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Clinical Experience Of Bites And Homoeopathic Remedies

The subject seems to be a simple one , but few cases which require further study and to come to a conclusion

Bites may be caused by various living creatures , not excluding the human being , It ranges from dog , cat , rat bandicoots , snake human being etc ., it this category , the stings may be included e.g., scorpion , wasp , bee etc., not excluding the very common and trouble , some mosquitoes

The wounds resulting from such bites may be a simple one or leading , if not properly treated , to systemic , involvement ,i.e., due to the venomous nature of certain creatures , this involvement may be neurotic or haemolytic etc., so a careful assessment of the wound the causative factor and how the patient has suffered due to the bite have to be made

It may be seen a very trivial one if a scorpion stings

Though the agony will be great , since fatalities are rare , but cases are on record to show that fatalities occurred due to a scorpion bites . I have seen two such cases when I was a boy , we may also remember the case of scorpion sting in the house of late Justice Somayya where the patient collapsed .and arsenicum album saved this patient , similarly though bee stings are not fatal , yet it is known that persons have been stung to death by a swarm of bees .

Spiders and centipedes also give rise to dangerous bites and these are also common

Dog bites and snake bites are also common .

Dog bites and snake bites are also common and thousands of cases treated in our hospitals are due to these two and thousands of cases treated in our hospitals are due to these two and in the later , many hundreds die .

With the introduction , let me come to my clinical experiences of cases of bites

The first priority in my practice of cases of bites is assigned to scorpion sting , though it is not actually a bite , so far I have treated more than 30 cases .I have used natrum muriaticum  only , which is widely used for this . The body is divided into parts ( imaginary medicine ) left side and right side . If the sting is on one side , I instilled 1or 2 drops instilled in the eye of the opposite ear , and if the patient is not relieved in 5 minutes 1or 2 drops instilled in eye of the opposite side and even after this , there is no relief , I applied 1or 2 drops in the other ear and eye also . So far no failure has resulted and the patient were relieved very quickly . On my recommendation , my patients and friends always keep a stock of this and they have also reported good results .

Next to scorpion stings , a few cases of rat bites had been treated by me with ledum 6 with good results

A few cases of bites by cat had been treated as for ordinary wound

A strange case of human bite came to me . Two persons quarreled and one bit the other , there was no bleeding and only dental marking was there . On the advise given by Dr. Shed in his book I prescribed lachesis . It is said that human bite is poisonous and so , it requires treatment and lachesis seems to act prophylactically , since it is one of the remedies toxaemias .

A case in each of the bee sting had been treated by me . The sting of the bee imbedded in the wound was taken out , arnica tincture  was applied locally , apis mellifica 200  a few doses were given internally and the patient was relieved quickly

This treatment is based on the advise of Dr.Blakey . The case of wasp sting was also treated on this line .

A case of dog bites were treated by me . the first case was not  actually a bite but licking by the dog .This dog was a house dog and careful watching of the dog for 10 days revealed that it was normal , so the patient was given hypericum 200  t.d.s was prescribed  for a week . I also advised him to  take anti-rabbies injection as a safe guard .

Regarding homoeopathic of dog bites , there are different views , some advocating only homoeopathic therapy and a few advocating both antirabies serum and homoeopathic remedies , some advocating only homoeopathic therapies and a few advocating both antirabies serum and homoeopathic remedies . I remember quite well of a dog bite case in an old lady in my village . She was bitten by a stra dog several years back . She did not take Pasteur treatment . The wound healed and she was practically alright for 7 years after the bite . Suddenly , she developed rabies and expired . This shows how dangerous to overlook accepted method of therapy . However some authorities in homoeopathy , had clearly advocated homoeopathic treatment only and swears by it as follows ;

I always gave lyssin for every dog bite .I have ever had and I have never seen any thing but the best of results it relieved the pain and they never have any bad effects at all .they heal up as a routine proposition I gave lyssin

A remedy to compare ( with hypericum) in punctured wounds , especially in dog bites is lyssin . I have had wonderful clinical results with lyssin also called hydrophobinum . It takes the fear from the patient . you can tell him this is prophylactic against rabies and it is surprising what clinical results you will get with lyssin in dog bites Dr, Huges confirms the efficacy of belladonna as under

