perceiving rubrics of the mind by dr farokh j master

Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind

"by Dr. Farokh J. Master"
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Our Materia Medica is so cumbersome that even the best prescribers need to refer a repertory. One of the key problems Homeopaths face in practice is the conversion of the patient’s mental symptoms into rubrics. It is not very difficult to obtain a detailed and accurate case history from the patient But those symptoms are of no use unless accurately converted into rubrics.

This marvelous and authentic work of Dr Farokh J. Master is presented to the homeopathic fraternity to solve this purpose

Dr. Farokh Master, in his book ‘Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind’ has described each rubric of the mind in detail – giving the exact meaning of the rubric. Under each rubric, he has also explained the possible disease conditions it may be found in along with the remedies for that particular rubric. Under each rubric, Dr. Master has also mentioned cross-references so that we can accurately narrow down the symptom. He has simplified it so well that after reading this book it will be less of a burden to organize symptoms into rubrics.

For example, under the rubric ‘Weary of Life’ he has mentioned ‘ennui, loathing’ as the cross-reference. And goes on to give the exact meaning and explanation of the rubric, followed by the disease condition and drugs it is seen in.


  1. The rubrics are arranged alphabetically
  2. Adjacent to the main rubric, its source has been given along with the cross-reference (in case needed)
  3. Mental symptoms of the patients have also been related to various psychological conditions.
About Author:

Dr. Master’s birth into homeopathy was in the year June 1976, when he joined Bombay homeopathic medical college, after giving up his studies at the orthodox school of medicine. He studied homeopathy (L.C.E.H. ) at the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai; (1976 – 1980) He was India’s First MD in Homeopathy who stood First Class First with a Gold Medal.. Appointed, Medical Inspector for Central Council of Homoeopathy by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India from 1995 – 2006. Dr Master has written more than 55 books e.g. The Homeopathic Dream Dictionary, Cross References of the Mind, Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind, The State of Mind affecting the Foetus, Tumors and Homeopathy, The Bedside Organon of Medicine, The proving of Mocassin Snake, and Bungarus.

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