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Dr Kavita Chandak Biography and Books

Dr. Kavita Chandak



Dr.  Kavita Chandak, born on 5th October 1977 at Ner (Yavatmal) Maharashtra, India.

Professional and Teaching Experience:

• Advisory board member at Turkiye Klinikleri Journal, Istanbul
• Board of Director at Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association.
• Life member of LMHI & II HP.
• Scientific Committee member, Duzce University, Turkey
• Scientific committee member LMHI 2022
• Professor, Repertory Department P. D. Jain HMC, Parbhani
• Guide for PG students, Nashik University
• Practicing as a homeopathy consultant over 2 decades.
• International Trainer, Speaker, Teacher and Promoter of Homeopathy.
• Achieved First Merit position in Homeopathy in 1998

Webinars & Awareness Programmes:

• How to master Psychiatry with Homeopathy?
• 3 days’ school/ 12 webinar series Womanhood- A power pack of Homeopathic solutions in all disorders Gynecology and Obstetrics including Cancer.
• Homeopathy and Autism- In and Out
• Conducting regular health awareness camps in socially backward area.
• Educating – A journey of womanhood
• Working Women-How to maintain Beauty with Duty Suppression of Emotions causes Depression
• “Do’s and Don’ts for Parents” – Awareness programs in Schools.

International and National Awards:

• Excellence in Homeopathy Award by Hpathy.com (2022)
• Health Excellence Award given by Vice-President of Nepal
• Corona Warrior by NCCL
• Rewanand Swami Award by Gita Mandir Trust
• Best Thesis and First rank in PG HOM London
• Viadyakiya Seva Ratna Samman by Sunrise Peace Mission Bhartiya Chikitsak Samman

International Presentations :

• Delivered more than 35 National and International seminars & workshops with special emphasis on Cancer Cure, Urinary Disorders, Autism and Psychiatric disorders, Kidney disorders and dentistry, Rehabilitation and Neurology.
• Presented more than 130 National & International webinars as one of the Key Note Speakers and Expert for medicose and 800+ seminars on the theme Prevention is better than Cure for non medicose.

  • Presently, Dr Chandak is having her two clinics at Nagpur, Maharashtra, wherein she treats all kinds of acute and chronic diseases.
  • She is serving overseas patients through her web clinic www.drkavitachandak.com
  • She has authored various textbooks (8) for UG and PG courses in homoeopathy.

September2013 – Winning Best Thesis award as well 1st rank in PG Homeopathy London.

June 2014 – Keynote speaker at Interna0onal Homeopathic conference held at Los Angles where her book, ’Health Vs Disease’ was released. Dec 2014 – Speaker at 11th Cancer Cure Homeopathic Conference organized by World Homeopathic Development Organization on at Delhi.

November 2016 –Two research papers were selected at European homeopathy congress, Vienna.

Invited speaker at UAE Health ministry and Tunisia homeopathy society as a keynote speaker at homeopathy and conference held on 2nd April 2017 hosted by lotus holistic center in Khalifa city, Abu Dhabi at Rotana beach resort.

June 2017 – She presented two research papers in LMHI Homeopathic world congress Leipzig Germany. “Amazing role of Natrum muriaticum in dental disorders”

’Role of Nosodes in urinary disorders verifying the therapeutic Law of Nature.’

December 2017 – Speaker and resource person at IHP Na0onal Conference of homeopathy at Chennai.

March 2018 — 3 days seminar delivered at Istanbul, Turkey about Contribution of Homeopathy in and Psychiatric disorders.

September 2018 – Two research papers were presents about ‘Homeopathy and

Dentistry’ and Autism’ at 73rd LMHI 2018 at Cape Town, South Africa.

November 2018 – 4 days workshop on “Homeopathy; A Boon-Tuning The Mistune!!’ was delivered at Ankara, Turkey.

December 2018 – STAR Speaker at AP State IIHP Convention.

April 2019 – Keynote speaker at IIHP Dubai conference presented Evidence base cases of Autism.

May 2019 – 2 days workshop on “Internet Addiction and Mental disorders in children” was delivered at Istanbul, Turkey.

May 2019 – 5 days visit to AI Zaharat Autism Center, Abu Dhabi as Expert Consultant.

June 2019 – A paper presented about ’Profound Rehabilita0on in Neurology with Homeopathy’ at European Neurology Conference held at Venice, Italy.

September 2019 – Seminar on “Can homeopathy really deal in rarest syndromes and incurable cases with multiple diagnosis?’ at Chandwad Homeopathic College.

September 2019 – One day workshop at D.Y. PATIL HMC on ‘Homeopathic approach towards PCOD’

September 2019 – Two research papers presented at LMHI held at Sorrento, Italy about ’Characteristic Dental Symptoms solved the cases of Infertility Bronchitis and Secondary Amenorrhea’ and ’Role of Homeopathy in two cases of Infer0lity with low AMH; Materia Medica is the final court of appeal.’

