Essence of Abrotanum Prescription and Homoeopathic Philosophy

Essence of Abrotanum Prescription and Homoeopathic Philosophy

[Abstract: This article includes the clinical understanding of the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, on the light of the teaching of our Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy that, whatever it maybe the name of the disease or the pathology; Homoeopaths needs to perceive, what is curable in disease and what is curative in medicine; they’re the clinically verified signs & symptoms of a remedy, the power, the essence, the image, the very nature of the sickness, those are only to be counter as stronger & similar in manifestations but different in kind for restoring the sick to health homeopathically are  also expressed in this article.]

Keywords: Abrotanum-thermal relation-miasmatic cleavage-dynamic actions-prescribe-able-clinically verified-curative symptoms.

Abbreviation: < = aggravation; > = amelioration; P = Psora, Syco. = Sycosis, Tuber. = Tubercular. N.B. = Please note.


Homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease; select the remedy, from the collection of the abnormal physical and mental symptoms … but, it is not so easy, as we think or hear. Because, it may be waste of time unless we will analyze, evaluate the symptoms with their values, base, pace, characters etc.

There is a single theme of connection within the all symptoms of a medicine; until we feel by heart this idea we cannot know the remedy … and unable to reach the essence of the medicine to know ‘what is curative in the medicine’? And unable to find-out ‘what is curable in disease’? 

There are so many medicines being looking apparently similar in their effects … in their external pathological appearance of the symptoms, but differ in their essences … we can identify its only when we feel this and then … the heart specks to the heart.

We, may form a materia medica by the collection of proving symptoms from head to foots, but to create a live picture, living image of the medicine from such a materia medica is very difficult or even next to impossible for us as such a general qualities of the reader or learner.

In medicine the external pathological symptoms and the internal essence of the medicine should have had a harmonious image … that is to be understood by the mind, followed by perception of the image of the medicine and then theOmnipotence Truth of the medicine become visualized … facts reveal and we become able to discover this for the prescription that ‘what is curative in the medicine’? And able to find-out ‘what is curable in disease’? 

Otherwise the reading of the proving is boring, meaningless … because there is no live in the medicine. Happily reading and mental satisfaction from the reading of the materia medica is possible when we begin to read of one part of the medicine and create interest to continue until finish … makes more and more interest in the study. Teaching from Dr. J.T. Kent, Dr. H.C. Allen, Dr. C. Hering, Dr. Ferrington, Materia Medica Pure, Chronic Disease of Dr. S. Hahnemann, we should learns sitting on the floor below the feet of these stalwarts, and pray to them with meditation and try to learn the truth of the medicine.1

[N.B.: Truth is easiness – which is exist, whose existence cannot be questions by the past-present and in future, cannot limited within time and space or by individual; present in everywhere; truth not only about speech but about existence; truth of existence means, truth of speech, means truth of God absolutely; everything we see through our consciousness is the will the thinking power; pure consciousness – pure existence seen by the mind; creation always by the mind. Every medicine have such truth, which are unchangeable the very existence the essence of the medicine, that is to be discover before mind and see in the patient to know that what is curable in every individual case of disease.]

Introductory: Abrotanum is a very useful remedy in marasmus of children. The most prominent notes of the remedy are Emaciation and Metastasis. 2 

Common Name: Southernwood                                                                                                                              

Family: Composite

Miasm: AbrotanumP++  Syco++ Tuber++

Thermal relation: Chilly

Action: Deep acting.

Key points: 3

  1. Alternating various diseases or metastasis.
  2. Diarrhoea  > all complaints.
  3. Decay from the tubercular disease, physically emaciated or ravenous hunger but loss of weight:
  4. Loquacity, cross, cruel; in-human in nature.


 Alternating various diseases or metastasis:

After curing any disease another disease develop and after disappear of recent disease old disease reappear may be the case of Abrotanum when indicated with other characteristics (Tuberculinum).

  • In such case where disease changes in another form due to maltreatment and suppression, Abrotanum to be remember.

Tubercular state is the base of Abrotanum and therefore due to lack of proper treatment disease force regularly changes its form.

  • For examples, rheumatism cured diarrhea or piles cured dysentery, earache cured orchitis develops one after another.
  • But, we never aspect about such information from our patients because they thinks they cured from those diseases and have no knowledge about the maltreatment or about the suppression.
  • But, physician must know and experienced about the nature of the diseases, nature of the patients and the characteristics of the remedies, these are the qualities of the physician.

