Dr. Juergen Ivanis

Dr. Juergen Ivanis

Profession:  Chemist, Patient`s Advocacy, Expert in European Traditional Medicine

Educational background:

– Graduation as Chemical Engineer in 1995

– Specialization additionally gained in Life Science and Health Care at and ongoing on a regular basis:

> University of Cambridge, Medicine Masterclass, Alumni and ICE

> Harvard University and MIT

> University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology

> University of Vienna

> Technical University of Vienna

> Johannes Kepler University Linz

> TEM-Academy, Traditional European Medicine

> European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

> International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP)

Working Experience:

– Founder of “WIENER BIOWERKSTATT” (Viennese Bio-Workshop), 2005 (*), Health Care Provider

– Founder of the „Wiener Schule für Komplementarmedizin und tradionelle Heilkunde“ (Viennese School of Complementary Medicine and Traditional Healing), 2014

(*) additional remarks to the activities of WIENER BIOWERKSTATT:

Over 15 years’ experience in attendance of patients in extreme situations like cerebrovascular insult, intracerebral hemorrhage, heart attack & surgery, rare diseases, cancer, aneurysm, childhood cancer, transplantation (new born babies), premature birth, treatment of children at intensive care unit (ICU), etc.

All activities are coordinated with medical doctors, mostly in the clinical environment of an ICU.

Our intention is that patients in critical situations get as fast as possible the best individual therapy in combining conventional therapy with adjuvant complementary medicine.

We at WIENER BIOWERKSTATT work exclusively together with high grade medical institutions and medical doctors!

SPONSERSHIPS – Social Project activities:

As of 2013, Juergen Ivanis has founded the project “For a smile in children faces” which is supporting children with cancer and very seriously diseased children at Saint Anna children’s hospital in Vienna, Austria.

Memberships in Scientific Organizations:

Wisshom – Scientific Society Homeopathy

European Society for Medical Oncology (Guest Membership)

International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP, Guest Membership)

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