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ACNE and Homeopathic Treatment

More than 70 % of young people will at one time or another develops acne. It often begins around the time of puberty and clears up by their early twenties. It particularly affects the face but lesions may occur on the upper back and chest as well. The acne lesion arises because of a blockage of the sebaceous glands. These are small glands surrounding hair follicles that secrete sebum (an oily substance which keeps the skin moist and acts as a protective layer). If there is over production of sebum, which often happens during puberty, when hair follicles are clogged, and it collects under the skin, first forming a black head, then because of secondary infection, the lesions develop into infected spots and pustules which can burst causing scarring and pitting.

Acne Disease Causes  

  • Heridity: acne is more common in certain families who appear to have an hereditary disposition towards it.
  • Androgen Hormone : this is the male hormone (secreted by both men and women at puberty) which stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum , however it is not the case that one individual secretes more androgen than another, it appears that rather some people’s glands are particularly sensitive to it.
  • Bacteria ; certain anaerobic bacteria ( i.e, those not needing oxygen ) live at the base of the hair follicle and will infect a blocked gland. These bacteria breakdown the fatty acids present in the sebum which then cause further damage to the skin.
  • Diet: it is properly believed that high fat diet (chocolates etc.) makes acne worse. Although many people improve when following a heavy diet, no scientific evidence has been collected to pinpoint what in the diet is the particular culprit.

Acne Disease Symptoms

  • Small pimples and black heads on face , back and chest
  • The pimples become infected and turn into pustules
  • The pustules burst leaving “ pits “ and “holes “ which cause scarring

Prevention and Self Help

  • Wash with medicated or detergent soap to remove bacteria from skin
  • Experiment with your diet (see below) , especially avoiding sugar , chocolate sweets biscuits and fried foods
  • Try some of the several skin preparations on the market, they are of two kinds, either abrasive which remove a thin layer of skin and open up skin pores, or antiseptics which kill bacteria
  • Do not squeeze pimples as this may cause the pus or sebum to be forced deeper in the skin causing further damage
  • Avoid using greasy cosmetics and oil based make-up. If you have long hair , tie it back off your face , wash your hair regularly
  • Visit your doctor to discuss medical treatment, but at the same time try some of the alternative treatments outlined below
  • Remember acne is not a serious physical illness – it does go away and spots almost always seem to be worse to the self conscious sufferer than to his/her friends
  • If the acne is causing you difficulties with girlfriend /boyfriend, you may wish to discuss the problem with a counselor

Acne Rosacea 
Acne rosacea is a skin complaint that appears on the flush areas on the cheeks, it develops particularly in women at the menopause, the small blood vessels near the skin surface dilate and the sebaceous follicles increase in size, rosacea is often complicated by an acne-type eruption. Excessive tea drinking is often associated with the complaint, as are oranges, orange juice and chocolate.
Symptoms and Homeopathic Medicines for Acne Disease
Rosacea with violent pimples on the nose worse in the spring —– Arsenicum bromatum
Skin feels dry and hot but may alternate between redness and being pale ….Bellodonna
Rash is more copper –colored than red —Carbo anamalis .
A purple rash that is worse for warmth —–Kali hydriodicum
A yellow –brownish rash involving the cheeks and nose in a saddle – like distribution is apparent —–Sepia
Scanty periods and poor circulation, hot flushes and red cheeks , that are both worse for warmth —–Sangunaria
A rash on the tip of the nose as well as the cheeks —–Causticum
Small, red pimples on the face —–Psorinum
Please Note: The above medicines must be taken only on the advise of Homeopathic doctor.

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