Homeopathic Remedy Staphysagria: Nature, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage in Sickness

Homeopathic Remedy Staphysagria: Nature, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage in Sickness

Staphysagria for Sickness
[Abstract: This article includes the clinical understanding of the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, on the light of the teaching of our Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy that, whatever it maybe the name of the disease or the pathology; Homoeopaths needs to perceive, what is curable in disease and what is curative in medicine; they’re the clinically verified signs & symptoms of a remedy, the power, the essence, the image, the very nature of the sickness, those are only to be counter as stronger & similar in manifestations but different in kind for restoring the sick to health homoeopathically, are also expressed in this article.]

Images of Staphysagria tree, flowers, seeds.

Keywords: Staphysagria macrosperma – history & authority – dynamic actions – prescribe – clinically verified – curative symptoms.


  • Staphysagria is hypersensitive both man & woman are annoyed by slightest exaltations & angers; nervous, insult; get angry and suffer thereafter.
  • Suffer from sexual excess, habituated onanism. There is violent outburst of passions, constantly dwelling on sexes; sexual mania, are express in face.
  • Habitually suffer from genito-urinary irritabilities, burning pain when not urinate for long time.
  • Easily angered, easily insulted by slightest cause and suffers.
  • ‘Rage or Re-pressed Anger’, i.e. ‘Insult due to In-justice’ with a feelings of ‘En-raged about Self-estimation, with Re-pressed Anger’.[1]
  • Patient stops talking- eating, loss of sleep due to pressure of un-happy adjustment.

History & Authority:

  • Staphysagria is an ornamental, annual herb with large tapering root.
  • Common name: Louse wort, Palmated larkspur, Stavesacre, Delphinum staphysagria.
  • The common name ‘Stavesacre’ is derived from ‘Staphis’ means raisin or grape and ‘agrios’ means wild.
  • ‘Delphinum’ from Greek word ‘Delphis’, means dolphin for some flowers of species are resembled. ‘Larkspur’ from the spur-shaped formation of its flower.
  • Staphysagria was well-known to the both Greeks and Romans.
  • Dioscorides mentions it and Pliny describes its use as a parasiticides. It continued to be extensively employed throughout the Middle Ages.
  • Source: Vegetable Kingdom, Ranunculaceae family.
  • Part used: seeds.
  • Prover: Cubitz, Pranz, Gross, Hartmann.


  • Sexual excesses & bed effects of it.
  • Excessive anger and its bad effect. 
  • Genito-urinary irritabilities or breathlessness due to intercourse.
  • Styes in eye & carries in teeth.


  • Staphysagria is a Long acting, polychrest remedy, power to act upon all Psora, Syphilis, & Sycosis. One of the ‘Trios of Condylomata’ (Others’re Thuja, & Nitric acid).
  • Affects the nervous system, especially the Emotional Mind; through Cerebro-spinal System, it acts upon the Gastro-intestinal Tract, Genito-urinary Organs and Skin.
  • Staphysagria is a highly indignant remedy, produce a typical picture of the bad effects of masturbation, acts especially on teeth, nerves; needs frequently in newly married women.
  • Miasmatic Cleavage:Staph.: P++ Syco+++ Syph+ + Tuber++
  • Thermal reaction: Chilly

Sexual excesses & bad effects of it: [2]

  • Excessive sexual craving or desire for intercourse and suffer from the bad effects of it.
  • Patient becomes craze for sexual craving; as if masturbation or sexual intercourse is the only aim of life. Whole day same works, same thinking.
  • Desire to stay with opposite sex & imagines various images with them.
  • Married person don’t bother whether partner sick or not, acts are continuing regularly, every day, every night.
  • Unmarried are regularly masturbate, become weak, especially relax genitalia, frequent urge for urination; stool not easy even when soft. Winds pass as like decomposed egg; appetite more even when full stomach; backache; loss of memory; loss of sleep but sleepy at day time.
  • Gradually Staphysagria patient develops breathlessness in every time of intercourse or masturbation by loss of semen. Newly married woman also suffers from various urinary complaints, frequent, painful, even bloody urination; same problems may develop in male also.
  • Staphysagria. Lady also having more sexual craving, as like male they also day-night busy with the thinking of sex, for sexual pleasure.
  • Various menstrual complaints; ovarian pain and sensitiveness develop.  
  • Black ring around the eyes, thinks it is due to his bad-practice; and all identified it, and guilty feeling for that; homesickness.
  • Child continually calling ‘mother-mother’ during sleep.

Excessive anger and its bed effect: [3] 

  • As like sexual craving, same excessive anger and its bad effect.
  • It’s a rare combination of such sexual craving & anger.
  • Sexual craving & anger are common in all but excessive are abnormal.
  • Due to excessive loss of semen, may develop excessive anger; nervous weakness also seen, so he become angry easily.
  • Staphysagria patient easily become angry, but can’t express; due to anger, trembling of whole body; but unable to say any-things; suppressed anger and become sick; loss of sleep, loss of appetite, headache, abdominal pain, pain in testis and diarrhoea or dysentery may develop. 
  • Actually the same stage of parents (sexual excesses, excessive anger), are responsible for this condition of their child. Hence, children become sick due to excessive anger.