October 2019 – One day workshop on ‘Amazing contribu0on of Homeopathy in Psychosis and Neurosis’ at Chandwad College.

October 2019 – 5 days visit to AI Zaharat Au0sm Center, Abu Dhabi, as Expert Consultant.

December 2019 – One day workshop on “Approach of homeopathy in Gynecology; infertility and PCOD” at Homeopathic Medical College, Beed.

December 2019 – 3 day workshop on ‘Crucial contribution of Homeopathy in Cancer cases’ with Dr Michael Frass in association with Dr. Birgit at Vienna, Austria.

December 2019 – A seminar delivered at Athens, Greece about ’Role of Homeopathic Philosophy in Clinical Psychiatry!’

March 2020 – Two days seminar/workshop about Homeopathy and womanhood’ delivered at St. Petersburg, Russia.

April 2022- presentation at New Zealand national conference about a fight between homeopathy and stubborn chronic complex multi- miasmatic psychiatric case of cap grass syndrome + depressive psychosis + paranoid thoughts + adjustment disorder + encephalitis + dysthymia ( axis ii) + cluster with traits++

August 2022– Presentation at World Congress on Traditional Medicine 2022 about Epigenetic a disease with its remedy.

September 2022- Three research papers presented in LMHI held at IstanbuI,Turkey.

-Individualised strategy to deal with Autism.

-To study the importance of PQRS dental symptoms in solving the chronic diseases and their recurrence

-A case of chronic calcific pancreatitis with neoplasm, prostatitis, diabetes and depression: cured with homeopathy, witnessed the evolution of miasms & justification of direction of cure.

October 2022- 3 days Psychiatric seminar at Moscow, Russia

January 2023 – International seminar series week in Rajkot and Surat with Dr. Kostas from Greece about ‘Unusual pathology and homeopathic solution.” January 2023 – One day seminar in Delhi about Schizophrenia, Autism and ADHD.

January 2023 – Key Speaker at 33rd Russian Homeopathy Congress.

Presented two cases- 1) Victory of homeopathy in a case of sixth nerve rectus paIsy, horizontaI diplopia and migraine

2) Autism is a deep pathology, cured with a rare medicine.

– More Than 25 Articles Have Been Published In International Journals On The Subject: Paranoid Schizophrenia, Nux vomica Women, Autism, Severe Oligospermia, Evaluation Of Covid 19, Infertility, Asthma, Stubborn Bipolar Depression,

– More than 30 articles in various Research publication. Published around 197 Marathi articles, 72 Hindi articles and 97 English articles in reputed National, Regional & local News Papers.

– Scientific presentations- Delivered 35 seminars, workshops and 130 webinars (National-international) for medicose and 800+ seminars on the theme ’Prevention is better than Cure”, for non medicose.

Woman is the best creation of God. She is blessed with the major responsibility of Motherhood, the divine duty to bring a new life into existence! For this, the woman needs to undergo different stages during her whole life, namely, puberty, menstruation, adolescence, marriage, conception, labor, breastfeeding, and menopause. To make these transitions easy and hassle free, Homeopathy has a lot to offer.

There might be various books written on gynaecology and homeopathy then what is different in this book? Why should it be read?

The author observed that maximum number of women from underprivileged classes is still enduring mental and physical troubles. They never consider themselves as important as other family members due to the influence of their childhood upbringing. Suppression at emotional level manifests diseases on physical plane and healing women term makes sense when we are obliged to make her healthy at physical and mental level.

This book is the author’s sincere attempt towards smoothening of life events of a woman related to Gynaecology and Obstetrics, with the knowledge achieved for more than two decade’s experience of her Homeopathic practice.

Title:     Healing Women with Homeopathy
ISBN:     9788131925966
Imprint:  B.Jain Regular

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Book is divided into 3 parts –

First part covers obstetrics and gynaecological conditions

Second part covers case taking, importance of dreams, delusions, posology, rare remedies with their indications, Homoeopathic gynaecology kit and clinical tips in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Third part covers Homoeopathic management of 33 case studies.

What to find in the book?

– All chapters include the introduction, causes, symptoms, rubrics and its homeopathic treatment.

– Auxillary management and clinical tips from my experience are mentioned at the end of a few chapters and cases.

– Mental issues during and after pregnancy like mood swings, nervousness, melancholia, depression are covered along with its homeopathic management.

– Case studies mentioned in this book include the anamnesis (physical and mental symptoms), analysis, evaluation, rubrics, laboratory readings before and after treatment, justification of remedy, prescription and follow-ups with my way of approach in individual case.

