.
  • Any type of blockage in the urinary tract, which obstruct and causes reduced flow of urine.
  • Irritation in perineal area due to tight clothing, bath soap etc.
  • Vesicourethral reflux in which urine flows backward from the bladder to the kidneys.

Sign & Symptoms –

UTI in infants present in two different forms-

1. Cystitis

2. pyelonephritis

1. Cystitis :- commonly the UTI present in the form of cystitis. Cystitis occurs when there is infection in urethra or the urinary bladder.

The common sign and symptoms of cystitis are as follows-



-frequent urination and passes small amount of urine.

-pain during urination (sometimes babies screams due to pain before urination).

-burning in urination (which makes babies cry at the starting of urination and sometimes after urination).

-pain in lower abdomen(babies sometimes does not let their belly touched).

-blood in urine.

2. Pyelonephritis:-

It is quite less common, it occurs mainly if there is infection in kidneys, some cases of pyelonephritis may turn serious and even life threatening.

The sign and symptoms of pyelonephritis are as follows-

  • Fever more than 101 degrees.
  • Flu-like symptoms such as shaking, chills, nausea, vomiting and achiness
  • Pain in groins, lower belly, back.
  • Pain while urination.
  • Burning in micturition.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Urine is cloudy, foul smelling.
  • Presence of dark reddish color urine.
  • There may be presence of pus or blood in the urine.

Investigations-  urine microscopy, urine culture, USG KUB region, voiding  cystourethrogram.


Diagnosis can be made on the basis of clinical symptoms, and investigations.

Urinary Tract Infection

Homoeopathic Treatment :-

Homeopathic treatment should always be based on the totality of symptoms, there are no. of medicine which cures UTI, but it should be given if they are matching the totality of symptoms.

Some medicines which cures UTI  are as follows-

1. Cantheris-  there is intolerable urging and tenesmus. Nephritis with bloody urine. Violent paroxysms of cutting and burning in whole renal region, with painful urging to urinate; bloody urine, by drops. Intolerable tenesmus; cutting before, during and after urine. Urine scalds him, and is passed drop by drop. Constant desire to urinate. Membranous scales looking like bran in water. Urine jelly-like, shreddy. Face is pale, wretched. Heat on face with urinary symptoms. Face is hot and red, during fever cold hands and feet, cold sweat. Burning in soles. Chill, as if water were poured over him.

2. Apis Mellifica-  it is effective when babies have burning and soreness when urinating. suppressed, loaded with casts; frequent and involuntary; stinging pain and strangury; scanty, high colored. Incontinence. Last drops burn and smart. Face is red and swollen sometimes waxy, pale and oedematous during fever slight sweat, with sleepiness. During fever perspiration breaks out and dries up frequently. Sleeps after the fever paroxym.

3. Merc Cor-  when there is  intense burning in urethra. Urine hot, burning, scanty or suppressed; bloody, greenish discharge. Albuminous. Tenesmus of bladder. Stabbing pain extending up urethra into bladder. Perspiration after urinating. Face red, swollen, puffy. Green, bilious vomiting, profuse perspiration during fever, surfaces cold to touch during fever.

4. Arsenic Album- it is effective when there is  scanty, burning, involuntary urination. Bladder as if paralysed.  Albuminous. Epithelial cells; cylindrical clots of fibrin and globules of pus and blood. Face is swollen, pale, yellow, cachectic, sometimes cold and covered with sweat.  High grade fever, with periodicity, great restlessness during fever, < at 3 am.

5. Sulphur- itis effective  when there isfrequent urination, specially at night. Specially in scrofulous, untidy children. Burning in urethra during micturition, lasts long after. Mucus and pus in urine; parts sore over which it passes. Must hurry, sudden call to urinate.

6. Aconitum Napellus-  it is effective when babies have scanty, red, hot, painful urination. Tenesmus and burning at neck of bladder. Burning in urethra. Urine suppressed, bloody, retention with screaming and restlessness, and handling of genitals. Renal region sensitive.  Profuse urination, with profuse perspiration and diarrhoea. With red hot and flushed face, face swollen, with one cheek red and other pale, babies have vomiting with heat, profused sweat and increased urination,  in fever there is cold stage most marked, cold sweat and icy coldness on face, coldness and heat alternate. Thirst and restlessness always present.

7. Borax- it is effectivewhen babies havehot, smarting pain in orifice. Pungent smell. Child afraid to urinate, screams before urinating. Small red particles on diaper. With salivation, nausea, vomiting colic and diarrhoea. With pale earthy face with expression of suffering on the face.

There are many more remedies like Sarsaparilla, Officinalis, Natrum mur, Nitric Acid, Staphysagria etc. which should be considered in treatment of UTI. It has to be kept in mind that prescription should be based on totality of symptoms.

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