Stress Management, Stress Management by Homoeopathy

Stress Management And Homoeopathy

Stress or normal tension is a serious problem and there are many reasons for it ,so that should you do to  avoid it among the educated people stress is an often discussed subject but very few of them know its various dimensions

What is stress ? where and how does it happen ? when it is useful when is it harmful ? what are its symptoms ? How does it affect the mind and the body and how can not avoid its harmful affects in day –to –day life ?

When a man is faced with challenging circumstances their affect on his body and mind is known as stress

If the circumstances are practical and meaningful , the affect happens to be good and useful , but the contrary situations it is bound to be good and useful but in contrary situations ,it is bound to be full of tension and may cause harm

Nature has made this process primarily for the protection of the body , for example when faced with a dangerous animal a man has only 2 ways open to him –either run away and save himself , or face it and fight it out for this immediately for this

Immediately on perceiving a danger a part of the brain known as hypothalamus , gets alerted . It sends signals to the pituitary gland and the automomous nervous system , then the pituitary gland releases its harmones into the blood to alert the other glands and systems

The most important glands are the suprarenal glands situated just above the kidneys ,on receiving the signal from the pituitary gland , they release adrenalin and other harmones straight into the blood , this excites the liver , pancreas and the kidneys , which in turn affects the thyroid and the parathyroid glands , the autonomous nervous system affects the supranormal glands and other organs , all this happens very fast , the heart beat quickens the circulation of blood increases manifold .The blood pressure rises , the arteries start getting more blood , more blood cells , are released from blood depots , breathing becomes faster and the lungs take in deeper breaths

IMPACT OF STRESS;  In this way , all the cells get more oxygen , the carbo hydrates which have been started as glycogen in the liver are into glucose in the blood increases , the capillaries get more strength and the arteries also become stronger

All the faculties of the body become alert , and the sensitivity to pain becomes less , during stress the inessential functions like hunger , sleep ,defecation , urination and sex , all cease now if the man runs he runs like a hare and if he fights , then he fights well the stress produced in such circumstances is a saviour of life , it is natural , useful and good

Now the question arises , when and why does this happen ? as circumstances in a man’s life have also changed , now we are no longer facing wild animals their place has been taken by new things .In each stage of a man’s life , they are different some are insurmountable , while others are just un necessary , but they cause harm , nevertheless , for example , exploitation and separation and separation from the parents , while still young , the quarrels from the parents , while still young , the quarrels between parents and their divorce ; the arrival of a new baby in the family ; the early preparations for entering school ;the quick cccchanges in the body and mind during teenage ; the growing awarness about sex , the illusions false beliefs and information and corrupt signals of sex ; the apprehensions of young men and women before marriage and the desilutionment after marriage and the destruction of all myths , are all stress causing situations , other notable circumstances which come in every one’s life some time or the other are pregnancy and child birth ; the conflicts and problems of married life sickness and death of someone in the family , like parents ;separation from the spouse death of a spouse , divorce tension remarriage ,retirement in old age ; the going away of children for work ,loneliness in life ; worry about old age etc.,

Along with these uncertainity in life , suspicion , apprehension , uncontrolled ambitions about business , money or happiness , are also important from the view point of stress

The other causative factors today are steadily rising ; corruption administration and red tape in any government organization and red tape in any government organization , bribery in offices ; cheating in the market ,black marketing and the social problems arising out of the inadequacy of electricity and water supply and transport in every day life , etc

In today’s metropolitan and industrial set up unemployment , nepotism , the jamming of roads highway robberies , excessive pollution , corrupt politicians , doctrine of violence , cross border terrorism and the external nuclear danger pressurize  not just individuals but whole societies .


The question arises how can we overcome this problem in our daily life ? we can not remove stress completely , it is possible only after death .useful stress should be eliminated .this is possible . the stress which does not concern an individual , but is related to society , administration and make policies of the government honest and practical , as far as the stress on the individual is concerned , the elimination of this is in the hands of the individual himself , the need is for determination and effort .every individual should set a goal for his life ,according to his abilities and circumstances ,then he should do his level best to attain this goal are also important ,business shop money and wealth are just means to a good life . But to make them the the goal of life and give up peace , justice and happiness is inviting trouble , on being successful , learn to share and enjoy with every one don’t allow darkness to engulf your mind , do not allow your spirit to break , if you are unsuccessful . This is the aim of  selfless . this is the aim of selfless work and satisfaction selfless work and satisfaction

Learn to leave your life in your own way , according to your means , do not try and initiate others learn to take deliberate decisions in various areas of life . The moment you take a decision , indecisiveness ends . close contact with friends family etc ., is good to share your thoughts with them by doing so , you ease your mind and do not feel strangled

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE ; for this , society , administration and the government ARE However , there are many situations for which an individual is himself responsible as their solution lies with him ,there are habits , desires and impetuosities of wrong doing , jealousy , guilt , suppressed emotions , lust crotech-etiness and unhappiness . here it is better to realize that the process of mental stress produces ,the same changes which are produced when physical danger is sened

The challenges of the mind are more painfulthan that of the body

The problem of danger to the body or physical danger can be solved one way or the other , but when mental stress becomes a habit ,then a person always remains upset and this proves harmful to him , many times there are more than one stress producing factors influencing an individual , than an activity dangerous state is produced ,elderly people can get heart attacks in such a situations , this type of useless stress can give rise to the following symptoms

Crotchtiness mood swings , depression , indifference to every day life , disinterest in work ;forgetfulness ,dizziness of the mouth ;feeling of sudden panic suspicion , rebelliosness and inferiority complex feeling of helplessness ;tension in the hands and feet ,listlessness ,permanent tiredness , pain in the body ,headache , sleeplessness ,permanent tiredness ,pain in the body ,headache