“Rabies” :- I think you will feel inclined if any one whose life you value , has been bitten by a suspected dog to keep such a one under the influence of belladonna  until the utmost limit of incubation has been reached , and if belladonna has cared a single dose , it has done more than all the resources of traditional medicine have been able to accomplish .

this give us the confidence to manage these cases homoeopathically alone . Still there remains some doubt and the fear whether we we will be doing injustice to the patients by denying serum therapy . Dr. Raddock explains Pasteur treatment and advocates it and at the same time , points out the homoeopathic oral vaccine developed by Herring and which had been used extensively by other physicians , with good results , thus substituting antirabbies injection with homoeopathic oral injection i.e., Lyssin  Dr. Ruddock states :

The Pasteur treatment takes advantage of the long incubation period of rabies to endeavour to strengthen the organism against the slowly developing poison , by giving injections of material containing the fully developed toxin . Great results are claimed for the treatment . It is very difficult to estimate the results , because it is seldom , if ever possible to be certain that a person bitten would have developed the disease if untreated . If treatment is deferred till unmistakable symptoms appear it is too late .

The above is one aspect of antirabies vaccination . as already said even when this kind of prophylactic vaccination may result and occasionally the disease may occur . this is a perplexing point , yet it is advocated that even when the skin is unbroken and only saliva of the rapid dog has come in contact prophylaxis with antirabies injection is necessary since views are not uniform , so when we consider these aspects , it seems as to why not we follow homoeopathic oral vaccine with lyssin  as advocated and found very efficacious , by Grimmer , Overpeck and others in our cases also and there by avoid the bad reactions which sometimes result from antirabies vaccination . In order to justice to our patients and to evolve a satisfactory mode of treatment , we should try to gather the clinical results obtained in our homoeopathic hospitals  and in the hands of private practitioners , which information may be collected through associations and by publishing reports in college and other journals .

If more experienced physicians through light on this point , and furnish their results of homoeopathic treatment , it will immensely help the profession . this may be done by contributing articles to journals and there by our work will be more perfect

Reaction to anti rabic injection is a possibility and in a few cases it ranges to myelitis as well . But once symptoms even of a trivial nature sets in there is no chance either in homoeopathy or allopathy to cure . In the government general hospital Madras as reported by Dr. R.Subramniam it was found that once the symptoms of rabies has set in , with in 48 hours , 100% of such cases die . What are the criteria for giving anti-rabies treatment ? they are :

  1. find whether the dog is rabid or not
  2. observe the dog for 10 days . If it is normal during this period , there is no worry . If it is a rabid dog , no dog survives for 7 days , on the 7th day it will die
  3. suppose even if the patient does not exhibit any symptoms , there is no guarantee that the patient won’t develop . Rabies and the opinion differs on this all over the world and it is advised the antirabic treatment is necessary

suppose if no antirabic treatment is given as a prophylactic and if the patient develops symptoms and dies then it will be injustice to the patient . Of course we have homoeopathic treatment as already mentioned by me stramonium , belladonna etc., are there I have mentioned  a lady’s case of dog bite and who died several years later due to rabies , it is irrespective whenever a patient is bitten by a dog if there is a clear cut wound , clean it with potassium permanganate or calendula and then give belladonna in potency internally and send the patient to hospital for anti-rabic treatment . Let us not take a risk in such cases . Even though antibiotics etc., are used on a large scale hardly a few die due to their bad reaction and so we should not neglect them when needed . Rabis virus is contained in the saliva and vaccine is made from it after diluting it e.g., 1in1000 etc., If there is no dent of the tooth of the dog . We may always safely treat homoeopatically

                              Echinacea un snake bite

A woman age 45 years was brought in my clinic in the early hours on june 28 ,2006 from the country side , It was informed by her nephew that she was bitten by a cobra . When she was out in the fields , early that morning . He said he and other members of his family saw the hooded snake biting her .

The patient was drowsy from frothing at the mouth . There was black clotted blood at the site of the bite . which had already been incised by her nephew . The left leg was ligated by a cord up to the knee

Echinacea augustifolia 200 , 2 ml was injected intramuscularly . The site of the bite was cleaned with echincea Q and the left leg was briskly massaged to restablish circulation , after removal of the ligature .

