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Dietary Guidelines For Children

Through out the ages  there has only been food ideally suited to babies –breast milk , even today , breast milk remains a babies , best and most natural food , while older children and parents need to eat a variety of foods to get all the goodness they need , babies need just one , breast milk is special , it can provide , all food and drink a baby’s needs mothers milk also contains special substances which protect against infection and disease and help the baby to grow , a baby needs no other foods during the first 6 months of life

Brest feeding is often on demand , in other words , if the baby is hungry the mother will feed , this may be at the shopping centre or at support , don’t be embarrassed , if you see some one brest feeding in public it is normal , if you feel relax about it , the mother will too good and the baby will get the food it deserves

Children and adolescents niid sufficient nutritious foods to grow and developments normally

From the time you are born until you reach 18 years of age your baby weight will increase by 20 times , your muscles will grow bigger and your bones will groe longer and stronger , every thing you baby needs to power , this growth and change , can be found in food , eating a variet of healthy foods will ensure all your needs are met

Being active is important too , walking dancing running , swimming and sports build strength into bones and muscles being active is also the natural way of balancing your food intake the more active you are the likely you are too have healthy growth , too little activity or too much time in front of the television or computer , can lead to side ways growth , if you are worried about your children about your weight , try to be active every day is a good start , some regular sport or dance for extra health and fitness will also help

Dieting to lose weight can cause problems , you can do be careful not to cut the very foods your body needs the most for growth , however , the goodness for growth , needs to come from a wide vartiety of nutious foods  cereals , vegetables , friuits , lean meats and dietary foods


Few people become sick because the food they eat it is off but it still happens , most of us have uad an upset stomach at some stage after eating food that has gone bad can be a lot more severe than this food goes off when it becomes infected with bacteria , you can keep your food safe it becomes infected with bacteria you can keep your food safe by always washing your hand well before you prepare food , also make sure your kitchen equipment is clean , bugs love dirt , return foods to the refrigerator as soon as you have finished rather than leaving them around on the bench , bugs can quickly grow at room temperature but hat cold

Enjoy a wide variety of nutrious foods

Children and adolescents should be encouraged to

1 eat plenty of vegetables , legumes and fruits

2 eat plenty of cereals ( including breds , rice , pasta and noodles ) preferably whole grain

3 include learn meat fish , poultry and / or alternatives

4 include milks , youighurts , cheese and / or alternaticves

5 choose water as a drink and care should be taken to

1, limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake , low fat diets are not suitable for infants

2 choose foods low in salt

3 consume only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing added sugars

Care for your child food ; prepare and store it safely

Enjoy a variety of fruits every day

Vegetables legum3es fruits , milk youghurts cheese , drink plenty of water , bread careals extra foods which we can occasionally include for variety , they are generally higher in fat and/ or sugar kilojoules , salt etc

Dietary guide lines

Good foods and plenty of activity are just what you need for growth and health

What are good food ?

Different pieces , each of them is important but none tells the whole story , no guide line is more important , than another , they are a guide line is more important than any other children and parents have one thing in common , they all need the goodness that comes  from eating a wide variet of the goodness that comes from eating a wide variety of nutrious foods , the dietary guidelines for children and adolescents in your best guide to food , nutrious and health  encourage and support , growth should be checked regularly for children , physical activity important for children and adolescents

Enjoy a wide variety of foods

Chidren and adolescents should be encouraged

  1. Eat plenty of cereals (including breads , rice , pasta and noodles
  2. 3 include learn , meat , yogurts cheeses and / oral alternatives
  3. As a drink and care should be taken to
  4. Limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake
  5. Consume only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing added sugars
  6.  include milks , yogurts
  7. Enjoy a variety of foods every day

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