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Teething At The Sixth Month And Homoeopathy

The sixth month of life usually coincides with teething . the very act of teething can provoke illness , because of piercing of the gums creates pain and inflammation which can extend to the pharynx ears –otitis and respiratory tract the theoreticians claim such illnesses are caused by germs and viruses . they are right up to a point , but it is above all poverty of the soil and resulting imbalances in the bacterial or viral flora that are blame for any problems provoked by teething

The cutting of the first milk tooth symbolizes the first step towards adult hood , because it is thanks to our teeth that we are able to eat and be weaned , and there fore to become independent from the mother . Any problems caused by  the emergence of our first teeth reflect those created by our emergence from the womb – our initial separation from the mother –it is mostly the same homoeopathic remedies that apply

Chamomilla—for example is for pain that is so unbearable and seems so unfair that it makes the child very angry and restless . this remedy is characterized by the fact that one cheek is very red and hot the other is pale . the child is better when being held and rocked and when traveling in a car

Rhus toxicodendron—is the remedy for sore throat and respiratory problems caused by teething . the fever is usually comes on in the middle of the night between 1 AM and 3 AM and the child is restless and very chilly , with pains all over the body . the tongue is particularly characteristic – white with a red tip

Phytolacca—presents with pains that radiate to the ears and a constant need to bite on something hard

Podophyllum —suffers from profuse , gushing , yellowish diarrhea and some times develop a rectal prolapse

The stools of rheum palmatum are so acidic and sour that they can be smelled from the other side .of the room

Calcarea bromota—becomes sleepless when teething . he does not feel safe in his own home , despite being surrounded by his family

Magnesia muriaticum ——suffers from constipation during teething with small round tools like sheeps dung . this remedy is often indicated in babies born to parents who have gone against the tide by moving back to nature and away from the violence of city life

Once the baby’s teeth have developed , it is able to bite –a gesture it uses to express itself , gain independence from its mothers breast , and affirm and affirm its identity for the first time . the adult with in the child starts to emerge and prepare to get its teeth into life , but they also become filled with fever

Stramonium —is p articularly prone to such night terrors . ha wakes up screaming and does not recognize his parents who have difficulty calming him down

Belladonna—-screams at the approach of a stranger . he goes into a state of feverish delirium around 8pm what a hot red skin and dilated pupils and sees vision of hideous faces

One of my patient’s babies had not slept a wink , ever since his mother had broken her nose in a car accident and ended up with a huge disfiguring bandage over the middle of her face . the baby would start screaming as soon as any one came near and smiled at him and he was prone to violent night mares before midnight . the situation was quickly rectified by a dose of belladonna 30c

This oral stage is often resolved by one of the childhood diseases such as measles , German measles or mumps – all of which act as a rite of passage to the next stage of development . my own daughter had a severe bout of measles around the age 18 months , her temperature went over 104 degrees , her eyes started to suppurate and she became delirious . the fact that her lower limbs were cold enabled me to prescribe stramonium , which cured her very rapidly . All this happened shortly after an incident in which her mother , who was six months pregnant , had had to watch helplessly as the post man was attacked by our wolf dog

Interestingly enough , it is often the emergence of the child’s canine teeth that poses the most problems . canine comes from the latin canis –the dog with canis lupus meaning wolf . the very purpose of child hood diseases is to strengthen the immune system and guard against disorders such as lupus

Measles which is caused by the morbillinum virus , killed many children in primitive societies , where it was common for mothers to have a child died from this disease , it was due to not having to make way for its new sibling . Absolutely devastated by this sudden rupture with the mother , they would fall ill and die , there by this sudden rupture with the mother , they would fall ill and die , there by ensuring that only the very strongest children survived – three couple an average

Fearfull calcarea carbonica is terrified by the level of aggression with the oral stage of development , his dentition is slow and difficult and he will later be afraid of animals especially dogs – since this is the constitution of belladonna.

Silica prefers not to teeth at all At worst he produces a dental inclusion , where the tooth is unable to erupt because of excessive surrounding tissue – just like the person he may become preferring to spend the rest of his life withdrawn into his shell , he fears , only a sharp object can pierce the shell , which is the very thing he fears most , silica is well known for its ability to expulse foreign bodies and is also the

Drosera—is a carnivorous plant that devours any insect that land on its leaves . it is good  remedy for cough , teething , whooping cough and tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the disease of people who would rather leave their bodies than leave in this cruel , hostile world , some one Weil the French mystic who died of TB in 1996 spoke of her voluntary self destruction in order to fuse with god tuberculinum does not usually go so far , but does dream of traveling of distant lands , of paradise and the grandeur of snow topped mountain peaks

Hydrophobinum; which is prepared from the rabbies virus has the most extreme fear of being devoured..hydrophobinum children are constantly biting and want to control everything . they can not bear bright lights , are afraid of water –like cannabis indica and love chocolates . they have commonly been bitten by a dog at some point and grow up into highly intrusive adults who desire complete control over their friends and family

Every time he cuts a tooth , kreosetum comes down with a bad cough , and sometimes even brochiolitis with respiratory distress , one charecterstics physical symptom is diaper rash with every new tooth , with red buttocks ‘the teeth themselves are fragile and decay rapidly . it is though kreosotum refuses to accept the aggression symbolized by his new teeth , preferring instead to have them eaten away and destroyed . later on , as teenagers and adults , they are subject to dreams of rape , and there is often a history of incest or rape in the family –in other words of violent penetration . kreosotuu’s reaction is to reject all forms of aggression , making life impossible

Kreosote is beech wood tar , the smoke of which is used to preserve meat and animal flesh . but for life to be preserved , it is spirit and animal flesh

The oral stage leaves its mark on society as furassic park and jaws .Animals bare their teeth as a warning that they are about to attack , while humans are the opposite –we bare our teeth as an act of love , in orde to smile . the whole of humanity is defined by this opposite behaviour and it is by quality of a perso’s smile that we recognize true love.

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