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Rare Homoeopathic Remedies

Abrotanum : Artemisia , Abrotanuml , Southern wood , Fan . Compositoe , Southern Europe , Orient , China , Fresh leaves and shoots , Abrotinum (alk) , Volatile oil , bitter principle and tannins , flavones

Major Indications

Common , lack of appetite and general weakness (especially in children ) tuberculosis of the mesenterial glands (with exudates) , peritoneal carcinosis (with ascites) telangietasis , minor hemangloma , acne rosacea chiblians(pernioses) also for external application ) Organ specific , symptoms and modalities

Lymph glands , particularly masentrial glands ; gastrointestinal tract , capillary areas

Bad appetite or weight loss / thinning with pronounced hunger , alternating diarrhoea and constipation , tendency to hemorrhoids , diffuse rheumatic pains , dilatory effect on venous capillaries in skin area itching skin (pruritus) , the absorptive effect with exudates especially in the mensenterial area has been observed empirically .

Acidum benzoicum eresina ;

Benzoic acid  C7,H6, O2 , storax gums from Thailand ,, sublimated benzoic acid from gum , benzoin in species , of styrax , as the accompanying substances are required , gum benzoin in species of styrax . as the accompanying substances are required , gum benzoin and not chemically pure benzoic acid is used .

Major Indications :

Sommon tabl, (dil) 2X, 3X, , 6X, subacute and chronic rheumatism of the joints and muscles . Focally infectious , polyarthritis , cardiac conditions and kidney irritations in facial infections .

Organ specific , symptoms and modalities ;

Joints , muscles , heart branchi , kidneys , dry scroping , irritant cough with a parched or rough throat , expanding and searing pains in joints and muscles , general rheumatic condition , dull pains in bladder and kidneys , albuminuria , cardiac palpitations with accelerated pulse . in all conditions the urine is dark and has a sharp odour like ammoniac

Formica Rufa ;

Action on the heart – palpitation sudden , rapid pulse , sinking , vertigo , electric shock like piercing sensation in the chest or precordium , followed by weakness . formica rufa has also been prescribed for patients with Br.asthma , hay asthma as well as for back ache , sciatica, , spondylosis , In cases of bed wetting in children occurring in the first half of of the night or after mid night , it has been usefull (clinical condition , brain tumour ) head ache –occiptofrontal migraines .


Was given to a patient , a woman of 34 years , who had been suffering from pruritis vulvae for several years in spite of powders and douches of all kinds , she was relieved so soon after taking the powder that she wanted to know what I had given her , she was mentally alert , but of an excitable temperment and very disagreeable at times by her precipitate manner and remarks , very positive and very stubborn . when a child she had been treated for a tubercular condition of the hip , the second dose of ambragrisa given at the end of two weeks brought complete relief and general improvement of the patient

Sambucus nigra :

This remedy was given to a child 6 years of age with a apasmodic cough that came on only at night , she was of a very timid nature , pale and anaemic when I first saw her , she improved in general under such remedies as pulsatilla , silicea , and calc.phos  until she started to school , then a cough developed which caused her to waken out of a sound sleep . she seemed about to suffocate and appeared frightened to death . she would perspire freely , her face would become blue and she gasped for breath , although her heart was normal , sambucus not only cleared up the cough , but the whole economy in order so that her mother reported her in better health than ever before .


Elderly lady with nervous prostration unable to get to sleep until seven o’ clock in the morning week in , week out , restless , sensitive to noise mentally over excited , lively and gay during the night with occasional twitchings , has tried all sorts of sedatives with out success , I compared scutellaria , valerian and cypripedium and gave the latter 1M , one dose and placebo each night . the patient slept 10 hours , the first night , only a very occasional night until 2 am for 6 weeks , then return of insomnia , repeated cypripedium 1M , one dose sleeping well since .


Violent headaches , as if the patient would go crazy , with loquacity , sensation as if the temples were in a vise and as if the skull opened and shut or as if waves in the head changing to penetrating pain or motion , numbness of the vertex .