After ten minutes of the injection , the patient left better , there was no drowsiness then , and frothing at the mouth had stopped , She said the hot burning waves which used to rise up to her chest and throat were then felt in the lower extremities only. After about half an hour another injection of Echinacea 200 was given . the patient fully recovered with in an hour’s time . She was kept under observation for another two hours , and discharged as fit and free from the poisonous effect of the bite , she was instructed to report the following day , she was her usual self and asymptomatic . The incision at the site of the bite had healed up.

I prescribe Echinacea in mother tincture as well as in potency for bites and stings of poisonous insects and for dog bites , whether rabid or not with miraculous instantaneous curative results . It was for the first time that I used Echinacea 200  for bite in the above case ; because then I had neither lexin nor thrihaka (special homoeopathic preparations for snake bites etc.,) on my medicine shelves .

The above case proves the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment as a placebo therapy , a vacant nothing !

                                      Lachesis in malaria

In one of the articles in an old homoeopathic recorder , I had read that the chill of lachesis is so violent than the patient , inspite of all the covers over him , wants to be held and pressed from above . this symtom is a marvelous one . In atleast three very obstinate cases of malaria ( treated unsuccessfully in allopathically ) single dose of lachesis 200 made a rapid and complete cure .

Another important modality is the time of the chill when it is not so violent and that is between 3 to 4 pm ( Kent’s repertoryp.1274 ) combined with loquacity ;-

A young boy , age 12 years , suffering from malaria for the last three months , was brought to me after unsuccessful allopathic treatment . His lips were parched and the tongue was heavily coated white , almost furred , He was constipated but had no much thirst , I could not hit upon a remedy , so I prescribed placebo Q.D.S for three days and asked his father , a poultry keeper , to make a note of the time when the chills came and report on the fourth day . It was reported that the chills always came between 3 and 4 pm ( there was no loquacity ) lachesis 200 (B& T ) one dose was given , with six doses of placebo to be taken morning and evening . On the fourth day the patient reported to be asymptomatic and fully cured and there has been no relapse since .

My own father age 75years very recently got wet in the rain and next day he was down with chill and fever . He was given rhus tox 200 . The following day there was no fever in the morning , but he kept to his bed and said that he felt very weak . A dose of bryonia 200 . The following day .His chill and fever again came some time in the afternoon , bryonia 200 was repeated 3 hours daily . The fever continued through the night and he was quite delirious . Following morning there was no fever , but he felt really very weak .He became very loquacious at times singing songs . That day being a Sunday , I happened to be at home . Therefore I noticed the chill started at 3pm . I gave him a dose of lachesis 200 and after half an hour I found him sitting in the lawn , chewing his betel leaves . There was no chill , no fever and no loquacity , such wonderful instantaneous changes brought about by homoeopathic medicines makes one fall in love with homoeopathy .

                                         SNAKE BITE CASES


I read in a Bengali homoeopathic monthly journal (“homoeopathy” ) published from Dacca about the miraculous cure of a snake bite case effected by a village homoeopath with a single dose of belladonna 30  I began to study my material medica with keen interest for finding out medicines for snake bite cases . It was a place infested with venomous snakes .As a result of intensive study I discovered some homoeopathic medicines for snake bite cases . As a result of intensive study I discovered some homoeopathic medicines for snake bite cases and with in a period of about one year or so , I got several snake bites and treated them with complete success .

The following case is one of the said cases :

One day in December 2006 came to my clinic . His face was pale and he looked highly anxious and perturbed . In reply to my queries he informed mr that on that day in the morning a person had been bitten by a cobra A neighbour hood had tried in vain to destroy the bad effects of the snake poison and that they had then left instructed the inmates of the patients house to bury the patient as according to them , he had already died . Preparations were being  made for his burial .

