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Delirious Medicines Of Homoeopathy

Delirious Medicines Of Homoeopathy
• Delirium is a state of mental confusion which develops quickly and usually fluctuates in intensity. A state in which the thoughts, expressions, and actions are wild, irregular, and incoherent; mental aberration; a roving or wandering of the mind, — usually dependent on a fever or some other disease, and so distinguished from mania, or madness.
• Do you know what happens in delirium?
• This condition has reduced ability to maintain attention. It usually starts with fluctuating level of consciousness.
• Confusion regarding day-to-day events and daily routines is common, as are changes in personality and affect.
• There may be presence of hallucinations, delusions, and illusion.
• Hallucinations are also experienced by patient. Patient may sees or hears persons when none is around. He smells scents or foul smell when nothing is there. He experiences delusions. He feels incorrect suspiciousness. He fears without any cause.
• Speech is often disordered, with prominent slurring, rapidity, neologisms, aphasic errors, or chaotic patterns.
• Fear is more commonly seen.
• Other symptoms may include inappropriate behavior and paranoia.
• Patients may become irritable, hyperactive, and hyperalert, or they may become quiet.
• Withdrawn, and lethargic state.
• Disturbances in daily activities like in of sleeping and eating are grossly distorted.
• Symptoms may persist minutes to hours.
• Decrease or absence of awareness about surrounding with mental debility and low perceiving power.
• There is difficulty in memory. Short term memory for recent events is affected.
• Homoeopathic Medicine For Delirium :

It is excellent remedy for delirious conditions brought on by cerebral congestion with red face and with congestion of conjunctiva, but in exceptional case there may be alternate pale face also.
Belladonna is one of the trio of delirious remedy.
It has a violent delirium with loud laughing screaming out, and grinding of the teeth, picks up the bed clothes, tears them to pieces and throws them off, as in all narcotics, a desire to hide or escape.
The patient imagines seeing various things, such as ghosts, monsters, hideous faces, various insects, black animals, dogs, wolves and dangerous wild animals.
There is great fear of unusual and imaginary things, wants to run away from them, strange delusion, illusion and hallucination with loss of consciousness.
In short no remedy has more persistent and violent delirium than in belladonna.

One of the trio of delirious remedy.
There is high grade delirium in which patient talks all the time, sings, makes verses, and raves, nonstop and incoherent talking and laughing.
The patient desires light and company, is very loquacious, garrulous.
In delirium patient has disposition constantly for praying, beseeching and entreating, especially with suppression of menses in ladies. So religious mania is keynote of stramonium.

The head is raised frequently from the pillow, the face is bright red, and he has a terrified expression; in fact, he seems to see objects rising from every corner to frighten him. Sometimes a silly delirium is present.
• Strange delusion about his own identity, imagine as his head is in many pieces and is lying scattered about etc. During delirium patient gets up and wants to escape therefore he runs and hide himself in corner, difficult to be located.
One of trio of delirious remedy which is characterized by lascivious mania.

Low muttering delirium, which continues even while awake, The head is raised frequently from the pillow, the face is bright red, and he has a terrified expression; in fact, he seems to see objects rising from every corner to frighten him. Sometimes a silly delirium is present.
• It is the remedy for that curious condition of delirium known as “coma vigil”.
• Illusion and delusion of all senses. sees person who are not actually present there. Thinks he is in wrong place.
• It has delirium with all three types of mania of belladonna, hyoscyamus and stramonium.
• Veratrum has restlessness, and a desire to cut and tear the clothing as in Belladonna; but with this remedy there is a coldness of the surface of the body and a cold sweat.
• The patient is loquacious, talks very loud and is frightened at imaginary things.
• It also has a states of frenzy or excitement, during which he indulges in shrieks, in expressions of fright and in violent cursings of those around him.
• This remedy is full of delirium in these low types of fever especially in typhoid fever, even delirium like delirium tremens.
• Fears being struck by those coming towards him.”
• when spoken to answers correctly, but relapses. Indifference; inability to perform continuous active work; morose, delirious.
• Says there is nothing the matter with him. Wants to be let alone. Agoraphobia (fear of space). After mental strain or shock.
• The delirium of Phosphorus is of a low typhoid type, with tendency to haemorrhage and an apathetic, sluggish, stupid state, where the patient is unwilling to talk and answers question slowly.
• It has also an ecstatic state, in which he sees all sorts of faces grinning at him.
• He has also imaginary notions, such as imagining that his body is in fragments.
• Maniacal attacks come on during sleep with fury and extreme violence, so that no one dares approach him, and this progresses to imbecility, silliness, weak brain, idiocy.
A delirium such as is produced by alcohol. He also becomes silly, says foolish and silly things, sings and whistles at an inopportune time, makes verses and prophesies; or he lapses into an opposite state, becomes indifferent to Ids surroundings. One who is mild and placid becomes self-willed, obstinate and conceited.
• Great changeability, irritability, mental depression and complaints which come on from overexertion of the mind and prolonged study.
• One of the important remedy for delirium.
• It has most remarkable hallucinations and imaginations, exaggeration of the duration of time and extent of space, being most characteristic.
• Excessive loquacity; exuberance of spirits. Time seems too long; seconds seem ages; a few rods an immense distance.
• Very forgetful; cannot finish sentence. Is lost in delicious thought. Uncontrollable laughter. Delirium tremens. Clairvoyance.
• Laughs at serious remarks. Laughs and weeps.
• So keep in mind all the delirious medicines of our homoeopathy which are having excellent action on mind in state of delirium.

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