Homeopathic Medicine or Treatment on Psychological Problems, Insomnia, Sleep Disorder

The Homeopathic Perspective On Psychological Problems: Insomnia (Sleep Disorder)

Dr Agrawal  Sneha  Ashokkumar, MD (Repertory) Assistant Professor, JNHMC, Parul University, Vadodara (Gujarat)

Dr Jigna  Nimavat, MD( Organon of Medicine), JNHMC, Parul University, Vadodara (Gujarat)


Insomnia is one of the sleep disorders having multiple causes. There are various rubrics related to insomnia in repertories like Kent repertory, clinical Murphy repertory & a dictionary of material medica by J.H Clark& under these rubrics various  good homoeopathic remedies for insomnia.


Sleep disorder, insomnia, homoeopathic therapeutic.


DIMS- Disorder of initiation or maintains of sleep


Homeopathic medicine for insomnia – Sleep is prime & urgent necessity of our natures. Sleep is act of closing the doors of the brain against external intrusion while the process of rest& repair is going on within. (1) There are various causes which disturb sleep result in sleeplessness which is nothing but Insomnia .Insomnia is very common & is, with nearly 15-30% of general population complaining of a period of insomnia per year requiring treatment. Insomnia is so often the forerunner of mental disorder. Depending upon different causation for insomnia homoeopathic remedies have good approach to treat this condition. (2)


Insomnia – Insomnia is also known as the DIMS. Commonest disorders of sleep.

There are several types of sleep disorders known. All these various sleep disorders are divided in 2 sub-type    I. Dyssomnias II. Parasomnias .Insomnia belongs to first type Dyssomnias. (2)


Dyssomnias are sleep disorders that are characterised by disturbances in the amount, quality or timing of sleep. (2)

Insomnia means one or more of the following:

1. Difficulty in initiating sleep (going-off to sleep). (2)

2. Difficulty in maintaining sleeps (remaining asleep). (2)

This can include both:

a. Frequent awakenings during the night, and

b. Early morning awakening.

3. Non-restorative sleeps where despite an adequate duration of sleep, there is a feeling of not having rested fully (poor quality sleep). (2)



Homeopathic treatment for insomnia – The homeopathic understanding of health is intimately connected to its understanding of the mind in general. Homeopaths don’t separate the mind and body in the usual way; they generally assume that body and mind are dynamically interconnected and that both directly influence each other.  Homeopaths base virtually every homeopathic prescription on the physical and psychological symptoms of the sick person. Psychological symptoms often play a primary role in the selection of the correct medicine to make proper similimum for cure. In homoeopathy as we consider mind & body connected with each other so for psychological illness or mental illness homoeopathic system  become precious gift for those people who are suffering from psychological illness.


The characteristic indications for a few of the most important homoeopathic remedy are useful in insomnia which is as follows:


The person who needs Arsenicum is and disturbs overanxious, restless, fearful, perfectionist type of person. He or she has a driven nature; an anxious state over anything specific or just things in general; and suffers from a fussy meticulousness, all of which create a high strung and nervous individual. In general, people needing Arsenicumtend to assume that there are hostile forces at work in the world and that they must work vigilantly against them. They have a deep-seated insecurity, from which develops a dependency on others, a possessiveness of objects and people, a tendency towards fastidiousness, and deeply-felt anxieties and fears. They may have various anxieties and fears, especially about their health, their future, and their financial status, all of which are heightened when they are alone, and then diminished when they are with others. To reduce the chances of things going wrong, they become over conscientious. They over prepare for everything and are inordinately fastidious. Most commonly, their physical and psychological symptoms will be particularly apparent at midnight and shortly after.

Sleep Disorder Symptoms – The symptoms which typify the Arsenicum type are often seen in insomniacs. Because the symptoms of Arsenicum are worse late at night and because these people tend to be perfectionist, they usually require things to be “just right” in order to fall asleep. Part of their hypersensitivity to the environment lies in a sensitivity to noise–any noise. (3, 4,)


Nux vomica has several similarities to Arsenicum but more distinct differences. People who need Nux are hurried and impulsive, like those who need Arsenicum, though Nux people are more prone to irritability, anger, and maliciousness. Even those Nux people who have learned to control their rage tend to feel a hyperirritability and anger inside themselves struggling to be expressed. They are dissatisfied, rarely content, hypercritical of others, impatient, and jealous. They are very competitive. Cannot keep from falling asleep in the evening while sitting or reading hours before bedtime & awake at 3or 4 a.m. ; sleeplessness from rush of ideas, fall in to dreamy sleep  at day break from which he is hard to arouse,& then feel tired & week.(5,6, )


Chronic or acute insomnia, causeless, worse evening after going to bed. Main cause for sleeplessness from anticipation & anxiety, grief, mental activity .restless sleep, unrefreshing sleep .waking at midnight after, 4am from dreams .wakes early & frequent .wakes as from a fright from shocks through the body or twitching.(5)

COFFEA CRUDA:          

 Coffee increases the sensibility of nerves , making them over excitable & over sensitive  , hyperactivity of mind & body .Nervous sleeplessness from rush of ideas , mental activity , awakes at or hears every  sound after pleasurable excitement , sleeps until 3a.m after which only dozing , effects of sudden emotion specially pleasurable one . . (5)


 Sleepless from abuse of narcotics, coffee .Drowsy but cannot sleep. Drowsiness with moaning, weeping & wailing during sleep, anxious, frightened dreams with half open eyes. Pain disturbs sleep. . (5)


Sleeplessness from cerebral irritation of alcoholics, frightful dreams of snakes.

Sudden starting when falling asleep. Sleepiness yet cannot sleep Sleepiness wide-awake in evening .sleeps into aggravation. (3,5, )


Sleeplessness without apparent cause. Nightly sleepless, nervous wakefulness, intense sleeplessness, spoor, with convulsions falls asleep while answering .start out of sleep frightened. Sits up & then goes to sleep again. Laughs during sleep. Child sobs & cries in sleep without waking, comatose sleep with convulsions & involuntary movements of the limbs. . (1, 5)


 Restless, crying out, sleeplessness & drowsiness with flushed face dilated pupils’ .The pt.has horrible dreams. Starting when closing the eyes or during sleep. Moans & tosses about in sleep Jerks during sleeps staring when closing the eyes of during sleep. Sleeplessness during fever.. (1, 5, 7)


In the Homoeopathy for psychological illness depending upon causation & totality of symptom there are various remedies are available which are helpful for the different psychiatric illness like insomnia.


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