– Clinical repertory for Gynaecology is included with the chapters. Repertory along with 33 successful case studies (by overcoming the failure).

– Description of a few modern remedies like Medullosseinum, HPV etc;

– Guidance about the application of Homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice (aphorism numbers are mentioned)

This book is a significant & valuable tool for the learner, teacher & practitioners in their service to humanity through Homoeopathy.

Kavita Ma'am

A women’s health is the most important aspect of a healthy society.
Women represent the cornerstone of a family’s overall health, which can lead to improved health of future generations to come. It is mostly affected by her emotional state which reflects on her physical and hormonal health.
This book is a masterpiece in itself
Dr Kavita Chandak has covered all the aspects of women’s health from puberty to menopause keeping in mind the various phases of motherhood reflecting her hormonal imbalance and mood changes struggling to maintain a balance between her work and home.
Homoeopathy is a unique tool and science with effective quick and safe solutions to women’s health in all her years.
Dr Kavita Chandak has given a beautiful gift for women’s health in her book —HEALING WOMEN WITH HOMOEOPATHY.
It is a comprehensive guide in homoeopathy in obstetrics and gynaecology touching all the important parameters of women and homoeopathic medicines for different diseases explaining through cases. She has also thrown light on some rare and lesser known remedies with specific indications.
I am extremely thankful to Dr Kavita Chandak for the wonderful and incomparable diligent work for healing women with homoeopathy. She is a gem and truly conscientious and industrious for the upliftment of homoeopathy.
Immense gratitude for the tireless work for the welfare of mankind.
It is a MUST READ book.
Dr Mukta Garg
Niruja Homoeopathic Solutions
New Delhi, Practicing doctor in West Delhi , Janakpuri For more than 24 years
A true practitioner of healing art is, “who clearly perceives what is to be cured (Disease), what is curative in it (Medicine) & how to apply it (Principle).” Here the author has very appropriately illustrated the theme entitled, ‘Healing women with Homoeopathy.’ In this work the author enlightened & explored the ray hope with healing touch in the life of Women by Homoeopathy.
The different epochs in the life of a female have been narrated appropriately & explained very systematically in order from menarche to menopause. lt is a true feminine, sensitive, gentle & complete way to deal with all the physiological/pathological epochs in the life of a female. This facilitate & helps in conceptual understanding about ‘Determination of disease (Case taking), individualising the diseased (Analysis), therapeutic approach (knowledge of medicine) and the management (through case studies). Here we find a unique integral approach of Organon-Repertory-Homoeopathic materia medica to manage with Homoeopathically. The salient feature of this work is, scientific narration & artistic presentation with rational explanation & justified evidence in Toto. Author really deserves to congratulate & thanks for such precise & concise work as an asset esp. for beginners.
Prof. (Dr.) Ajay O. Dahad
SNJB’s Smt. K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College & Shri R P Chordiya Hospital & Bhamashih Shri V. D. Mehata Dev Vijay PG Institute of Homeoepathy & Research centre, Nashik
From the very beginning of the book we see immerge of the position of the women in our modern world! The writer has made many efforts to alleviate this position (equal to men) even in open radio and TV broadcasting in India!
In the next pages, following a meticulous prescription of each pathology and physiology of women problems we see remedies that exactly drive to simillimum and cure (even rare remedies).
There are categories like puberty – reproductive stage – pregnancy – delivery – menopause where there is a refined description of pathology and the remedies required for each situation.
There is also a section for cancer and the remedies in every occasion.
Almost half of the book is accompanied with case studies where Kavita elaborates with acute and discrete thoughts the reason why she gave the particular remedy in every clinical case and the outcome!
Moreover, in the last pages she explains how her reasoning changed from the beginning till today using various methods and writers.
Her book is a diamond of classical Homeopathy for women using and referring other sources as well.
I know the writer for the last 4-5 years. She relentlessly is working in her two medical centers with seminars, writings and being part of TV and radio programs in favor of Homeopathy. She makes also international seminars and takes part to international congresses.
In my opinion she is the new star of Homeopathy that starts glowing in India and worldwide. Despite all these she keeps busy with her household affairs and her family.
From a place (Nagpur) where Homeopathy is almost extinct, there comes a woman that leads the road for the next step and future of Homeopathy in India.
Thank you Kavita for your efforts.
MD, HMD, Professional Homeopaths, Homeopaths with specialty in women, students and laymen have to read this book.
Is a little diamond to the sand that surrounds Homeopathic education and publishing!
You have to pick every time small diamonds in the vast beach of Homeopathic literature. And one of these is this book!
Not to say that the configuration and the design of the book is excellent (Jain Publishers).
Thank you again Kavita! Hopefully expect and new books from you.
Constantine Tsitinides
MD Greece

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