Essentials of Boger’s Principles & Practice of Homeopathy by Dr S. K. Tiwari

Essentials of Boger’s Principles & Practice of Homeopathy by Dr S. K. Tiwari

Title –  Essentials of Boger’s Principles & Practice of Homeopathy

Author Name-  Dr S K

ISBN – 9788131928219 

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Category -Homeopathy> Organon and Philosophy & Methodology

About the Book

This book Essentials of Boger’s Principle and Practice of Homoeopathy is a ‘collection’ to ‘connect’ the scattered valuable concepts deliberated by Boger which delineates the principles and the methodology of rational and successful clinical practice of Homoeopathy. These were lying unattended in the form of lectures, presentations, discussions with contemporary stalwarts and practitioners, case analysis and prescriptions by Boger at various time and circumstances at different platforms. This missionary work was accomplished through a thorough and intense search and compilation of all the useful literatures pertaining to Homoeopathy education and practice of the period of Boger (1890-1935). Only those articles which are found to be very meaningful and necessary for the students and practitioners are included in this book.


Boger was a voracious reader of Homoeopathic literature and was a man who believed in verifying the principles through practice before advocating it. Boger had a great role in reorganizing and modifying the dynamics of homoeopathy into practical homoeopathy.

A compilation of 66 write ups also could be referred to as ‘piece of gems’ on homoeopathy which are being placed as an assembled jewel in a book form made out of very precious pearls found lying at different places. It is expected that these pearls will certainly add to the wealth of Homoeopathy.

Sources – These lessons are related to the Principles of homoeopathy, Philosophy, Materia Medica, and Therapeutics as well as Repertory therefore essentially beneficial to all the learners of this rational art of healing.

A glance through the topics – Law of Cure, The philosophy of Similia, Finding the Similimum with the help of the Family Anamnesis, What Divides Us?, Choosing The Remedy, Choosing The Remedy, Gymnacladu and many more.

There are a number of very interesting cases reproduced in this book which are successfully dealt with by Boger. One can really enjoy reading those cured cases and derive practical learning from each case.

About The Author:

The author Dr. Shashi Kant Tiwari, DMS (Kolkata) Dip in NIH, MD Hom., is a senior professor and guide and former Principal of Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore. He is an authority in Homeopathy so much so his name is synonymous with Homeopathy in Mangalore. Having worked at Fr Muller for almost 25 years, he has set up a Homeopathic clinic in Jyothi in Mangalore. He is both a good teacher and prescriber. For several years he has been teaching the subject of repertorisation. His experience as a teacher is reflected in this book and hence makes it valuable.

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