Hence, when we see such a case where, after cure of one disease another disease develop and one disease going towards disappears but, other disease develops or reappear of the previous disease should remember the name of Abrotanum.

Abrotanum having rheumatism, piles, inflammation of lymph glands, but these are not the characteristics of Abrotanum. Alternation of various diseases or metastasis or mitigations of one disease from one place to another place are the essence of Abrotanum prescription.

  • As like rheumatic pain leave the lower limb goes upwards and attack the heart or earache disappears and orchitis develop.
  • Metastasis of mumps to the testicle or mammary gland, and should be studied along with Pulsatilla, Carbo vegetabilis and perhaps Arsenicum. 4  

Diarrhoea  > all complaints:

All complaints are aggravated during constipation and better when diarrhea started. Must remember, that along with the above mansion alternating symptoms of Abrotanum diarrhea > all complaints.

  • Whatever it may be rheumatic pain or piles Abrotanum patient feels worse in constipation and better during diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea and constipation are alternate with each other. 5

Decay from the tubercular disease, physically emaciated or ravenous hunger but loss of weight:

By the analysis of the Abrotanum characteristics, we see:

  • Firstly that it’s a great anti-tubercular remedy. That’s the first and main identity of the remedy. We confirm that the tubercular base is strong and when we see the disease is also regularly recur.
  • Secondly, when we see alternation of various diseases or their metastasis take place in another location is mean that the case is in more dangerous state.
  • That is why we see the third point that inspite of ravenous hunger patent become emaciated and loss of weight (Iodine, Nat.mur., Sanicula, Tuberculinum); children are looking as an old aged person, physical structure as like skeleton, body emaciated, unable to hold the head, skin hang and relaxed; ravenous hunger but unable to digest, large quantities of stool are passed, alternate diarrhea and constipation are seen.
  • Emaciation due to sycosis and syphilis Medorrhonum and Syphilinum are the best.

Marasmus – Children having ravenous hunger but, loss of weight; emaciation starts from lower extremities and gradually ascends upwards, lastly the neck and face (Opposite – Lycopodium, Natrum mur.); marasmus with distended abdomen (Calc. carb., – with retracted abdomen, Calc. phos.).

Emaciation begins from the lower limbs (Iodine, Ledoum, Tuberculinum).

  • Rickts is the synonymous of tubercular decay.
  • Nutritious balance diets being one of the main causes, whereas the fundamental cause is the bad habit of drinking of spiritual-liquor and sexual transmitted diseases in the parents.
  • Not only the in rickts, they are the fundamental cause of all the chronic diseases of their children.
  • Hence, these types of parents are undesirable.

We must warn our parents it’s an offence to breast feeding her baby immediately after the physical relation.

  • Try to never get pregnancy till baby getting breast feeding.
  • Try to never give artificial foods glaxco, horlicks etc. for the benefit of your baby.
  • There are a trained to prescribe diet charts as following the foreign books but remember that the diets are differ in winter main to summer main countries.
  • Using of feeding battle is as risky as we see in the habit of our mothers. 6

Loquacity, cross, cruel; in-human in nature:

Previously we discussthat the tubercular decay is the characteristic of Abrotanum and it is more confirmed by the symptom of loquacity.

  • Great prostration is seen in the children, with a typical tubercular type of fever.
  • Child cannot stand up.
  • Rheumatism disappears and attacks the heart (Ledum, Medorrium).
  • Hydrocele in children; oozing of blood and moisture from navel of the newborn.
  • Cramp of the extremities after convulsion or neuralgia. 7

Gout; lymph glands become swollen, tender, fixed, cannot move; severe pain before swelling.

  • Violent fever after suppression of diarrhea, dysentery or piles.
  • Rheumatic pain < at night, > by motion.
  • Abdominal pain with vomiting.
  • Sudden hoarseness of voice.
  • Angry and chilliness.
  • Pleurisy – after failure of Aconite, Bryonia, where pain as like pressure and breathlessness present. Pleurisy due to metastasis.
  • In boils after Heper sulph may needs of Abrotanum when indicated. 8


  • Worse – Cold weather, cold exposure, cold damp weather, rainy weather, at night.
  • Better – heat, motion.