Genito-urinary irritabilities or breathlessness due to intercourse: [4]

  • Males are suffer from breathlessness and females are suffer from various genito-urinary complains, due to intercourse; especially newly married women are violently suffer.
  • Female vagina is hypersensitive in Staphysagria patient (Platina); excessive craving for sex (Platina); but Platina is very much proud; Staphysagria is very much angry.
  • Adult is hypochondriac; due to sexual excesses by self-abuse, and too much in sexual thoughts. 
  • Due to this bad habit patient become apathetic, gloomy; complexion and sunken face.
  • In female bad habit of masturbation is not so common, may occur in prolonged absence of their husbands or in widows; there we finds ovarian symptoms, a state of irritability in the organ, especially in nervous excitable women (in pruritus vulvae, Caladium).

Styes in eye & carries in teeth: [5]

  • Recurrent styes & carries in teeth.
  • Teeth become black or black spots on teeth. End of the teeth become decay (Thuja).
  • Carries stats from the growing of the teeth in child (Kreosot).
  • Thirst-less-ness; continually accumulation of sputum inside the mouth.
  • Lice in head are common in Staphysagria.
  • Eczema in head, ear, eyelids etc.
  • Cough < from taking chicken, mutton; < smoking. Alternate cough in winter and sciatica in summer.
  • Diarrhoea in children, tongue & gums are white & spongy, cutting pain before and after stool, tenesmus in rectum during stool and flatus usually hot, smells like rotten eggs (Chamo.), stool by any attempt of food or drink.
  • Diarrhoea or dysentery due anger; < by when eating; soft stool require strain to pass.
  • Child cries immediately after eating. Desire milk.
  • Neuralgic pain after incision in urinary bladder or ovary.
  • Violent urinary complaints due to prostate enlargement (Digitalis).
  •  Excessive appetite few days before fever; craving for milk.
  • Backache; eczema; warts; styes; bleeding after sharp wounds.

Staphysagria as a Patient: [6]

  • Patient appear pale, exhausted, in their nervous system; both brain and spinal-cord are weakened.
  • Face is rather sunken, the nose is peaked and pointed, eyes are sunken and surrounded by blue rings.
  • Child is rather impetuous and irritable (Chamomilla).
  • Locally, irritability in urethra, due to self-abuse and result of excessive sexual intercourse.
  • Mental colic, that is crampy pains in the abdomen following a fit of anger (Chamo., Colocynth).
  • Eczematous eruption appears on head, face; dry, very thick scabs and with violent itching, with a peculiarity that when scratching stops it in one place, it goes to another.
  • Other times these scabs are moist, yellowish in colour and very offensive, even breeding lice.
  • Eruption on ears, yellow scabs, exudation, bloody, causes rawness of the skin.
  • Children who are weak and broken down as the result of syphilitic or sycotic inheritance.
  • In such children the teeth decaying rapidly. Milk-teeth are scarcely grown before they become black increases or spots and crumble away (Kreosote, Thuja).

Mind of the Staphysagria Patient: [7]

  • Patient so much dignified, avoids argument; habit of hiding his dis-pleasures, even un-merited insults or warnings. ‘Insult due to In-justice’ with a feelings of ‘En-raged about Self-estimation, with Re-pressed Anger’, patient stop talking-eating, loss of sleep due to on pressure un-happy adjustment,that causes a great strain, as a result he returns home and develops complaints like trembling, weakness, insomnia, indigestion etc.
  • He stop conversation, thinks what others will say about him! When he is right & someone treat him in-justice, he never fight them.
  • He swallows his indignation; the key in Staphysagria is no bitterness, & from the passive suppression of emotions, all pathological pictures develop.
  • Reserved with sweetness, seeing sincerity, interest, sympathy he will open up quickly (Ign. aloof, guarded, and difficult to open-up). Never egoistical, harsh or proud. Staphysagria grief always in romantic relationship, easily aroused, fantasizes and then become disappointed due to repressed anger.
  • Child also suffers from represses anger due to restriction from parents, authority to strict punishment, hearing ‘good for nothing’.
  • Excessive indulgence in sex, craving is more mental than physical; leads to masturbation and suffers of its bad habit.
  • Shy to opposite sex. Weak memory. Fear of his-own shadow. Dreams of struggling with an animal.
  • Four types of Staphysagria:
  • Sweet; devoted wife, devoted husband or vice versa.
  • Wild; taking risks, adventurous like Nux, Sulphur, intense sexual fantasies, drive to frequent masturbation.
  • Subdued; avoids conflict, avoiding social interaction, very introverted.
  • Smooth; very diplomatic, skilled to avoiding situations of his uncomforting zone.

As a Patient: [8]

  • Bad effect of mercury after that tonsil enlargement, prostate enlargement.
  • Gums are unhealthy, swollen, spongy and bleed easily when touched by food or by the finger; associated with painful swelling of the sub-maxillary glands. Especially indicated after the abuse of mercury.
  • Syphilitic ulceration, due to abuse of Mercury, discharge thin & acrid; an examination reveals diseased bone beneath.
  • Styes, cystic, tarsal tumors in eyelids (Graphites, Baryta carb.).
  • Fig-warts, condylomata on the skin.
  • In gout, not in acute paroxysms but in systemic stage; sodium-urate being eliminated by kidneys, is deposited in joints as arthritic nodes.
  • Prolapses of uterus, flabby stomach, & abdomen relaxed. Disappointed love or permitting mind to dwell on sexual thoughts favoured this relaxation.
  • Sensation of relaxation of stomach (Ipeca., Abrota.) or urinary bladder, as if hang.
  • Leucorrhoea, yellow & excoriating.


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