Crotechtiness mood swings depression indifference to everyday life disinterest in work forgetfulness dizziness of the mouth feeling of sudden panic suspicion  rebelliossness and inferiority complex feeling of helplessness tension in the hands and feet listlessness permanent tiredness pain in the body headache , sleeplessness or sleeping too much lack of hunger for sex and lack of of ability for ti also , those who smoke and drink start smoking and drinking more , some take to  drinking alcohol in such a situation .usually stress gives rise to various illnesses . if a person has a tendency towards any particular type of illness , stress as likely to aggravate the problem , these illnesse

For example neurosis –anxiety depression hysteria , phobia et., high blood pressure coronary heart diseases and heart attack problems in swallowing food indigestion constipation loose motions .peptic ulcer in this way , stress shortens the life span , besides smoking difficult and useless

Defining what stress is not any help in understanding this difficult but most important element in our lives , stress is not simply nervous tension , it is not just an emergency release of adrenaline , it is not necessarily something bad , it can not result from positive events ( promotion , marriage ) just as from negative events (loss of a job , or a divorce ) . thus stress can be seen as a very necessary part of life and some thing we need to learn about , rather than something we should avoid , learning to respond to challenges in such a way that we avoid burn-out can be the ultimate goal of a successful and contented life , when we fail to respond to demands and challenges (stressors as they are labeled by the scientists ) then we may experience symptoms and signs of the stressed state .

RECOGNIZING THE DANGER SIGNALS : Becoming aware of these danger signals is often the first step in learning how better to cope . These may be different for each person and will affect one part of the body or mind . They may also manifest themselves by a change of behaviour ( such as drinkink more alcohol or driving faster etc.,

MUSCULAR SYSTEM : symptoms connected with this system are the most common and they result from an increase in muscular tension .Symptoms may be felt anywhere in the body , but usually the back of the neck or lower back is the first area . Head aches are the result if increased tension of the muscles , at times accompanied by feelings of nausea or sickness , tension in the jaw muscles leads to grinding of teeth and can produce an imbalance in alignment of the spine . tightening of the muscles of the face leads to pain over the eyes and fore head , any of the muscles in the body can be affected and some do not produce any obvious symptom like pain or tension . The most common groups of muscles to be so affected are the diaphragm , which is a dome shaped muscle separating the contents of the abdomen from the chest , and the pelvic muscles deep in the lower abdomen surrounding the sexual organs . Increased tension of the throat muscles can lead to the sensation of a lump in the throat , can affect speech and accounts in part , for the high pitched and nervous laughter not uncommonly found in people under tension , in the muscular tension is severe , then it can lead to trembling , shaking , nervous ties or frequent blinking . If any warning sign of a stressed state is not attended to , it can produce not only short term discomfort . but long term disability and disease . In addition to the muscles that help us move and are under our conscious control , there is a group of muscles known as involuntary muscles surrounding blood vessels and the intestines which in turn are also affected by the stressed state and produce a whole variety of warning signs , some only apparent to the doctor on examination , other causing trouble some symptoms for those individuals affected , these include

  1. Raised blood pressure : because of tension in the muscles surrounding the arteries
  2. Migraine head aches : the muscles surrounding the arteries of the scalp first constrict (tighten), then dilate (expand) giving rise to the throbbing one sided head ache

Intestinal symptoms : from rumbling of the stomach to burping or increase in flatus the “irritable bowel syndrome” which causes intermittent diarrhoea and constipation and is often associated with pain and distension of the abdomen results from a disturbance in the muscle tone surrounding the lower gut , these symptoms are also accompanied by loss of appetite

In today’s strife torn world , with its maddening competitiveness and fast approaching deadlines , every other person seems to be suffering from stress or its related syndromes . Stress does not spare any one whether he/she is a working parson , a house wife , a student or a laborer , medical experts are getting increasingly worried about the rising number of stress cases in the world .

Responsibilities obligations , constraints and challenges are part and parcel of our daily life . Stress is usually associated with an internal pressure or strain that individuals experience as a consequence of coping with and trying to meet these demands , especially when the out comes are perceived to be both important and uncertain . Stress can cause severe physical , emotional and behavioral disorders which can compromise a person’s health , vitality and peace of mind


Complete and almost total loathing of food and drink tendency to be over weight at the start of the illness . tendency to be sentimental and dislikes being touched may feel peevish sad and weepy.

Medicines: antimonium crudum , can help nervous and anxious people , who are excitable or melancholic and over sensitive to noise –nausea and constantly yawning –a desire for alcohol –asarum europum.

Following a total loss of appetite , lips and tongue become very dry and constipation develops with hard dry stools—Bryonia alba.

Can not bear any disturbance or movements and wants to be left alone , becoming irritable , angry and nervous if disturbed –bryonia alba.

Anorexia begins after suffering grief , fear or extreme anger . –intolerance of any help or consolation . terrible head aches , which come on during the day and recorde in the early evening – tongue feels numb and tingles –acne and greasy skin—natrum muriaticum

-Anorexia often follows a debilitating illness –may appear pale and grayish and have a poor memory and slow thought processes .-stomach feels full after the smallest amount of food or drink and can become very distended with wind—carbo veg.

-total aversion to the sight or smell of food and bright lights and noise become unbearable –the illness often comes on after grief –colchicum.

-any slight appetite disappears on eating the first mouthful of food , especially cold food –tendency to become very apprehensive , weepy and cannot bear to be contradicted , -symptoms are worse between 4 and 8 pm –the illness may follow a fright or anger –lycopodium.

-total aversion to the sight or smell of food and bright lights  and noise become unbearable . –the illness often comes on after grief –colchicum.

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