A clinical case: Healing of skin growth with homeopathic remedy or treatment

A clinical case: Healing of skin growth with homeopathic remedy or treatment

Healing of skin growth

Background: According to Dr Hahnemann (aphorism 201), it is evident that the vital force, when encumbered with chronic disease, is unable to overcome it by its own powers instinctively, therefore adopts the plan of developing a local malady on some external part (less dangerous) in order to allay the internal ailments. Fig warts continue to worsen till the internal sycosis is not cured.

Material and methods:  A case of corn on sole attended in private clinic, diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, a detailed case history was taken and repertorisation was done through homoeopath software.

Results: In order to remove the cause and treat the miasm, and not the symptoms only, an anti-sycotic constitutional simillimum, Silicea terra 200 c, was given.

Conclusion: To treat the chronic case, it is essential to know the patient’s physical make-up, mental make-up and general make-up, then only one can reverse the chain of illness and bring patient back to normalcy.

KEYWORDS: sycotic miasm, genome, constitutional simillimum

Abbreviations: ICD – International classification of diseases.

Introduction: Human papillomavirus is one of the most common causes for skin growths, whereas corn may occur due to friction and pressure. Though it is self-limiting diseases, but it is not so always and remains on skin for years together. Sometimes, a person may suffer from cosmetic disfigurement which often is associated with pain and remain as potent source of transmission of other skin infection, as well as very disturbed by its appearance and tend to shun the company of others and become quite isolated (though not in corn). These attitudes are known as “leper complex “1so need to be treated by holistic approach by homoeopathy. It is known that genome is responsible for body’s physical makeup, mental makeup, and general makeup and all these are taken into account while prescribing an individual so as to reach a constitutional simillimum remedy. 2

Case history

Mrs. pmp 38 years old female came on 12/12/2019 with the chief complaint of painful corn on sole of feet.

Mind and life space

          The patient was from joint family, working in travel industry since 12 years. She used to work very diligently, wanted to grow in her field, was very anxious about what other will think or say. She was having a fear to approach the things easily, became nervous sometimes due to overthinking about why things were not happening as per her will, in her career. She couldn’t understand politics at job level because of which she used to get nervous many a times. Due to this, she wanted to have a good spirit in her life. She felt physically weak for which she used to do yoga and other activities. She usually didn’t oppose (timid) the people in discussion though it may be a wrong point, and agreed to other’s opinion so as to avoid hurting people. She lost her mother last year after which she became sensitive and nervous. She was good with her family front but always wanted to achieve more happiness . She wanted to travel, liked the beauty of nature. She had no issues or fights with anyone, except sometimes she used to quarrel with husband when he did not update her regarding his daily issues.

Physical generals

Appetite: good but used to take small quantities

Thirst: thirsty

Stool: constipated, especially during menses

Sleep: sleeplessness due to thoughts of her mother’s death

Thermal: could tolerate heat but not cold, used to take cold easily, suffered from dry cough everytime (chilly)

Menses: Normal cycle, irritable during menses

Family history

Mother died due to liver cirrhosis

Father: Hypertension

Diagnosis of the case

ICD10 L84: corns and callosities3

The point of making a diagnosis is to improve the prognosis about the course of disease in a particular patient and its likely response to treatment.4

Case analysis

Corn on sole of feet since 4 months, history of application of corn cap, still it did not subside.

Totality of symptoms

1)mind; yielding, timid

2)mind; anxious

3)mind; nervous

4)mind; wants of grit, moral, physical


6)takes cold easily


8)extremities; warts sole painful

9)constipation during menses

Repertorisation (5)

Remedies after reportorial filter

Silicea terra -15/7

Calcarea carbonicum -13/7

Pulsatilla nigricans -12/7

Justification of remedy

Pulsatilla nigricans is hot and thirstless, and not covering symptom corn on sole. Calcarea carbonicum, though chilly and thirsty, but does not cover yielding disposition, and moreover it is fearful remedy not nervous like Silicea terra.  The patient was yielding, want of grit physical and moral, chilly, nervous nature, disposition is of yielding character, thirsty and painful corn on sole, considering all these symptoms, she was prescribed Silicea terra 200c 3 doses.


12.12.2019: prescribed Silicea terra 200c, one dose.

Follow up

20.12 2019: corn shedded along with dead skin (the patient was asked to take photo)

27.12.2019: anxiety decreased, sleep improved, tried to cope up with the situation of her mother loss.

Conclusion: From the above case, it is clear that whatever may be the diagnosis, if proper selection of constitutional remedy is done, cure can be achieved. On the basis of holistic approach, Silicea terra helped to remove the corn. The constitutional simillimum helped to reverse the chain of illness and brought the patient back to normalcy2 .


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