Anaemia in Pregnancy, Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments with Homeopathy

Anaemia And Homoeopathy

There are two kinds of cells in the blood , red and white . When the percentage of red blood cells is reduced we call it anaemia , it is due to loss of blood in menses , piles or injuries , some times it occurs due to grief , sorrow , mental worries or malnutrition .

Anaemia is the name given to a series of conditions , where the amount of haemoglobin ( an oxygen carrying pigment ) in the red blood cells is reduced . The haemoglobin combines with the oxygen breathed in through the lungs and acts as a carrier of oxygen to the body tissues , it is the fuel supply needed to maintain all the body’s processes . There are several different kinds of anaemia and it is important to have an accurate diagnosis before embarking on treatment , this can usually be done by a series of simple blood tests and occasionally , through a bone-marrow examination . some anaemias are hereditary and are due to a malformation of the haemoglobin molecule itself , which restricts its capacity to carry oxygen , again this can usually be picked up by a simple blood test , but it may require detailed examination in which the red cells of the blood fail to carry enough oxygen for the body’s needs . the most common type of anaemia in women is caused by iron deficiency as a result of iron being lost , during heavy periods or as a result of pregnancy , more quickly than it can be replaced by the diet . The medicines can be taken in addition to conventional treatment .

Causes : Iron deficiency is the most common form of anaemia , iron is required to cary the oxygen on the haeglobin and if there is insufficient in the blood , the cells appear pale and empty . The cause is usually poor nutrition or the body’s inability to absorb iron from the intestine because of damage or infection .

Blood Loss : commonly through heavy periods , this will deplete the body’s store of iron and produce an iron deficiency anaemia . This also occurs during or after pregnancy when a greater amount of iron is required . Any major loss of blood following an accident or operation will require carefull follow up to ensure , there is an adequate supply of iron in the blood stream , persistent bleeding , such as that associated with haemorrhoids is another cause of blood loss requiring exra iron .

Pernicious Anaemia :  this is the result of poor folic acid ( vitamin B12) is not absorbed well following gastric surgery or because of the deficiency in the lining of the intestine . This leads to anaemia but can also lead to nervous complications and paralysis .

Megaloblastic Amaemia :  this is the result of poor folic acid ( vitamin ) intake , again either through poor diet or malabsorption  because of an intestinal problem .

Sickle Cell Anaemia : very common among west Indian and mediterianean communities , this is the main hereditary form of anaemia that occurs because of a malfunctioning gene producing abnormal haemoglobin , most individuals have partial malformation only (sickle cell trait ) and do not suffer at all , others who have inherited the defective gene from both father and mother have the blown disease which can be fatal . Anemia can become a reason for many problems , if not treated , the major cause of anemia is lack of proper assimilation of nutrients , like iron , B-complex factors folic acid . Fe-min improves the absorption process by directly enhancing the nutrient binding capacity of the cells , there by relieving the problems of anemia . In India , more than 50 % of women suffer from some degree of anemia .

Symptoms :  dizziness , fainting , tiredness , pale features , sore tongue and cracked lips , shortness of breath , swelling of the ankles and palpitations , loss of appetite , indigestion dry mouth , dry brittle nails ( iron deficiency ) . Tingling in fingers and toes , uncontrolled gait ( B12 deficiency) , slight yellow coloration of eyes , jaundice ( sick-cell) dullness of hair

Prevention and self help : It is important to consult a doctor for proper investigation and diagnosis . a proper whole food diet will ensure plenty of iron which is to be found in dark green leafy vegetables , walnuts , resins , red meat , and kidneys .

Symptoms and Homoeopathic Medicines : 

Weakness and lassitude , visual disturbance —–cyclamen

If all the symptoms are better when lying down —–manganum aceticum

Exhaustion following loss of blood , symptoms are generally aggravated by heat , for chronic cases due to emotional or psychological disorders –natrum muriaticum

Weakness , tiredness , breathlessness —phosphorous                                                                                         

In all kinds of anaemia , 5 grains or 5 tablets thrice daily dry or with milk –calc.phos

Specially suited to women —-ferrum mur.

For bilious patients —natrum sulph

When there is extreme prostration and restlessness —ferrum met , picric acid , also indicated .

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