A Distinct Take On Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies by Ambika Wauters

A Distinct Take On Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies by Ambika Wauters

Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies

Bio: Ambika trained in Classical Homeopathy at the School of Homeopathic Medicine, North Yorkshire, UK, graduating in 1995. Her tutors were Azziza Griffith, Jill Scott, Ian Townsend and Bob Fordham, all who studied with Jeremy Sherr. She qualified for R.S.Hom, UK ,in 1996 and ran a family practice . She was brought into Visa International ’s London offices to consult with their communications team in 1997 and went on to do homeopathy in the corporate sector for Visa, the John Lewis Partnership and Piatkus Publishing . For several years she taught homeopathic First Aid at Cranfield School of Business to business people making long haul flights. In 1998 Ambika returned to the USA , settling in Tucson , Arizona. She created The Institute of Life Energy Medicine in 1999 and eventually qualified for R.S.Hom , N.A. and CCH in 2005. Ambika runs a virtual practice with people from around the globe.

She also teaches a two year certification program in Life Energy Medicine. This combines homeopathy, soul psychology and energy medicine. Her work with color and sound remedies has led her to deepen her homeopathic work by exploring the imponderable remedies. She now has homeopathic remedies made from Solfeggio sound vibrations, Holy Waters from around the globe , Jewel and Gem Elixirs and “intentional “ remedies to fortify the spirit . She currently offers an on line course called The Illumination Remedies which is a compilation of all her remedies.

The homeopathic Color Remedies were created in the north of England on a cold, gray Winter Solstice ; a day with minimal light. Glass beakers were used to contain pure water. The beakers were covered with celluloid theatrical gels in the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, pink, turquoise, indigo blue, violet and magenta. The beakers were covered on four sides with small cosmetic mirrors and placed on top of a large mirror. The idea for the mirrors was to saturate the water with reflected color . The solution was fixed with Polish Spirits and sent to Helios Pharmacy to be potentized in 6x, 12c and 30c dilutions. Ambika has used these remedies on a daily basis since their creation and she does not feel they should be potentized above a 30c . She feels when working with Imponderables remedies are most effective repeated in low potencies. She has witnessed aggravations when potencies went above 30c.

Original provings were done in small groups . Participants from various training schools and spiritual organizations volunteered . Several provers came from the largest Manjuserie Buddhist Monastery in the western world located in Ulverston, Cumbria , near the Scottish border. Six people from the monastery participated in the first proving . The proving revealed findings consistent with traditional color healing used traditionally in India and by Dinash Gidiali, a world renown color healing therapist in particular. All provers were given a single dose of Indigo 30c without knowing which color was given . One female prover suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was not medicated at the time of the proving. Her symptoms were stiffness, and pain worse on movement. A few days after taking the remedy she broke out in boils down the liver meridian of both her legs . She said she was pain free, without stiffness in her lower quadrant . She said she loved the experience and felt free of her condition. She went on to use the remedy for several years with amelioration of symptoms and without aggravation.

Another prover was a young man preparing to take vows and become an ordained monk. During the initial interview he shared two specific fears . One big fear was diving off the cliffs into the Irish sea . The young monks and several youth did this regularly as sport. Another great fear was of women. In the week of his proving he dared to dive off the cliffs and was elated by his courage. He also eported several woman “ fell in love with him”. When

questioned about this he said he also lost his fear of women. He eventually left the monastery without taking vows. I met him nine years later quite by accident and was surprised to hear how happy he was . He held a job he enjoyed and was a happily married householder with a family. Since that time hundreds of proving have been done . Eight years after the initial proving Jan Scholten showed interest in the remedies and encouraged me to do new proving . He asked me to turned the provings over to other homeopaths so I was not influencing the outcome.

Three homeopaths in the UK took over the proving and had exceptional results. The most dramatic was of a woman who had lost control of her bowels and was scheduled for a colostomy bowel re-section. Her homeopath asked if she would be willing to try a color remedy. COLOUR REMEDIES Chakras Location Colour Gland Life issues Root chakra Maladhara Base of the spine in the perinium Red Adreal cortex Survival, grounding, organization Fear of povrety Vs. Stability & structure Sacral chakra Svadhishthana 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches into the body Orange Ovaries & testes Pleasure, sexuality, abundance, wellbeing Indulgence Vs. Pleasure Solar plexus chakra Manipura At the nerve ganglion under sternum & over the stomach area Yellow Pancreas Worth, esteem, confidence, personal power, freedom of choice Violence habit Vs. Energy & choice Heart chakra Ananhata Over the chest slightly to the right of center to balance the physical heart Green and Pink Thymus Community, nature, love, family, friendship, purity, innocence Fear of scrutiny Vs. Fairness & openness Throat chakra Vishuddha In & over the throat area & includes the mouth, jaw & ears Turquoise Thyroid Truth, will power, creativity, sefexpression Selfishness Vs. Harmony & love Brow chakra Ajna Over the pituitary gland between the brows Indigo Pituitary Wisdom, knowledge, imagination, intuition, discernment Weakness of character Vs. Command and control Crown chakra Sahasrara At the crown of the skull Violet Pineal Beauty, harmony, spirituality, love of God Illusion Vs. Vision Alta Major chakra About 10 inches above the crown of the head Magenta Pineal Pre-incarnation contracts, the collective unconscious, highest levels of creativity. She was given Red 30c , which corresponds with the Root Chakra and directly influences the bowels. She regained full control of her bowels and cancelled her surgery.

Her treatment held. Because of extensive yoga training for over 50 years I have linked the remedies to the seven major chakras of the human energy system. The colors correspond with the life issues of each chakra as well as the organs and hormones that correspondence with each chakra. The following schematics provides the link between the chakras and the color remedies . For a more in depth description of the color , sound and other imponderable remedies please visit Ambika’s website at www.lifeenergymedicine.com The Sound Remedies were made in 2006 in the mountains of New Mexico, USA. They were proved by students at the School of Spiritual Homeopathy in Chicago. They run deeper than the color remedies and are associated with the Astral , or mental subtle body of the human energy system. The color remedies are associated with the Etheric , or energy subtle body . The Etheric body controls our energy levels . This is the subtle body in which the chakras exist. Astral forces relate to the mind , especially the aversions and desires of our mental states.

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Bio: Ambika trained in Classical Homeopathy at the School of Homeopathic
Medicine, North Yorkshire, UK, graduating in 1995. Her tutors were Azziza
Griffith, Jill Scott, Ian Townsend and Bob Fordham, all who studied with
Jeremy Sherr.