Compare – Lycopodium, Iodine, Natrum mur., Sanicula, Tuberculinum, Psorinum in marasmus; Bryonia, Rhus tox. in rheumatism

Lycopodium – Emaciation starts from upper extremities, neck, face, and gradually descends downwards, lastly the lower extremities. Flatulence of the abdomen, constipation and < in afternoon.

Natrum mur. – Emaciation starts from upper extremities, neck, face, and gradually descends downwards, lastly the lower extremities. Ravenous hunger, watery nasal catarrhal discharges; constipation, anus crack, bleeding per rectum; desire for bathing. Emaciation starts from neck and descends downwards; hot patient.

Psorinum – Offensive smell of stool, foul body smell, ravenous hunger, weeping whole night and day; in breathlessness lying down and keeping arms stretched far apart.

Iodine – Emaciation begins from the lower limbs. Glandular swelling, glands becomes hard all over the body, ravenous hunger, very hot patient, in young women breast becomes emaciated, very small hanging as if a bag, sudden desire for suicide when lazily sitting, and restlessness.

Sanicula – Inspite of ravenous hunger patent become emaciated and loss of weight. Fear of downwards motion or fear of failing down (Borax). Moods are changeable. Profuse sweating – on the vertex and soles of the legs. Patient is very hot and craving for salt.

Tuberculinum – Emaciation begins from the lower limbs. Hereditary tubercular decay and failure of indicated medicines. Changeability is seen in diseases and mood also changeable in the patient. Catch cold easily and enlargement of lymph glands. Weakness and loquacity are seen in the patient.

Metastasis – i.e. change of one to another disease. For examples:

  • In rheumatism apply external application, rheumatic pain cured? But, heart disorder starts.
  • Abdominal pain relief by any strong medicine? But, lymph glands become swollen.
  • Swollen glands are cured by strong medicine or by external application or hot applied? Testes become painfully swollen in male or in female lymph glands of breast became swollen.
  • When, the disease starts in one part or organ and suppressed by maltreatment and then disease changed its position into another part or other organ that is called Metastasis.

Symptom starts from legs, go upwards – knee, back, neck and due to mal-treatment now heart disorder started, after cure of old rheumatic pain?

  • There are two medicines, Abrotanum: < by cold, > heat; and Ledum: < by heat, > by cold.
  • If suppressed rheumatic pain starts from upper part of the body and descent downwards and attack the heart with very weak and slow pulse may think of Calcaria.
  •  If the medicine acts favorably the suppressed rheumatic pain reappear and heart troubles disappear.

Clinical Case: Sister of a railway employ, aged 22/23, Female; suffering from severe heart pain, < by motion, with fever; trying and failure after giving Bryonia and then Rhus tox., when re-study the case came to know from the past history that, the patient have had suffer from rheumatism, started from leg and go upward 3 or 4 years before and treated with allopathy medicines, external applications and with injections and cured? It’s a case of metastasis due to maltreatment rheumatism suppressed and heart disorders develop. Modalities: < at night, and in cold; > heat. Rx. Abrotanum 1000, 4/5 globules dissolve in a cup of water and one tea spoon of medicinal water to given every hour, for three times. Within two days heart pain disappears, but old suppressed rheumatic pains reappear. Due to transfer of job of her husband, patient could not continue her treatment. 9

[NB: 1) Where suppressed symptoms require to reappear stars from 200CH, Here, duration of times of suppression to be consider – from few days needs 200CH; Long days needs higher potencies; 15/20 years before needs highest potencies. 10 2) Suppression may proceed superficial to deeper parts with the connection of the same origin of germinating cells ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm; as like dermis-epidermis and pericardium of heart originate from same ectoderm.]

Common uses of potencies:

Abrotanum 6CH, 12CH, 30CH.commonly used, as per the interpretation of the demand of the degree of susceptibility of the patient in individual cases.


We should know and clearly perceive the truth, the essence of the medicine as the curative power of the remedy and see such clue in individual case of disease (that is curable in disease, not the pathological symptoms) as to be the similia to restore the sick to health, homoeopathically.



2) Bandhyapadhya N, Oushadhpariyachay; HPCO, Calcutta, 12th edition [3, 5, 6, 7, 8]

3) FARRINGTON, E.A., CLINICAL MATERIA MEDICA; B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi; Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged by HARVEY FARRINGTON; Reprint Edition: 1995 ISBN 81-7021-029-1; BOOK CODE B-2235 [4]

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