Calcaneal Spur Management, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment with Homeopathy

Homoeopathic Management Of Calcaneal Spur

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A calcaneal spur which is commonly known as a heel spur, occurs when a bony outgrowth forms on the heel bone. There are two types of calcaneal spur based on its location. Posterior/dorsal calcaneal spur – bony out growth located at the back of the heel and Plantar/inferior calcaneal spur – located on the inferior aspect of calcaneus. The posterior/dorsal spurs are often associated with Achilles tendinopathy and inferior/plantar spurs are associated with plantar fasciitis.
Calcaneal spur was first documented by the German physician Plettner, who coined the term ‘kalkaneussporn’
Calcaneal spur also known as ‘Enthesophyte’ is an abnormal bony out growth at the posterior part of the calcaneus i.e. at the site of fibro cartilaginous attachment or inferior part of calcaneus i.e. at the insertion of plantar fascia ligament, which are the most common site of a bony spur.


The prevalence of calcaneal spur is increasing at an alarming rate affecting daily routine. The effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicine in treatment of calcaneal spur helps the patient holistically in relieving pain and also in preventing further spur formation.



It’s predominantly a right sided remedy. Very severe pain in heel ameliorated, by rubbing. Pain in heel or ulcer on heel. Pain in feet during menses. stitching drawing, tearing type of pain. Feet becomes cold at night in bed. especially adopted to those who are fat, but legs too thin. Neuralgic pains in feet. Boiling sensation is very characteristic of this remedy. Ulcerative pain in heels.


Pain in os-calcis (heel bone). Sensation of coldness in bones, cannot get warm enough. They are affected by damp and cold. Pains are neuralgic type appear at the same hour every day, every other day, week, month or at regular time. Sensation as if enormous enlargement, numbness of part, aggravated while walking. Periostitis of bone, pains are of electric shock type. Heels are painful especially right as it is a right sided remedy. Feeling as if bones are made of ice. Boring, digging pain in os-calcis starts on walking and disappear by continued walking.


Nightly leg pains. Trembling feet, soles will become hot, bruised especially at night. complaints starts in evening and keep up all night. Pains are violent, they tear and bones ache as if they would break. Knife like pain in periosteum. Boring in bones, pains drive to despair. Pain drive patient out of bed and make him walk. complaints that come only in winter is a characteristic of aurum met.


It disperses bony growths., Pain is worst in damp weather and relieved by fomentation, warmth and rubbing. One of the best remedies for calcaneal spur treatment is Calcarea Flour. It is the most effective natural medicine with the best healing power to dissolve the Calcaneal Spur. This remedy is of great help in all cases of Calcaneal Spur whether painful or not. Calcarea Fluor acts as the best resolving agent for Calcaneal Spur and is considered the first choice of remedy in every case of Calcaneal Spur., Calcarea flourica is indicated in bone disorder, bone deformities bone spur. Calcarea fluorica is schussler’s “bone salt”. It is found on surface of bones. The enamel of teeth, in elastic tissues and in the cell of epidermis. Power full remedy for malnourishment of bone. Calcarea flourica disperses bony growths, bone spur and tumors. It’s also indicated in ulceration of bone, osteosarcoma, bone and ligament disturbances.


Intense pain in bones coming suddenly, continuous in beginning later inter mittently. Conchiolinum has a wide range of action in affection of bones especially the growing ends of the bone. Calcarea carbonicum and Calcarea phosphoricum are its nearest analogues. Extreme

pain on slightest touch is the characteristic of conchiolinum. Inflammation begins in the diaphysis but may spread to the epiphysis. Intensity of pain is less initially, pain starts suddenly. Bony swelling usually develop over diaphysis. The swelling has a clear, sharp margin. Swelling will be soft initially later it will become hard.


Pain and dislocation of joints of the foot. Soreness of heels when walking.


Tendoachillis swollen and painful. Pain in small spots. Pain fly rapidly from one place to another place. Bone feel sore and bruised, crackling in all joints. Its acts upon bone and fibrous tissue. The bones all over the body feel bruised, ulceration of bone is striking symptom this remedy.


Tearing pain in back of heel when sitting, ulcerative pain in heels and toes. Nocturnal bone pain drive despair.


Hecla lava to arrest many bone disease, including osteo-sarcoma, scrofulous and syphilitic osteitis and exostoses. Great use in exostosis, bony necrosis.


Ankle swollen and painful, soles painful. Easy spraining of ankle. Adopted to the gouty diathesis.


Tearing pain in foot, one foot is hot another is cold, pain in heel treading as from a pebble. Rhagades in the heel. Swelling and pain in soles of feet when walking, bony pains at night, bone inflamed.


Pain worse at night and in bed, least touch is intolerable and worse in wet weather. Right sided, complaints are painful on slightest touch, exostosis. Complaints are aggravated by cold air, cold washing, at night, by touch or motion.3 violent pain in bones of feet, in bones of instep aggravated by walking.


Phosphorus indicated in osteo myelitis, bone fragility, exostosis, burning of feet.


Pains as if strained, complaints from getting wet in rain while overheated. Pain on first moving after rest and relieved by constant motion. Pain in legs must change position every moment. Left to right progression of complaints. Tearing, shooting, stitching type of pain aggravated at night, cannot rest in any position. Pain as if flesh was torn from the bone. Sensation as if walking on needleṣ.3 pains often attended with numbness. tension and stiffness of feet muscles. Shooting and wrenching pain in ankles when resting on foot. Swelling of foot in evening. Numbness and paleness of foot as if dead. It is adopted to rheumatic diathesis, bad effects of getting wet, especially after being over heated. Lameness, stiffness and pain on first movement after rest or getting up in the morning. 3, It helps in repairing the muscles and

ligaments covering the heel bone, thus preventing further worsening of condition. Thus it acts in two spheres for Calcaneal Spur patients — pain relief, strengthening the muscles or ligaments and thus giving relief from pain. The pain narrated by the person on standing is most of the times stitching in character. The person may feel the pain as being similar to that caused by a splint.


Sore aching with restlessness is characteristic of this remedy. Pain in bones of feet, cannot step heavily on them. Swollen ankles.3 Burning, gnawing pain in bones of feet which does not permit standing or walking. It acts upon the periosteum and cartilage. Ruta is indicated in complaints from straining flexor tendons, pain in bones of feet and ankles, scrofulous exostosis, bruises and other mechanical injuries of bones and periosteum. Sprains, periostitis, erysipelas, fractures, and dislocations. All parts of the body upon which he lies are painful, feels as if bruised.3 It decreases the tendency of formation of deposits in the periosteum, in bone, in tendons, about joints. Patient is restless, turns and changes position frequently when lying. The tendon that connects the calf muscle present in the back of the leg to heel is Tendoachilles. For patients who have pain in heel due to Calcaneal Spur with pain extending to Tendoachilles, the best remedy is Ruta. Tendons sore, aching in Achilles tendon. Pain in bone of feet and ankle.


Diseases of bones, caries and necrosis of bone. Soreness in feet from instep through to the sole.


Drawing and weak feeling along tendoachillis, constant pain heels, wrenching pain in joints of foot, shooting pain in heel aggravated when seated, tearing pain in the soles of the feet. Pain in heel when sitting,


Inflammation and swelling of tendoachillis, tearing pain in foot, ulcerative and boring pain in heel. Profuse sweat over feet.


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