Acne and Homoeopathy -A Case Report

Acne and Homoeopathy -A Case Report



Acne is a perversion of the Greek word “akun” that appeared in Aetius Amidenus’ works. Almost 25,000 years ago, Aristotle and Hippocrates made the first mention of this illness. Ancient Roman doctors used this word. Varus, a term that dates back to the nineteenth century in medical literature, means “pimple.”

The best health indication is the skin. It displays a person’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Skin is a symbol of confidence and beauty. So, regardless of age, any skin condition affects the external look and raises concerns.

One of the most prevalent skin conditions is acne, which affects around 70% of the population during adolescence. The illness known as acne vulgaris is caused by comedones, which are blocked hair follicles. Subsequently, the inflammation caused by these comedones causes tissue to swell, explode in various ways, and leave scars.

Case report

Patient information: A 20  years old female patient came to the outpatient department (OPD) of  Nootan Homeopathic medical college in december 2022 presented with pustular eruptions over face since 10 months. Eruptions are very painful on touch. There is itching with oozing of yellowish discharge. Itching <  in warm and  > after scratching.

Past historyNothing specific

Family historyNothing specific

Physical Generals:

  • Aversion: Rich foods
  • Desire: for sweets
  • Perspiration: Profuse, on face, non offensive, non staining
  • Thermal Reaction: Hot

Mental Generals

  • Desire to be alone


  • Pustular eruptions on face with yellowish discharge
  • Eruptions are painful when touch
  • Itching  Aggravation warm 
  • Itching Amelioration after scratching

Totality of Symptoms: 

  • Desire to be alone
  • Aversion to rich food
  • Desire for sweets
  • Pustular eruption on face with yellowish discharge
  • Profuse perspiration on face
  • Eruptions are painful when touch
  • Itching Aggravation warm 
  • Itching Amelioration  after scratching

First Prescription on 12-12-2022

Rx: Sulphur 200/ 1 dose

 Rubrum 30/3 for 7 days

Follow up date Patients status Prescription
  12-12-2022   Eruptions are painful when touch Itching < warm  Itching > after scratching     Rx: Sulphur 200/ 1 dose  Rubrum 30/3 for 7 days  
19-12-2022 Marked improvement on left cheek and front of face, moderate improvement on right cheek Aggravation ++ in itching   Rx: Rubrum 30/3 for 7days
26-12-2022 Amelioration ++ in itching   Rx: Rubrum 30/3 for 14 days


 Psoric miasm predominated, according to The Chronic Disease by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Sulphur was chosen on the basis of totality after taking into account the aforementioned symptomatology. Sulfur received the greatest ratings in the reportorial evaluation, indicating that it most closely matches the patient’s complaint.


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About the author

Dr Anjana Kumari

Assistant professor, Department of Organon of Medicine, Nootan Homoeopathic Medical
College and Hospital, Constituted of Sankalchand Patel University in Visnagar, Mehsana,