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A Brief Materia Medica With Surgical Indications

Pyrogenium; (30C to 200C), septic conditions with great restlessness , diptheria ; wounds , chronic malaria , abortion , all discharges very fetid , abscesses with burning , severe pains , severe influenza , endocarditis , Fuerpral fever , bed seems too hard , decubitus .

Raphanus (30C, 200C)  it releases incarcerated flatus , hence indicated in tympanites and post operative flatulence .

Ratanhia : (30c to 200c)pain anus as from splinters , anus feels constricted , with great heat , haemorrhoids ; anal fissures , it may also be used externally as salve

Rhus tox  (30C  to 200C) , joints tendons and muscles stiff and pain full  , pains as from tearing , motion aggravates , but continued motion often relieves , inflammation of connective tissues , carbuncles , septicemia ; conditions following surgical operations . eye inflammations ( cornea and iris) ,lacrimation when opening lids , palpitations when sitting still . A dynamic fevers , acute skin diseases , especially herpes zoster ,urticaria characterstic aggravations after sleep , wet rain

Ruta graveolens : (30C to 200C) Externally tincture after subluxations , pain in periosteum after exertion as also in tendons , cartilage , eyes , deposits around joints , especially wrists , pain as if bruised , very weak and tired

Rectum inactive but prolapsed , has at times been valuable in rectal cancer , eye troubles , myopia .

Sabina ;  (30C potency) threatening abortion uterine haemorrhages retained placenta placenta , after pains

Sabal serrulata ; (ticture or 30C) valuable in prostatic enlargement , epididymitis and urinary symptoms , helps under developed breasts

Sambucus nigra : (30C potency)dry coryaza , especially n the new born with stopped up nose , as if choking .

Sangunaria ; (low potencies and up to 200C potency) chronic rhinitis , nasal polypi , ozena , catarrha of pharynx all often combined with severe headache .

Sangui sorba (6C or 30C potency)especially valuable in women who have excessive menstruation and are of an irritable disposition , bleeding myomata, varices, leg , ulcer with bleeding myomata , varices , leg ulcer with bleeding .

Secale cornutum –(30Cto200C) anemia chilliness ,numbness , petechiac , gangrene , contracted arterioles ; increased blood pressure , gray cataract , especially in women , brownish leucorrhea ; uterine hemorrhages ; blue shriveled fingers , cold extremities formication , raynaud’s aversion to warmth

Sempervivum tectorum —(tincture and 30C potency , also fresh plant juice locally ) malignant ulcers of mouth and tongue , aphthe warts , corns

Sepia –30C to 200C and higher ) A deep acting constitutional remedy constitutional remedy . local affections are cured on the basis of constitutional similarity , which must be studied . Asthenopia and retinal irritability . tumors of eye lids ; ptosis ; yellowish discoloration of face , female troubles with sensation as if everything would drop out . irregular menstruation , prolapsus , herpes , urticaria hyperhidrosis, foot sweat .

Silicea (6C to 200C and higher , In malignancy lower potencies may be necessary ) , has been homoeopathically proved , yielding a rich symptomology of constitutional and there by caused local affections , added to this we have its biochemical character and its yield for pathology , deep but slow acting abscesses scar proliferations , scrofulous conditions , suppurations , fistulae , eye pathology with swelling of tear ducts , iritis , iridochoroiditis ; pus in anterior chamber ; corneal ulcers and abscesses especially after trauma , cataract (30 C potency to be used for a longer time ) ,anal fistulas and fissures , difficult stool , mammary ulcers and fistulae , affections of finger nails , feet sore , perspiring , skin diseases with tendency to suppurations ..

Spongia ( low potencies ) , goiter ; just as valuable in croup with dry , barking cough , worse before midnight ; danger of suffocations , orchitis epididymitis.

