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Dr. Aditya Pareek

  • President – Indian Society of Homeopathy
  • Associate Professor – Faculty of Integrated Medicine, DEI University, Agra
  • AUTHOR – Clinical Miasmatic Prescribing – book published by B.Jain publishers.
  • Lecturer for GVS in Munich, Germany 2017, 2018,2019
  • Editorial Board – The Homeopathic Physician- LMHI Journal
  • International Working Group Member – LMHI, Germany
  • Director and Consultant Physician – Pareek Hospital, Agra, India
  • Scientific committee member of WHD, Riga, Latvia 2023
  • Scientific Co-ordinator, LMHI Congress, New Delhi, 2011
  • Session chairman, LMHI Congress, Istanbul 2022
  • Speaker at World Congress of LMHI 2014 in Paris for his original research work on Chronic Kidney Failure.
  • Speaker at World Congress of FHA and LMHI in Buenos Aires, Argentina for his original research work on Homeopathic management of patients on Hemodialysis, 2016
  • Speaker at LMHI Congress Cape town, South Africa, 2018 on Hepatitis B and Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • Speaker at LMHI Congress Sorrento, Italy, 2019 on Beurger’s disease and Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Speaker at University Hospital for Natural Medicine, Munich, Germany on Cardiology, 2017
  • Speaker in Germany, France, Switzerland, Argentina and RussiaHospital of Mnic
  • Invited by Government of UP (India) to address 5000 doctors on Covid Management during second Covid wave, April 2021

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