Homeopathic Book Treasure Works of John Henry Clarke Dr Himanshu Sekhar Tiwary

Treasure Works of John Henry Clarke


   By Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Tiwary .

Dr.John Henry Clarke is one of the pillars of homoeopathy and his contribution towards homoeopathy was remarkable. His writings have been and will always be a motivation to all.


About Book

This book is an attempt by B. Jain to bring forth a few of his treasure works under one bind making it easier for homoeopathic world to have an access to the teachings of a stalwart without much hassle.

Previously no significant attempt has been made to study the entire length and breadth of Clarke’s philosophy, our profession has missed a great and profound voice necessary for the science of homoeopathy. This book will definitely improve your understanding of the development of Homoeopathy to a great extent.  


This work will help rediscover JH Clark’s philosophical wisdom and clinical gems with epitaxial cases and clinical advice.

Dr. John Henry Clark was born in 1853. He was one of the UK’s leading homeopaths and devoted his life to developing homeopathy. In 1875 he graduated from Edinburgh University as a gold medalist in various subjects and in 1877 he made MD and other academic achievements and appointments.


He has been credited with introducing many treatments to Homeopathic Materia Medica. He introduced whooping cough, carcinosinum, epihysterinum, morbillium, parotidinum, bacilinum testicum, and scarlatinum into materia medica.



  • Bird’s eye view on Organon of Medicine
  • Revolution of Medicine
  • Constitutional Medicine
  • Homoeopathy Explained
  • Life and Works of Burnett

ABOUT THE AUTHOR :  Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Tiwary, a very well-known name on the subject of organon and homeopathic literature. He is one of India’s strongest voices about the revival of original and proven  homoeopathic literature.

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