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Cannabis Indica

Natural order: Urticaceae

Forms in which it is Consumed

1.    Bhang/Sidhi
Contains dried leaves and stalk of the plant consumed in the form of decoction or dried leaves are made into paste and taken into the form of a bolus.
2.    Ganja
Ganja is a obtained from brownish, dried flowery and fruity top of female plant and puffs are smoked with help of pipe. It may be smoked in a cigarette by mixing it with tobacco, known as Marijuana.
3.    Charas/Hashish
Dark green or brownish mass which is ricinus exudation from its leaves or stem.

Active Principles
Cannabinol and Cannobinone

Fatal Dose
Charas – 1000-2000 mg/kg body weight
Ganja – 4000- 6000 mg/kg body weight
Bhang – 8000 – 10000 mg/kg body weight

Fatal Period
Death uncommon and seeds are not given with an intention to kill.

Signs and Symptoms

1. Acute Poisoning Two stages

(a) Stage– Stage of Inebriation
– Sense of well-being with excitement and visual hallucination.
– Impulsive ideas, talkativeness, uncontrollable laughter, increased appetite and craving for sleep.
– Purposeless muscular movements, loses perception of time, place and person.

(b) Stage– Stage of Narcosis
– Consciousness changing to dreamy state.
– Delirium and frightful hallucination.
– Homicidal tendency/Thanatophobia.
– Giddiness with ataxia.
– Tingling and numbness of skin.
– Recovers after a deep sleep with heavy head.

Death: Due to respiratory failure.

2. Chronic Poisoning
– General loss of sleep.
= Emaciation with trembling.
– Loss of sexual power.
– Cheek hollowed.
– Eyes blood shot.

3. Run Amok (Chronic Ganjha Psychosis)
This occurs due to prolong use of ganjha. The addict suffers from hallucination or delusion of persecution or sexual infidelity. Patient is overpowered by irresistible desire to destroy life and property and will go on killing persons against who he has real or imaginary grudge, later kills anybody who comes in his way. Person committing a crime under this condition will not be held responsible for the act under sec. 84 of IPC.

– Stomach is evacuated
– Purgation
– Maintenance of respiration and nutrition

Post-mortem Findings
On examination of the eyes, red transverse lines are seen in the lower part of bulbar conjuctiva (suggestive sign). There may be marks over palm of left hand.

Reference: A Handbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Dr Madona Joseph & Dr Harpreet Kaur

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