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Depression: Types, Symptoms, Causes & And Treatment with Homeopathy Medicine


Abstract: Epilepsy in any of its form is really distressing and a burden on the individual who is suffering and also their families but the comorbidities associated with it are more problematic making life inconvenient whether they are behavioral or psychiatric disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, learning disabilities, mood disorder etc. And one of them along with Epilepsy complicated the daily life of a person.

There is a strong connection that a patho-physiological link between Epilepsy and comorbid condition like Depression as there is some dysfunction in the working of circuits of hippocampus and limbic are of the brain in these two.

Key words: Depression, Anxiety, Seizures, Mood disorder.

Introduction: When there is a single episode of spontaneous abnormal electrical activity which result into an abnormal sensory experience or abnormal motor experience or abnormal psychomotor experience, it is called as a seizure. when there are recurrent episodes of seizures, it is called as Epilepsy.

According to 2010 international league against Epilepsy classification it can be Generalized Epilepsy or focal Epilepsy with various subtypes of seizures under them and others.

We come across patients of various types of Epilepsy taking anti-epileptic drugs as treatment of many years, some may be continuing them for their life time and these drugs decrease the electric activity in the brain neurons acting in different ways and mechanism to change the neurotransmission between brain cells.

            Along with Antiepileptic drugs when we give holistic and individualized homoeopathic remedy specifically for Depression comorbidity; it works at a deeper level and removes the problem form its root cause.

            Following are the two case studies regarding Generalized seizures with Depression as a comorbid condition.

                Case 1  : Generalized Seizures with Depression

A female patient of 39 years of age, married and house wife from good socioeconomic status on Antiepileptic drugs for last 30 years, now complaints of:

  • feels angry, fearful, forget full.
  • does not like to any thing
  • feels indifferent towards her house hold work
  • symptoms increase when husband consoles.
  • has headache often and feel helpless and weak all the time.
Given   Sepia 1M. single dose Repeated after one month. S/L for 2 months  

Case 2 : Generalized Seizures with Mood Disorder

  • This is a male patient of 28 years of age, unmarried, and a scholar from a good socioeconomic status on Antiepileptic drugs for last 20 years, now complaints of:
  • depressed mood
  • having grief and disappointed love,
  • mental changing form joy to sorrow,
  • from laughing to crying even,
  • generally, a good-natured fellow but wants to be alone now.
  • Feels great exhaustion and deep pain
Homoeopathic remedy Given                                Ignatia amara 1M Repeated after 1 week then after 1 month. S/L for 3 months

Conclusion: Managing the above cases with homeopathic remedies; the distressing symptoms of Depression and Mood disorder were relieved by the well-matched remedies after individualization and following the principals of the great——Dr. Hahnemann.

The appropriateness and matching the remedy with the inner pattern or experience of an individual results in the cure of the psychological disturbance that the led to Depression.


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