Covid-19 Introductory Handbook In Homeopathy
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Covid-19 Introductory Handbook In Homeopathy By Dr Sita Rams Sharma And Dr Bindu Sharma

The book is an outstanding work accommodating latest information about coronavirus pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 and the disease (COVID-19) caused by it in a concise manner to be used by homoeopathic practitioners and students.

• An attempt has been made to incorporate the practical guidelines in concordance with the ‘Organon of Medicine’ and how these guidelines can be translated in the management of COVID-19 cases.

• Much focus is made on disease-oriented approach to devise management strategy without compromising with the tenets of homoeopathy.

• In the ‘applied materia medica’ section, each drug is described under these heads: organ affinity, scope of action, pathogenetic simulation, COVID-19 symptom similarity, concomitants, modalities, and salient features.

• A short repertory ‘SYMPTOM INDEX’ is annexed at the end of the book as a ready reference to assist in the search for a correct remedy in the quickest possible time.

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ISBN: 978-81-319-1553-0 | 152pp

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