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Emblazoning Womanhood on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 to celebrate the achievements of women and seeking gender equality. The campaign theme of Women’s Day this year is #EmbraceEquity whereas the United Nations’ theme is ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’.

The time is just perfect to celebrate all the women out there! Homeopathy 360 takes this fine opportunity to introduce its readers, the young minds, to some of the very powerful women in the world of Homeopathy- Those who have made success stories, those who have made a mark in the field and to those who are leading the way forward with passion and fervor.

The United Nations Observance or IWD recognizes and celebrates women and girls who support the advancement of transformative technology and digital education. IWD 2023 examines the impact of the digital gender divide on growing economic and social inequality. The event also highlights the importance of protecting women’s and girls’ rights in digital spaces and addressing online and ICT-enabled gender-based violence.

Did you Know?
The first National Women’s Day was declared on February 28, 1909, by the Socialist Party in the United States. The first International Women’s Day took place on March 19, 1911, in response to a proposal by Clara Zetkin, a German socialist. Today, the celebration of women’s day has been made official globally.

This year, team Homeopathy 360 decided to celebrate some of the most influential authors in the world of Homeopathy. Let’s know more about them!

A much celebrated author of a wide range of textbooks for homeopathy, Dr. Kavita Chandak is a reputed name in the field. Among others, her latest release ‘Healing Women with Homeopathy’ is dedicated to womanhood, and addresses the various gynaecological and obstetric issues that a woman encounters in her reproductive life. The book offers its readers a glimpse of the treasure that homeopathy has, for a woman.

A dynamic homeopath and honorary professor at London College of Homeopathy, Dr. Shruti Shah has passionately dedicated herself to the treatment of the much deadly disease called cancer through homeopathy. She is one of the founding members of the Cancer Research Foundation called ‘Prayas’. Her brainchild ‘Cracking Homeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer’ takes the readers on a journey through more than 80 effective remedies of breast cancer available in Homeopathy.

A reputed homeopath from Zagreb, Croatia, Ana Klikovac has a voluminous work dedicated to the Bach Flower Remedies, a therapeutic system that runs parallel to homeopathy. A licensed teacher from The Bach Centre, she is a faculty member and representative of The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy of Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Her creation ‘Bach Flower Remedies for a Happy & Balanced Life’ is a deep insight into this gentle therapy.

A passionate homeopath from Delhi, Dr. Pameeta Uniyal is a Medical Officer in the Uttranchal Government. With an enthusiasm for national and international Homeopathic seminars and conferences, she also holds a deep desire to promote Homeopathy amongst the common masses. In this attempt, several of her writings have been published in various local newspapers and journals. She has authored ‘Materia Medica for Students’ an exhaustive collection of homeopathic remedies for students and lovers of Materia Medica.

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