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A comparative study of gold series and lanthanides by exploiting their theme of leadership and power


The gold series as elaborated by Jan Scholten, contains the lanthanide series of elements having the 4f electronic configuration. Although the lanthanides are a part of the gold series, they differ in certain aspects, one among them being, the theme of leadership or power. Through this article, the author has intended to offer a brief insight into the divergent aspects of the leadership and power theme, among the different elements of the gold series in comparison with that of the lathanides.

KEYWORDS: Gold series, lanthanides, theme of leadership


Dr Jan Scholten in his works, ‘Homoeopathy and the elements’ and ‘Secret lanthanides’, had elaborated on the use of elements of the periodic table in a way that makes the readers understand the depth of his unique perception and innovative ideologies. He has contributed to Homoeopathy a rare gem through his exploitation of the periodic table.  According to him the 7 horizontal rows of the periodic table  are represented as series with a common theme for each row and the 18 columns are mentioned as stages, where each column represent the stages in the development cycle of life.


The gold series represent the 6th row of the periodic table. It contains the elements Cesium, atomic number 55 to Radon with atomic number 86.  Power is the central theme of this level. It is all about leadership and power over other people and leadership goes hand in hand with a feeling of responsibility for those people.(1).


The lanthanide series of chemical elementscomprises the 15 metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers 57–71, from lanthanum through lutetium. These elements, along with the chemically similar elements scandium and yttrium, are often collectively known as the rare-earth elements or rare-earth metals.(2) Jan Scholten had effectively introduced these into the clinical practise by relating their physicochemical properties exhibited in the periodic table of elements to their homoeopathic potential.(3)


Gold series

 The theme of this series is leadership and management. They are the leaders in the family and in the business. They direct their power to the outer world.(4)

In our society it can be observed trough the judges, directors, mayors, bishops ,who are examples of leadership , even if the nobility is only an illusion . They  involve a larger part of the society like town councils, business and matters related to the whole country and feel sense of  responsibility towards it, due to which they are serious in nature.(1)

Like the king who waves his sceptre and has total power over his people, they like to exercise their power over others. They may even feel they have power over life and death, as if they are the representative of God here on earth.(1)


As regards to the lanthanides, they direct the power to themselves. It’s more directed inwardly, to their inner world. It manifests more of self-control, an example for which is, Lanthanum tries to find out where his power is and how he can use it.(4)

In philosophy, power represents the ideas of the enlightenment and the universal declaration of human rights. These ideas stand for autonomy and freedom, to think and express oneself. Equality of all people is the consequence of autonomy for everyone.(4)

Comparing the elements of lanthanide with gold series on the theme of  power and leadership

Lanthanum Lanthanum is confused what the real sovereignty is and tries to stand up for themselves but often get intimidated and gives up fast. Caesium They are spontaneous leaders but act without thinking , often ending in failures and are laughed at.
Cerium Cerium is stuck in some no man’s land where he cannot
exert any power. He has to do it in his inside world.  
Barium They are powerless leaders who are timid and unsure of themselves and are ridiculed at times.
Praseodymium Praseodymium is very cautious with his power.
He fears he will be depleted easily by exerting his power over things that are of no use. He wants to find out how he can use his power, before he has squandered it in vain.    
Halfnium Gives importance to the appearance , materialist things but have a low self esteem.  
Neodymium Neodymium has to prove his power by doing all kinds of things that are difficult, dangerous and forbidden.   Tantalum They want to succeed and show off their power, but are infact doubtful about the completion of their tasks.  
Promethium Promethium researches further possibilities of where he can find and exert his power.   Wolframium They are proud and want to prove themselves, with a feeling of detachment.
Samarium Samarium exerts really significant power under pressure. They build and realize big things with their continuous exertion of power.   Rhenium They have leadership skills and look for compliments and  feedbacks in order to improve themselves.
Europium Europium knows he has power, but he still has doubts about it. His tactic is to be clever instead of doing things with his power.   Osmium A forceful leader good in managing crisis and have to exert tremendous energy over it , which leaves him depleted.  
Gadolinium Gadolinium knows that everyone has equal power and that it is harmonious. Things are proper the way they are.       Iridium Single minded, preoccupied with tasks have leadership qualities, great workaholics but have insecurity on whether they can complete their task.  
Terbium  Terbium has to maintain his power. He has to go on and cannot relax out of fear it will slip through his fingers.   Platinum They are self confident leaders, often arrogant and sees the ordinary people as inferior to them.
Dysprosium Dysprosium has to defend himself and others against attacks. His power is used as a defense against everything that’s unclear and threatening.   Aurum They believe to have high intrinsic
values like gold , are egoistic and can go into depression and self destruction .    
 Holmium Holmium uses his power selectively. He uses it only in situations that he can handle. In situations where he feels he will be overpowered he will withdraw   Mercurius They are hungry for power and maintain it through “divide and rule” concept. They are mistrustful and has a fear of losing power always.
Erbium Erbium feels he has no real power anymore. Even when he has power internally, he feels he has no power to exert it in the world. But he covers it up behind a mask, not showing his lack of power. Thallium They are suspicious leaders, who
do not believe in their leadership qualities and withdraw from it when criticised.
Thulium Thulium feels he’s losing his power. Even when he has power, it’s useless in the situation he’s in. Plumbum They put on a great show of power for the outside world, but don’t take responsibilities for themselves and assign it to other people.
Ytterbium feels like an outsider who doesn’t need to exert any power. It has no use, he feels it is in vain.   Bismuthum The power they hold will be lost from them and the feeling of being alone is prominent. They would prefer death to the loss of honour.  
Lutetium Lutetium uses his power freely, by his own choice. It’s a kind of game, that will give him the most freedom.(4) Polonium They have lost their power and position but yet expect to be treated with respect and dignity.They have delusions of superiority .  
  Astatinum They are people who have lost their power ,  the end of leadership often due to the abuse of power , which they try to hold onto , even pleading guilty to it.  
  Radon Their days of leadership are over, their work and responsibilities completed and there is nothing left to worry about.(5)  


Thus, the power play and leadership qualities differ in lanthanides, even though it forms a part of the gold series. the lanthanides need to be explored further as it could provide more meaningful insights and wonders to the homoeopathic art of healing. Jan Scholten though his innovative ideologies had provided a gateway of opportunities through his works on periodic table and lanthanides. It is now the duty of the young minds to explore further into his works and provide evidence based results on it.


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