Staphysagria (30C to 200 C ) teeth , gums and periosteum are very sensitive , sty chalazion ; gums bleed ; pyorhoea , colic , severe pains after abdominal operations ; dysuria

Sulphur ; ( all potencies act ) through its great infuence on the entire constitution it is also able to inaugurate changes and cures in local and organ diseases e.g., in diseases of the skin in inflammations and especially in pneumonea when resolution is lagging , severe morning diarrhoea its great character must be studied in the homoeopathic material madica , diseases of the eye , nose ear , rctum (haemorrhoids ) unhealthy skin with itching .

Sulphuriodatum (30C potency) obstinate skin affections especially acne eczema furuneulosis

Symphytum ; (low potencies ;tincture , externally ) very valuable in penetrating wounds in which bones and joints are involved ,slowly healing fractures ., paifull amputations , stumps , psoriasis , abscesses , periosteum –wounds , traumatic eye injuries , especially contusions

Syzygium Jambolanum (low potencies) Local condition depending on diabetes , especially ulcerations can heal if the remedy reduces the sugar contenet in the urine .Tarantula cubensis (6C to 200C) toxemic , septic conditions , early agony (actually eases pain full dying ) septic chills , carbuncle with burning and stitching pains , gangrene , abscesses where pain and inflammation predominate

Tucrium marum (low potencies ) Nose symptoms , polypi , chronic cattarh with formation of crusts and loss of smell , nose stopped up , pains as from ingrown toenails , anal itching , especially evenings

Tuecrium scorodonia ( low potencies ) , surgical tuberculosis especially of testicles , glands , bones , urogenital tuerculosis .

Thuja occidentalis  (all potencies are active , the 30th especially for a long time ) Great inclination to proliferations , condylomas , warty excrescenses , spongy growths , bleed easily , chronic unvaorable results of vaccination , variola vaccinosis , small tumors on eyes , phlyctaena scleritis , polypi in nose and ears , pyorrhea , anal fissures , hemorrhoids , all on constitutional basis .Hahnemann’s sycosis , inflammation and discharge from penis , excrescensces of glans or vulva and labia pain left ovary , polypi laryngeal papillomas , skin diseases and proliferation , diseased nails

Yhyroidine ; It is here mentioned on account of its action on the thyroid gland and the total basis Basedow’s disease , In high potencies it is able to cure the constitutional results of goiter diseases , In low potencies it helps to reduce goiter swellings . It causes descent of testicles into scotum . It can aid arrested development in children . it has cured tumors uterine fibroids with iodium (great appetite , yet emaciation )

Tachycardia, pain around heart ; central eye afflictions , skin diseases , when given in large doses watch the heart .

Tuberculinum ;  Due to its constitutional action it influences the most differing conditions , e.g. chronic and kidney diseases , careful doses in beginning tuberculosis .Tuberculosis patients taking cold easily , mentally backward children , enlarged tonsils , skin affections , acute articular rheumatism , great physical and mental sensitivity ; tremor, epilepsy patient is very strange , meningitis , non-malignant , mammary tumors ; dysmenorrhea , broncho-pneumonia in children , in children’s diseases it must often be repeated .

There are many tuberculine preparations . Koch himself has compiled its action and they are the basis for homoeopathic prescribing . We also have provings by homoeopathic prescribing . We their own preparations of which Burnett’s bacillinum was the first and before Koch

Urticaurens ( diluted tincture externally for burns , internally low potencies ) burns limited to skin , urticaria with burning heat , severe itching .this remedy aids elimination , also in gout and rheumatism , deficient lactation during puerperal period . pruritis vulvae

Ustilago  maydis (6C to 30C ) ; Relaxed condition of uterus , profuse lochiae .

Variolinum (6C to 30C ) Internal vaccination in America , preventive with out customary vaccination

Vipera berus (12C to 30C ) like all snake poison , swelling of affected parts , inflammation of veins and lymph vassels . In this remedy we find especially painful varices of legs , not tolerating hanging down which produces severe cramps , bursting pains and phlebitic symptoms , bursting pains in affected parts and in carbuncles , nerve paralysis in affected parts and in carbuncles , nerve paralysis in lower extremeties extending upward , the skin is shed in large pieces .

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