Diabetes Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment with homeopathy

Homoeopathic Management Of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2


DrSurabhi Khatta,PG Scholar(Part2),
Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica,Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Greater Noida, UP.

Introduction: The word Diabetes is derived from Greek word which means –To pass through, Mellitus means Honey or sweets.It was described in ancient Indian writings, and in words of Charaka & Susruta as ‘sweet urine’ or ‘honey urine’.

Definition: Diabetes mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterised by an increase in plasma blood glucose (hyperglycemia).Type 1 diabetes is caused by autoimmune destruction of β cells, resulting in absolute insulin deficiency. Whereas type 2 diabetes is characterised by insulin resistance ,relative deficiency of insulin and increased hepatic glucose production.

Approach to the patient:

In the earlier part of development of diabetes, the patient may remain asymptomatic for a long period of time; on the other hand in the later part of the disease the features of long-term complications of
S/S of Hyperglycaemia
• Thirst, dry mouth
• Polyuria
• Nocturia
• Tiredness, fatigue, lethargy
• Change in weight (usually weight loss)
• Blurring of vision
• Pruritus vulvae, balanitis (genital candidiasis)
• Nausea
• Headache
• Hyperphagia; predilection for sweet foods

Classification of DM:

1.Type 1 DM-A:immune mediated,B:idiopathic,LADA
2.Type 2 DM
3.Other specific type of DM:
A. MODY :Due to genetic defect in b cells or insulin
B.Diseases of Exocrine Pancreas
D.Drugs and Infections
E.Other Syndromes associated with DM
4.Gestational DM

According JH Allen Diabetes is a mixed miasmatic disease:
*Psora: Deficiency of insulin,Functional disturbances,pruritis.
*Sycosis: Endocrinal incordination increase antagonist harmone level.
*Syphillis:Destruction of b cells,complications of Dm are usually syphillitic.

Homoeopathy serve in every stage of DM :

Homeopathic Medicines in Different Rubrics Associated with DM -W.boericke and O.Boericke5:
Urinarysystem,Diabetes:Acet.a,Chimaph.,Coca.,Chionan.,Helon.,Kreos.,Lact.a.,Mosch.,Phos a.,syzig.,Uran.n.
1.Assimilative disorder-Uran.N
2.Nervous origin:Ign.Phos
3.Gastro-hepatic origin:Iod.,Lact.A.,Nux.v.Uran.n
4.Pancreatic origin:iris,pancreat.,phos
5.With debility:Acet.A,Op
6.With Gangrene and Boil,Diarrhoea:Ars
7.With Gouty symptoms:Lact.A
8.With Impotency:Coca,Mosch.
9.With emaciation,thirst,restlessness:Helon.
10.With motor paralysis:Cur.
11.With rapid course:Cur.Morph.
12.With ulcer:Sizy
Total 12 subrubrics under rubric Diabetes.

A Concise Rep.Of Hom. MM- Dr.S.R.Phatak6
1.Diabetes ;insipidus
*Boils succesive with:Nat p.
*Children in:Crataeg.
*Lung affection with:Calc p
2.Emaciation ;appetite with:Iod.
3.Cross references for rubric diabetes are:
2.Urine ;specific gravity ,increased

Medicines having Diabetes word,in H.C.Allens Keynotes of MM
1.Acetic A.:Thirst intense,insatiable for large quantity,dropsy,diabetes,diarrhoea.
2.Helonias:Diabetes:first stage;urine profuse,clear,saccharine;lips dry,stick together,greatthirst;restlessness;emaciation;irritabilityand melancholy
3.Fluoric A.:Follow well after phos.in diabetes.
4.Lac.def.:Succesful treatment of Diabetes and bright disease by skimmed milk.
5.Thyroidinum:Diabetes mellitus caused and cured.

Medicines having Diabetes word  by W.Boerick are:
1.Acetic a.:Diabetes with great thirst and debility(phos.a)
2.Alfalfa:Clinicaly in Diabetes insipidus and phosphaturia.
3.Ars.a.:Urine:Diabetes,Extremity diabetic gangrene
4.Ars brom.:Anti psoric,anti syphillitic remedy.Diabetes influenced by this preparation.in diabetes 3 drops three times in water.
5.Boric acid-In Diabetes tongue dry,red and cracked.
6.Carbolic a.:Urine Diabetes.
7.Chionanthus:Diabetes,Urine high specific gravity.
8.Coca;Diabetes with impotency(phos a.)

10.Cephalandra-it controls blood urea and maintains blood sugar level.
11.Crataegus:Urine,Diabetes esp. in children
12.Curare-Diabetes Mellitus,4th dilution
13.Eupatorium purpureum-Diabetes insipidus
14.Glycerinum-Profuse and frequent urination.increased specific gravity,Diabetes.
15.Insulinum-In the treatment of diabetes,increases oxidation of carbohydrate and restore glycogen in liver.
17.Kali brom-Diabetes
18.Lactic acid-Morning sickness ,Diabetes,copious salivation.
19.Lycopus verg.-Diabetes
20.Mag sulph-Urinary;diabetes

21 Menyanthus-Diabetes
22.Moschus-impotency associated with diabetes.urine ;diabetes.
23.Nat mur-Diabetes
24.Opium-Non homeopathic preparation,uses to check excessive secretion in diarhoea and diabetes.
25.Pepsinum And Phaseolus-diabetes
27.Phioridzin-Diabetes and fatty degeneration of liver
28.Phos.a-Can be given in any stage of Dm. Diabetes of nervous origin.Urine frequent,profuse,diabetes.micturition precede by anxiety followed by pain.it can be think in DM coma,Impotency.Autonomic gastropathy like pyrosis flatulence diarrhoea diabetes.Marked debility;mental deb. First.

Mother tinctures used in DM
1.Syzygium jambolanum-it has immediate effect on sugar. Most useful drug in diabetes mellitus,causes marked dimniuation of urine sugar,prickly heat on upper part of body,diabetic ulceration.Great thirst,weakness.
2.Gymnema sylvestris-sugar killer,passing large quantity of urine,high specific gravity,diabetic carbuncle.Great thirst
3.Cephalandra indica-DM and DI.giddiness worse after urination,dryness of mouth with thirst for large quantity of water.

4.Abroma Augusta-Dryness of mouth after urination,drinking relieves thirst,sugar in urine,burning in urine.

Reference to CCRH annual report 2001 -2002 to the clinical research in diabetes mellitus type 2 following drugs have been found effective1

Cephlandra,Rhus aromatica Q,Chionanthus Q,Syzygium jambolanum Q,Uranium nitiricum.


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PG Scholar (Part 2), Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Greater Noida, UP.
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