A case study- Bacillinum as an inter currentremedy - Dr Purusottam Kumar Singh

A case study- Bacillinum as an intercurrent remedy – Dr Purusottam Kumar Singh


Nosodes acts as an intercurrent remedy, after prescribing simillimum (NATRUM MURIATICUM), it initially seemsed to cure the case but after a span of time, relapse of eczema was seen on the specific place and just besides that specific place. Thus, to remove this blockage, BACCILINUM AS AN INTERCURRENT REMEDY was prescribed which worked wonder and cured the case within a short period of time.


nosode, Bacillinum.


LM potency (fifty millesimal potency), acc.to (according to), alt (alternate).


The word “nosode” is derived from greek word nososmeaning ‘disease’ andcidos’ meaningappearance’. It may also be compared with latin word NOXAwhich means ‘noxious or damage’. Nosode’s mechanism possible involve direct effect on the host cells instead of under etiological infectious agent. It was Hering’s idea to use these miasmic agents as a potentised remedy. A definite set of rules have been given for the preparation of these nosodes a follows:[1]

INTER-CURRENT REMEDY- Nosodes acts as an intercurrent remedy. In some chronic cases after a period, some patient condition refuses to progress, this condition can be termed as blockage. To remove this blockage, an intercurrent remedy can be used [2]. The nosodes are to be remembered in this condition. A single dose of the appropriate nosode in a moderately high potency, will sometimes clear up a case. Such use of remedy must be used upon a careful examination. Individualisation and law of similia must guide [3]. In this case, Bacillinum acts as an intercurrent remedy.

A chronic case of long standing since his childhood suffering from eczema completely exhausted by taking allopathic treatment (external and internal) but no relief of his complaints.

The main goal of writing this article is after successful prescribing the simillimum, Patient’s condition became better, but recurrence of eczema wasseen again on the same place or beside the specific place, the nosode Bacillinum 0/1 was prescribed as an intercurrent remedy which worked wonderfully.

Hence, nosodes works wonder, where obstacles after prescribing simillimum.


A patient xyz, aged 35 years, working in marketing networking company in Bihar came with the complaint of skin eruption (eczema) since his childhood (at the age of 11-12 years). First it occurred in right hand oozing of viscous fluid excessive, then over left hand and both ankle joints, after which it again transferred behind the neck at the end of hair and appeared like circle. Exact cause is unknown. Excessive itching and scratching of the affected part.

His father was an allopathic practitioner and he took every type of injection, ointments and steroids since then but fail to cure. He was also suffering from alopecia areata, weight was regular increasing, especially around the abdomen, oedema of both lower eyelid, suffocation, breathing difficulty and allergy from dust. Blind haemorrhoid, hard stools with constipation, patient had itching around the genitals recurrently, front and back, since his adolescent age, for which he used allopathic ointment and aloe vera.

Patient was introvert, only shared his thoughts with close friends, not even with doctors. Patient had an affair with a married muslim woman and knew that it was not worthy but still used to expense his time, money and brooding about her day and night.

He quoted,“sir mujhe pata hai ki mera uske sath kuchh bhi future nahi hai, fir bhi mai 24 ghante usi ke bare me sochta rahta hu, aur ye bhi janta hu ki wo mujhme interested nahi hai fir bhi mai 24 ghante usi ke bare me sochta rahta hu”.

He used to take extra table salt in his food without which he couldn’t get satisfied. He wass suffering from mental stress because of her and his business was also getting affected.



Figure 1

Analysis and evaluation of the symptoms with miasmatic analysis

Symptoms Common/uncommon Intensity Miasmatic analysis
Physical Eczema-eruption-itchingWhen thinking of eruptions it aggravates, causes itching and scratching of the affected parts.HairfallAppetite slightly reducedAcidity-after eating non veg or spicy food   3rd grade 1st grade     3rd grade 3rd grade 3rd grade   Tubercular miasm was predominant in this case because he was timid and irritable. His mother was suffering from asthma and took inhaler regularly. Patient was already suffering from skin eruption in the genital part since childhood, so on the basis of family history and his complaints, tubercular miasm was predominant. [2]
Mental IntrovertConsolation aggravates the patient, much irritated.When thinking of complaints, it aggravated.GriefOverthinkingTake table salt extra in dietNegative thinking   1st grade 1st grade   1st grade 1st grade 1st grade 1st grade 1st grade
Particular Eruption- in palms and solesConstipationBreathing difficulty- allergy from dust 3rd grade 3rd grade 3rd grade

Figure 2

Reasoning behind the remedy and potency selection

After analysis and evaluation of symptom, NATRUM MURATICUM [5] was found suitable to the individual because it carried maximum number of peculiar characteristic symptoms. It was prescribed in LM potency [6] starting from 0/1 to 0/9 by jumping method, i.e. 0/1, 0/4, 0/7, 0/9. After prescribing simillimum, patient’s condition became better but later recurrence of disease was noticed. After that, BACCILINUM 0/1was prescribed as an intercurrent remedy, and for last 3 months of treatment, no recurrence of disease occurs and thus continued treatment with RUBRUM 30[7].



Completely switch to homoeopathic treatment and his family too.

Prescription –  NATRUM MURATICUM -0/1.

Intercurrent remedy – BACCILINUM-0/1.

NATRUM MURATICUM 0/1 was selected because it covered maximum number of peculiar, strange, characteristic symptoms [8] and ranked first in repertorisation.


04/02/20 Patients felt better, no negativity in his mind, and energised. Eruptions at sole and palm better. Appetite was better than before. Constipation as it is. Hairfall as it is.   NATRUM MURATICUM-0/4, 10 dose on alt. day in night before 1 hour of sleep by multiple cup method,3rd cup method, 2 teaspoons only.
04/03/20 Patient much better mentally, skin eruptions better at ankle but again REAPPEARED on palms, there was much itching and scratching over it, sometimes it bled on affected side, by excessive scratching. Patient regained his self-confidence, and was very thankful to doctor. NATRUM MURATICUM-0/7 , 10 dose on two  alternate day in night before 1 hour of sleep by multiple cup method,3rd cup method, 2 teaspoons only.    
27/04/20 In ankles, it became better, all other complains became better. No hair fall. Swelling in both lower eyelid, subside magically. But ECZEMA on palms of both hands again reappeared, just beside the specific place.   NATRUM MURATICUM-0/9, 10 dose on two alternate day in night before 1 hour of sleep by multiple cup method, 5th cup method, 2 spoon only.  
16/06/20 No any other complaints except the eczema on palms that recurred like new one on the same place. BACCILINUM 0/1, as an INTERCURRENT REMEDY. Five doses, on five alternate day with ten stroke every time in fifth cup method two spoon in the morning.  
18/07/20 Felt better in all of his complains, eczema on palm better, no itching and scratching on the genital parts, front and back, constipation better. Dandruff in hair reduced, hair fall reduced. RUBRUM 30, four pills one time daily in the morning in the empty stomach for one month.
01/09/20 No new complaints found, all complains better RUBRUM 30, four pills one time daily in the morning in the empty stomach for one month.
10/10/20 No new complaints found. RUBRUM 30, four pills one time daily in the morning, empty stomach for one month.  


Patient had eczema since his childhood (Started at the age of 11-12 years) and exhausted by allopathic treatment, lost all hopes, with negative approach.

No major particular marked symptom was seen during the case but the mental symptom was marked in patient. If the mental general is present in high rank, all the particular and accessory symptoms remove and the patient become healthy. [9]


  1. 1.      Mandal P, Mandal B., Textbook of Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 3rd Edition, Kolkata: New Central Book Agency (P) Ltd; 2012. p-26

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