Carboneum sulphuratum2C , one dose , with almost immediate relief , this patients chronic remedy was sulphur , return of similar headache again yielded to carbo sulph and has not returned since


Acute swelling and redness of one side of the face with swollen gland under the chin , pain and tightness of the occiput and neck , worse putting the head back , extreme sensitiveness of the bones of the nose to touch , dryness of the mouth and throat , no sweat , cinnabaris 1M  , one dose , face normal in a couple of hours and relief of all symptoms which had been severe several days by night .


Stout woman with a varicose ulcer over the lower right , shin shallow , black offensive , her one complaint terrible burning . anthracium 50M one dose , burning relieved within the hour and ulcer healed in a few days and did not return although she she had it months and had small haemorrhage from it . her chronic case came out to graphites  which has since been given her , and she has lost pounds and walk smiles and stands allday at her work with out recurrence


Young woman with a history of pneumonia and pleurisy came for sudden obstructive coryza constant blowing of the nose but nothing comes pain at the nose root with stuffed feeling , dry , harassing night cough , sensation as if floating in the air , sticta pulm 10M  one dose patient reported next morning first good night’s sleep in a week and nose almost cleared . the range of remedies a prescriber uses is some times singularly hackneyed , but especially in acute prescribing reportization of three or four symptoms of a more or less peculiar or key note character will bring you to a relatively unusual remedy which will fit the case , constant study of the less familiar remedies will widen the scope of out usefulness .


Fagopyrum , the common buck wheat is a neglected remedy , despite the fact that it has been rather extensively proven , its pathogenesis occupies 24 pages in Allen’s encyclopedia if pure material medica . An instructive paper on fagopyrum was read before the American institute in 1873 by D.C Perkins of Rockland maine in Anshutz’s new ,old and forgotten remedies .He says that there is no other remedy which possesses a  more marked individuality and which more fully fills a place by itself .It is safe to say that not one in ten of those who practice the healing art has ever used it or is familiar with its pathogenisis , a study of the provings confirms Dr.Perkin’s appraisal of this remedy


Burning , stinging , soreness , rawness , dryness , itching , pulsating , fullness and pressive , bursting , shooting pains (limbs, face head ) sensation of heat , general or in local areas (hands, feet , foot sweat stools )


Evening ( most symptoms) from heat (general itching) touching something cold getting cold pressure of clothing (chest abdomen, liver) rapid motion AMELIORATIONS ;

Eating gone empty sensatin in the epigastrium , cloudiness of mind , headache , nausea , stomach symptoms , abdominal pain , pain in the shoulders etc., gentle motion , walking in the cool , open air ( pains in shoulders, limbs , etc ., ) cold applications ( headache etc., prucitis vulvae)

MIND —- bright , active , dull confused , inability to read or study , melancholy irritability , aversion to mental labor , impaired memory , inability to concentrate

HEAD —rush of blood to the head , vertex , occiput , forehead , behind the eyes as if pushed out ; always of bursting character , in the occiput extending down the spine from the left eye to the occiput , burning heat of the head , itcing of the scalp , sensation of heaviness

EYES-–itching , smarting , swelling , dryness , redness , lachrrymation , soreness of the eyeball worse on moving soreness of the eyeballs , worse on moving .

EARS—burning , inflamed itching as in frost –bite

NOSE—redness , swelling coryza , fluent with burning , tickling in the nose followed by sneezing , dryness and the formation of crusts in the nose

THROAT —bright red , dryness burning , rawness , tonsils red and swollen ; soreness and swelling of the hard palate , elongated uvula

MOUTH —sensation of dryness , yet the mouth is moist , tongue red with cracked edges , lips cracked and dry .

STOMACH ; —-persistent morning nausea , better from eating , empty gone feeling ; canine hungers soon after eating , no appetite but as soon as he begins to eat , it becomes excssive , thirst for large quantities of cold water , watery eructatons which often rise up to the throat and are so hot and acrid that they almost strangle him

ABDOMEN ; —soreness and great flatulent distension , must loosen the clothing , tenderness in the right hypocondrium , worse lying on the right side , stitches in the liver from within outwards , profuse , noisy fluid or pappy stools with a foul odor , followed by tenesmus which may lost for 10 minutes

SEXUAL ORGANS —-male—-profuse offensive sweat ; female—, bruised , dull , or burning in the right ovary , stitches in the nipple extending from before backwards , scanty yellowish leucorrhea flowing more when at rest .

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