At that time the night guard remembered that he had seen me cure several persons bitten by venomous snakes . He at once came to me from a distance of 4 miles . He told me in detail the entire story and asked me if I would give any medicine for his brother in law . I at once replied in the affirmative . he wondered and said “ but , sir he is dead “

I reminded him of the pouranic story of Lakhindar who after his death as a result of snake bite , through the untiring efforts of his wife and through the mercy of Lord shiva the snake goddess manasa had been restored to life I told him that if his brother in law was really dead no body save god would be able to bring him back to life

I then gave him belladonna 30 and cedron 30 instructing him to administer these medicines every 15 minutes alternately by opening the patients mouth mechanically . He then left

In about 12/13 hours He came back and informed me that as a as a result of the administration of the medicines , profuse froth (fena) was being emitted from the mouth of the patient and that the people numbering more than a thousand who had assembled in the patient’s house were unanimous in opining that as no dead man could froth at the mouth . The patient was certainly alive . I then again handed over belladonna 30 and cedron 30 to him telling him to administer the same to the patient at the interval of 30 minutes alternately in the aforesaid manner . He went away with the medicines .

In about 13 hours he came to me and reported as follows : The froth at the patient’s mouth has dried up ‘his temporal veins are pulsating and he is inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils ‘ there upon I explained , then he is alive beyond all shades of doubt “ I then directed administration if the medicines to the patient alternately at the interval of one hour in the afore mentioned manner . He got spply of  medicines from me and left

In about 14 hours he came back to me . I was then sitting in my chamber The bright and smiling face of him indicated that he had brought some very good news . In reply to my queries he said that the patient had regained his consciousness and was sitting and wanted something to eat . On hearing this I had an ecstacy of joy for  which virtually I was trembling , I told him to give a small quantity of barley mixed with milk at short intervals and not to allow the patient to sleep during the day time

One year after this , one day he to my residence in town and reported to my husband that his said brother in law continuing quite hale and hearty and that he was healthier than before . He could not see me on that day as I was then busy .

CASE—2 :

In 2006 , one day in may at 6pm  , a boy came to me and reported that a teacher , Santosh by name age 25 years had been bitten by a snake at 2pm on that day . I at once went to see santosh . He lived in a house about a mile off from my house , when I saw him , he was unconscious , his original complexion was neither fair , nor dark . But now same had become deep yellow . His eyes deep yellow , his moth agape , his entire tongue be smeared , as it were , with a thick layer of deep yellow turmeric . His entire body appeared deeply jaundiced

A homoeopethic doctor of the town was pulling a thread tied to one of his wrists and was chanting mantrs . At 6,30 pm I prescribed belladonna and cedron 30 for the patient to be administered every 15 minutes alternately and at the same time I narrated in detail to all present there the above mentioned story of the cure of the night guard’s brother in law effected by me . I told all present at the house that if the patient frothed at the mouth as a result of the administration of the medicines they should think that the patient was alive and in that case they must report his condition immediately to me . I repeatedly forbade them to burn the body of the patient with out my instruction . The medicines were administered as per my instruction from 6-30 pm . I then left the spot . At about 6 pm I sent a phial containing the medicine . crotelus horridus 30 instructing an inmate to give a dose of this medicine to the patient every two hours ,

Next morning I went to see the patient . The patient was lying on his back on a long and broad table in the outer court yard of the house . His mouth was closed . His mouth was closed ( no more agape ) So I could not see the color and condition of the tongue . But his eyes were wide open and of normal color ( no more yellow as on the previous day ) and the complexion of his entire body was normal ( no more jaundiced as on the previous day ) . It seemed to me that a normal man was lying on his back looking at the open sky . The hair of his entire body was standing on end 4 to 5 times per second . I told the patient was much better and directed administration of the 3 medicines as per my instruction

At noon the said boy informed me that there had been no further change in the condition of the patient

In the evening too , similar report was sent to me regarding the then condition of the patient . at noon and in the evening I directed that three medicines must be given to the patient as per my advise .

At 5 am on the following day ( i.e., on the third day ) A member of the family came to me and reported that as the patient had been profusely frothing at the mouth at about 2-30 am in the small hours of the morning he and the patient’s father and brothers and some others had taken him to the cremation ground and burnt his body to ashes . I told him you have burnt a man alive ! “ no, no, sir he was certainly dead said , because bad smell was being emitted from the froth at his mouth I said I did not say to you all that the fragrance of a lotus would come from the froth emitted . You have violated all my directions , I told you to report to me immediately , if the patient emitted froth and forbade you to burn his body with out my consent . But you have come to inform me that you have burnt him . Thus have burnt my patient alive . You may console your selves with the idea that you have burnt him after his death , but how can I console my mind ?

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